Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here's a pic of my grandson. We went out to dinner on Dec. 26.

It is really cold here. I can't wait to get back to Fl.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

P C Christmas?

On krisalis blog she wrote about the Human Resources PC correct greetings. Here it is:
  • Please accept without obligation, express or implied, these best wishes for an environmentally safe, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, and gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday as practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice (but with respect for the religious or secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or for their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all) and further for a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling, and medically uncomplicated onset of the generally accepted calendar year (including, but not limited to, the Christian calendar, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures).
  • The preceding wishes are extended without regard to the race, creed, age, physical ability, religious faith or lack thereof, choice of computer platform, or sexual preference of the wishee(s).
Perhaps the above is a sign of the time. I guess I don't understand all the fight about Christmas and saying Merry Christmas. Why are people offended? If you are a Christian you are celebrating Jesus' birth, it's a historical fact he was born, lived and died according to a Roman historian Flavius Josephus. If your not a Christian, then why would celebrating a baby's birth be so offensive to you? I've been wished Happy Chanukkah or Happy Ramadan and even Happy Qwuanza . But why are people upset about a little baby in a manager? Perhaps the better questions is who is this Jesus?

You must admit Jesus changed the course of the then know world and continues to divide peoples. He is the dividing point. Who is he? C. S. Lewis in his book Mere Christianity answer that question by saying we have three choices. #1. Jesus was a liar. Would a liar do the things Jesus did? Say the things that He said like the Sermon on the Mount? #2. Jesus was a lunatic. Only a mad man would claim to be God (remember the Jews wanted to stone him and in the end He was crucified for blasphemy, claiming to be God). But would a lunatic heal the sick, raise the dead, and bring sight to the blind? 3. Jesus is Lord. Here is the dividing point! If he is not a liar or a lunatic then He must be Lord. That's the divide. While a baby in a manager puts no demands on our life, the teachings, the life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus does put demands upon us. He calls for our worship and commitment. He calls for our ALL.

So when I see people get upset when I say Merry Christmas or I here of the forced pc as above I remind myself it's because of Jesus.... His Birth, His Life, His Teachings, His Death and His Resurrection. When some one gets upset about the saying Merry Christmas I just remind myself they are not willing to bow before the manger like the lowly shepherds and say Hossanna. He is Lord.

I'll be taking a blog break. I'm leaving warm sunny Florida to go to New Jersey to celebrate Christmas with my family. I will be running and riding a mountain bike to keep up my training. I want to wish all of my blog family and friends:


I pray that you and your family will know the joy and peace of worshiping the new born King.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tagged and a brief word from our sponsor

Linda over at Loping LouBob tagged me. It's a challenge tag, I have to describe my upcoming 2006 training season in one word. Single-minded (that's one word just because it has a hyphen doesn't make it two words). I still have a single goal of Kona.... To get me there I have some steps along the way. In January is the Tour de Cape a century ride the local tri club here turns into a race. Also in January the Naples Half Marathon a great race thru a very wealth neighborhood. February brings the Chill Willy Duathlon and March is the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim across Tampa Bay or the Redhills Triathlon. April is another busy month with the Escape Ft. DeSoto Triathlon and St. Anthony's. May is an "A" race the Florida 1/2 Ironman at Disney. June is the Madeira Beach Triathlon. July, August, September is the Publix Family Fitness Triathlon series also in August is the Top Gun Triathlon. October is the Steamtown Marathon where I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon since Steamtown is all down hill and the fastest marathon around. November is the "A" race the Florida Ironman. The closes out of the year with the Safety Harbor Duathlon in December and January 1st the St. Pete Mad Dog Triathlon. Along the way, rather than buy a new bike I want to lose weight, 25-30 lbs.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Eagles and it's not a fluke!

Sunday's ride with Tony was awesome! Several weeks ago during our ride thru Raptor Bay and Coconut Plantaion (Hyatt's golf course and time share developement) we discovered a HUGE nest. It is in a large tall pine tree and is as big as the top of a VW bug roof. Since we went to the airport last week we didn't get to see the nest. However this week when we passed the nest there were two bald eagles sitting in it! Awesome! We watched as one eagle got out of the nest and sat on a branch looking down the golf course from his lofty pearch. I guess he was looking for breakfast! I went back later with my camera but the nest is just to far to get a good shot without a telephoto lens. I'm hoping when the eggs hatch I'll get to see the babies.

Today's ride proved that the 31.5 mph record breaking ride was not a fluke, we did 30.5 miles down the straight-a-way. Can 35 mph be in the near future?

Friday, December 16, 2005


Boys and girls you know how hard I have been trying, it has been ever elusive. But today was the day! I felt good, my bike was running smooth, Tony and I were riding side-by-side and not drafting so it happened! Just like that I looked down and saw


I broke the 30 mph barrier. But the really good news was that I was able to maintain that speed for more then just a few seconds!

Beers all around!

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I was tagged by Donald to reveal five random facts about myself. This is the 21st century version of those old chain letters, right? I'm fearful that something horrible will happen to me if I don't comply.

so here are 5 ahhh random facts about me.

1. I'm a factory defect and there was a recall on me but my parents failed to take me back to the dealership to get fixed.... I was born with one kidney. I'm missing my left kidney but my right kidney is twice as large as a normal persons kidney.

2. My grandparents grew up on the Leni-Lenape Indian reservation in New Jersey (Shamong Township) and were first cousins when they married hence the factory defect in #1.

3. My parents were very disappointed when I didn't go to the Naval Academy like my cousins but it was the Vietnam war and I was a factory defect (see #1) which kept me out of the Academy and the war.

4. To further my parents disappointment, I went to a Bible College and Seminary and was an ordained minister serving as a missionary for 20 years. They never attended any of my graduations, ordination or commissioning as a missionary.

5. My wife, in 1995, of 25 years ran off with her boyfriend. I was divorced on Valentines day of the 25th year of our marriage. After the Judge pronounced us divorced my then ex-wife asked me if I would perform the wedding ceremony for her and her boyfriend since they couldn't find a minister to do the wedding. I told them NO!

6. I moved to Florida after taking care of both of my parents until their deaths (Yup I'm an orphan), Mom with Alzhiemers (see #2 above) and Dad with COPD. I then decided to move to Florida.

7. After moving to Florida I met some one and proposed then I was diagnosed with melanoma (fast growing cancer). My fiance broke of the engagement due to the cancer and then I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in my left frontal lobes. The cancer has been removed (4 surgeries) and I'm cancer free but the tumor is in-operable because of it's location...So I get headaches, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, blurry vision etc. The docs don't want me to live alone, but if they take it out it would be like a frontal lobotomy.

8. I had a racing sailboat that I loved and still love to this day. So days when I get depressed, I miss her more than my ex-wife or fiance. I think about buying a new boat to sail alone around the world like Joshua Slocum. But I want to see my grandchildren and do Ironman Kona.

9. I love trainning more that races, especially riding my bike. My times open water swimming are some of the best time here in Florida because of the water and the beaches.

10. I can't think of a 10!

Depressing huh? Aren't you glad you asked?

The Virus Continues!

I woke up a half hour before the alarm went off. Even though I fell asleep on the sofa watching Martha Stewart's Apprentice (what's with her robot daughter? can she speak more then one word sentences?) I did not feel rested. So, this morning was slightly warmer than yesterday morning so I decided on my running shorts with a long sleeve t-shirt, but what I did not count on was my stomach again. UGH...two trips to the bathroom before I left the house for my run. Today's schedule is the now infamous tennis ball fartlek run but I place emphasis on the FART part of the run. Then my stomach pain started. I wondered if I was going to keep my fresh Florida OJ down (Raymond James sent us a case of fresh Florida oranges which I used for juice, everyone got a tray of oranges). I had planned on going thru the woods for 7 miles but at the 2 mile mark I knew I better start heading towards the house. It's interesting how distress can cause you to pick up the pace. I got home, 4.5 miles total, (32'43") just in the nick of time!

I went to the pool at lunch time. My stomach still feels odd. I did 2x100, 100 kick and 100 easy as my warm up then I worked on my balance drills (yes Cliff I do balance drills too) then I did 15x100 and a cool down of 2x100. Then I had to make a quick pit stop! UGH will this virus ever go away?

When I got back to the office I ate my turkey wrap and again I feel yucky. Tonight I plan on stopping at our community fitness center to do a light wait workout (you have to wait your turn for the machine or for the weights).

Thanks for all the well wishes....I'm doing the same job just getting a new title and a little more money and larger bonuses... what I really want is more time to train.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Stomach Virus

OK it started yesterday afternoon.... just before lunch...

I was to have lunch with the Portfolio Manager and a Sales Trader from Philadelphia. It started just about then, it was that upset stomach feeling then I think I need to go AGAIN. Lunch was OK but I couldn't enjoy eating next door at Pier 41 watching the boats go by and the two masted sailboat pull away from the slip because I was worried could I get back to the office in time?

I had to look at some office space since we are probably going to have to move our offices and then I went home. But the thought hit me again, CAN I MAKE IT HOME IN TIME?....

So my evening that I had planned on going to the gym to do some weight training will have to wait. I lazed on the sofa, had some of Oldman's turkey soup and went to bed.

This morning it was again really cold. Yea I know you people in the frozen waste lands have it real cold. Like below freezing, 43* seems freezing to me. I don't have winter riding gear so it was tights, heavy soxes, a long sleeve cotton tee and a bike jersey but I was able to get my 25 miles in. Of course I was alone and was frozen when I got home but I got it done.

Today I'm taking it easy food wise. Yogurt, soup, and decaf tea. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and it will be warmer...Well as I type this it's 74* at 4:30 pm. Sorry LouBob can't send you any warm weather....


It was announced yesterday I have been promoted to Vice President of the Firm. (Hail Columbia plays in the background). That and 4 bucks will get you coffee at 4bucks,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cold Snap

I decorated the pony palm tree in the front of my house with red bows. What do you think of my art work?

Today it was cold, the morning temp when I left for my morning run was 51* but it's going to be 74* today. I wore my long sleeve tee and shorts but I wished I had tights. I did the usual thru the woods run. I didn't see to many people out walking or riding bikes. I guess it was just to cold for them.

Like yesterday I will not be able to swim, so this makes two misses in a row. ugh!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Not a good Monday

Last week I hired a new I had to let him go! He just could not get things right. He had all the qualifications. He had good previous job experience but he was just awful. How did he get this far?

To top it off, I didn't get to swim today.... and it's a little to cold to go to the pool tonight (65*). Hey it's an open air pool. UGH I hate bad Mondays!

I think I'm going to go home fix a fire in the ourdoor fireplace, roast some hotdogs and drink some beer.

Weakend Report

This weakend I...

sent my italian grandson Christmas presents via fedex international.
went to the club friday nite for cocktails, didn't get any feathers caught in my teeth, saw some friends, drank some guinness, had a blackened grouper salad
got up early saturday ran my 17 mile loop to the college and back.
went Christmas shopping for my grandsons.
cook chicken marsala and rissoto mileanse for diner with J.
J and I went christmas carroling with neighbors
drank some very nice chardonnay.
drank some very very very nice tequila.
drank some good single malt scotch.
got up early sunday, temp 62*, rode with tony 65 miles with an aver pace of 19.7, can't break 20 mph ave. rode to the new airport up the departing flights ramp (a HILL) did we get strange looks from the departing passengers!
lazed around the pool for lunch, had some eggs, was suppose to swim but ran out of time
went to the living Christmas tree at church in the afternoon
made myself some turkey soup
fell asleep at 8:30

weakly totals

run - 24 miles
bike - 135 miles
swim - 2,000 yards

Friday, December 09, 2005

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "WOW what a ride!" S. Hunter Thompson

Thursday, December 08, 2005

How Low Can You Go?

This morning was a very quite and peaceful day in my neighborhood. At 6:30, the birds were singing, the sun was coming up and the boys (they are from the other side of the river, the Rio Grande) were cutting the grass on the golf course! There was a light breeze out of the west and the temp was 72* (sorry Ironbenny you know I can't resist).

As I placed my heart rate monitor on I always check to see what is my resting heart rate. Well not resting as in bed resting but resting as it is first thing in the morning and after I have gone.....well you know. This morning I did a double take! I even took off my monitor and made sure the leads were wet (a little licky lick) and put it back on. Sure enough my resting Heart Rate was 38!.... I've seen it as low as 44 at the doctors but never below 40! WOW!

I did the woods course but I forgot my tennis ball for a fartlek run. I guess I was so befuddled by my heart rate I just forgot my ball. So I did hard easy half miles with the first mile as a warm up then hard for a half and easy for the next half and so on... My heart rate got to 155 btw! So 7 miles in 57'48".

I have to take the Portfolio Manager to the hospital today at lunch time, he's having some minor (?) surgery that requires some one to drive him home, so no swim at lunch today. Maybe on the way home.

So how low can you go?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Santa's visit!

This arrived at our office. Santa is three boxes filled with goodies, candy, cookies and caramel corn. But now Santa is making various visits to people work areas or cubes. Here is Santa in the kitchen looking out the windows longing to take off those northern clothes and go to the beach for a swim....the gulf water temp is 70* and the air temp is 78*.

Today was the usual ride day. Once again I was able to get to 28.5 on the straight-a-way but no faster. I had to cut my ride shot so I was onl able to do 2o miles. I'm swiming at lunch, no Santa not at the beach but at the Aquatics Center.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday good for me!

What a great weakend but not for training. It was our Firm's Partners Meeting weekend which included golf matches and several lunches and dinners. Pictured on the left is the Naples National Golf club where Saturday's dinner was held. I played golf Friday afternoon, shot 87 and lost $10. Friday evening was dinner at one of our Partners home on the beach in Naples. Just a lovely night dining "al fresco" until the stars. Of course there was no ride on Friday and Saturday I couldn't get out of bed until 10:30 am so no run. I played golf again shooting 84 and lost another $20. Saturday night was a wonderful dinner at the Naples National Golf Club. Sunday I did manage to get a brief ride in of 30 miles.

December is my usual goal setting time so let me bore you with some of my goals. Since today is my BIRTHDAY!!!

January 14 - Tour de Cape, Cape Coral Fl 100 mile ride
January 22 - Naples Half Marathon, Naples, Fl
February 5 - Chilly Willy Duathlon, Ft. DeSoto, Fl
March 25 - Red Hills Triathlon
April 16- Escape Ft. DeSoto
May 21 - Florida Half Ironman

This weaks goals:

To get back on track with training:

Bike 150 miles
Run 20 miles
Swim 12,000 yards including 1 open water swim

Last weaks accomplishments?

Bike 80 miles
Run 14 miles
Swim 3,000 yards

Not a good weak at all.

Today I can offically join AARP, but I think I'll pass...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sub Tropical Weather?

Yes it is COOOOOLLLD! It was 48* this morning. But have no fear, I didn't ride! I had to be in the office early for partners meeting. Then we have lunch at a country club followed by golf. Then tonight is dinner and dancing at the beach. Tomorrow we are playing golf again followed by dinner at a very private golf club. Now if Loubob, Tracy or SOMEBODY would be my date for these dinners I wouldn't have to go alone. It looks like I will not get to train until Sunday. There goes my weakly total.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bitter Cold

This morning it was bitter cold. I even thought about turning on the heater! It was 52* when I left the house for my morning run. I wore a long sleeve cotton shirt...

I put the new pedals on my bike. I found that Clint did not sell me the Speedplay Zeros X1 but when I was installing them I found that he sold me the X2 which were even more money ($200). Kewl! so I really saved about $65! It pays to go to your LBS rather than buying stuff online.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Since I showed you yesterday's sunrise I thot I would show you yesterday's sunset captured while driving home on the interstate, I think I was doing 80 mph when the pic was taken.
Several years ago, I purchased the Timex Bodylinks System and I have used it just about everyday. The watch died and I replaced the battery. But then it crapped out comletely, so I have been sans watch. So for my birthday (Dec. 5), I bought myself a new replacement watch. It came yesterday so I no longer feel nekid.My pedals also broke. I have Speedplay Zeros the basic crome moly that the bearing and bushing have been worn many miles? not enough grease! So I went Clint's Bike Shoppe and bought myself another birthday present NEW PEDALS. Clint was nice enough to sell me the x/1 Titanium pedals for the same price as the crome pedals about a$30 savings. So look out I'll be fast with pedals that actually work and don't squeak!

20 answers

1. What was for breakfast?
First breakfast - decaf coffee, 8 oz Florida OJ, banana, and 12 oz h2o. Plus 12 oz of gaterade endurance formula on the ride.
Second breakfast - 8 oz h2o, bagel with peanut butter
Third breakfast - decaf coffee, Oldman's banana-nut muffin

2. Do you read a newspaper daily?
Wall Street Journal

3. What do you do when you can't sleep?
Read the book of Numbers or Judges in the Bible

4. Say a word that sums up your mood.

5. Do you remember dreams?
No, I don't think I dream

6. Name something from your dream last night.
Darkness, I don't dream...I'm to tired to dream.

7. Name a food that describes you.
fine wine --- aged to perfection and strong enough to get the job done

8. Today your wearing?
Tan docker slacks, green polo golf shirt, loafers with no soxes.

9. What is in your pockets?

$450 in cash in my money clip, 53 cents in coins, keys, and a wallet with $150

10. Did you sing in the shower?

11. What was the last song you heard?
Frosty the Snowman

12. Looking forward to the holidays?
Yes I'm going home to see my grandsons in New Jersey.

13. What's for lunch?
First lunch- roast turkey on whole wheat with romaine and mustard. 8 oz of h2o.
Second lunch - tossed salad with roast turkey and balsamic vinegar. 8oz of h2o.
Third lunch - handful of almonds, banana, and h2o.

14. Where do you want to be this instant?
At the beach swimming.

15. What's something you would like to do soon?
the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim 26.2 miles across Tampa Bay or the Canadian Death Race.

16. Reading anything now?
The Camel Club by David Baldacci (fiction), Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin (non-fiction) Sara's Secrets for Weeknight Meals by Sara Moulton (cooking) and The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (business discussion group)

17. What's for dinner?
Poached salmon, brown rice, steamed broccoli and tossed salad. White wine probably a chardonnay. Desert frozen fruit pop.

18. A favorite part of the day is?
running, biking or swimming.

19. Are you happy?
Of course I live in paradise, have a great job, and can train year-round.

20. What will your friends do this meme?

[stolen from krisalis]

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weird Sunrise This Morning

RED SKY IN MORNING SAILORS TAKE WARNING! Was the sky every red. I tried to take a pic of it looking east but it didn't show how weird the sky looked. But it was a warning as the old saying warns.

I started out on my morning run with that warning in mind but looking east it did look like rain just some clouds. Today's schedule called for an easy seven miles thru the woods with a stop half way at the fitness center for water.

The first 2 miles were uneventful just trying to relax and not push. Then at the 3 mile mark I entered the path that goes along the river and thru the woods (but not to grandmother's house). Then the lightening alarms on the golf course went off with a LOUD BLAST that caused me to jump even with my MP3 player playing Garth Brooks.

As I exited the woods to the fitness center I wondered if I could get hit by lightening. I have rubber soles on my shoes so I'm not grounded. Then the lightening and rain started. Red sky remember? The last 4 miles I picked up the pace just to get home out of the lightening and rain. My time on the clock was 52'34".

I was hoping to swim at lunch today but it's raining so the pool is closed (outdoor pools in SW Florida) but the good news is a got a nice bonus check ($5,000) for finishing a project so I think I'll go to the bank to cash my check!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Weakend Update

Inquiring minds want to know, What Happened on Thanksgiving with the Cracker Barrel Dinner?

Thursday called for my regular 7 mile tennis ball run thru the woods. Since I didn't have to go to work, I slept in a little longer run anyway. I managed to stretch the 7 miles into 9 since I felt good and had the time. After a shower and breakfast I power washed my pavers so I have a clean driveway! I made a loaf of bread to take with me along with 2 bottles of 2002 Coppola chardonnay. The dinner was what you would expect, dry dry and dry with dry cornbread stuffing and dry cornbread rolls. So everyone sat around and drank a lot of wine!

Friday was the usual 25 mile ride with Tony sans Tony. I was one of the unfortunate ones that had to work. The market was open so we had to be at work. I swam at lunch and on my way home I bought a turkey from the Target Superstore with a coupon and instant saving the 10 lb bird cost $4.54.

Saturday was the long run day of the weak, this weak I took a new route. I ran out to Florida Gulf Coast University, around the campus and back home, 16 miles. After shower and breakfast I made some more bread and an apple pie. In the afternoon I invited J over for tree trimming and dinner (steaks, salad, bake potatoes, and Oldman's apple pie). Pics to follow. The tree looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Sunday saw the return of Florida humidity. I did the long ride of the weak to Coconut Point (no dolphins this weak), back then up to the new airport and back home, 65 miles. When I got home I started my turkey for my own thanksgiving dinner. Yes I had the stuffing, mashed garlic potatoes, carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce (whole cranberries) and of course leftover apple pie with ice cream. So it might have been late but it was tasty! Now I have leftovers!!!! Hurray!


Run 32 miles
Bike 135
Swim 3,000 meters

Next weak I'll try to get my regular swim routine, now that the gulf water is colder I will have to go to the pools more rather than the beach unless I breakout the wet suit.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Snowbird Season

Well it's started early this year. It gets earlier and earlier each year. I thought because of Wilma maybe it would be delayed but nooooooo, it has been confirmed Snowbird Season has started! Yup, it you live in Southwest Florida you find it is a great placed to live. But during Snowbird Season don't plan on driving anywhere, going to a restaurant without a reservation 1 month in advance or finding a parking spot at the beach!

Take Friday night for example of Snowbird Season. Usually on Friday's I try to leave the office a little early to get to the country club for happy hour and maybe dinner. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes. So keeping to my schedule I took the interstate home to go 21 miles to my house. It was bumper to bumper crawling ! UGH 1 hr 32 min to get home. Had I stuck to the Tamiami Trail it would have taken 2 hours!

What makes Snowbird Season worst for me is the wackies on the road Sunday's during my long ride. This Sunday was not an exception, I was almost hit by an SUV, had an old lady pull out in front of me, have to dodge walkers in the road, runners, dogs on long leashes (in the road) and recreation bike riders on the wrong side of the road and that's all with in my community!

OK Snowbirds here's the deal if your going to visit Oldman's paradise there are a few rule that you must abide by:

1. No travel to early bird dinner specials between the hours of 4:30 and 6:30 STAY OFF THE ROAD AND HAVE DINNER AT A NORMAL TIME LIKE 8:00pm.

2. No travel in the morning between 7:30 and 9:00 to get to Perkins for breakfast or an early tee time . YOU HAVE ALL DAY! SLEEP IN! GO TO BREAKFAST AT 9:30 am.

3. Snowbirds must walk on the sidewalks and keep their dogs on a short leash. YOUR NOT IN MICHIGAN OR INDIANA OR ILLINOIS WHERE THEY DON"T HAVE SIDEWALKS YOUR IN FLORIDA WALK ON THE SIDEWALK!



Saturday was the usual long run. I did the woods course for 14 miles. Sunday was a long bike dodging people dogs and things for 55 miles and Sunday afternoon I went to the pool but got so frustrated I quit after 1500 meters.

Today it was raining so I didn't have to dodge anyone just the rain drops. I got my 25 miles in but I was soaked to the bone.

Weakly Report

Bike 122 miles
Run 22 miles
Swim 1,500 meters

I'll try to do better coach hasn't been my bestest weak. I kow I missed my fartlek run and my bike sprints with stomps but next weak!


David's surgery went well. He started PT on Satuday and comes home from the hospital today. The pain is quite intense but atl eas the pt has started.


I still plan on attending my neighbor's home for dinner but I took Susan's advice and told them I was bringing a few of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Crab and cheese dip, yam yums, homemade bread, apple pie, pumpkin pie and a couple of bottles of Stag's Leap chardonnay.


If it is Snowbird season can we shoot them?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Somebody Invite ME PLEASE!

OK it happened while I was at a Halloween get together on, of all days Halloween. It all started innocently. I went to my mail box after work when my Irish neighbor two houses down also getting his mail said Hey Oldman, stop over for some trick or treat beer. So I can't pass up free beer, so I walked over. There we are standing in his driveway drinking some Irish beer ( and I thot they were famous for single malt) watching for the 8 kids who live on our block.

Finally the 8 kids and there parents stop for the kids candy and at which time Irish neighbor gets all the adults a round of beer. KEWL another free beer! My Icelandic neighbor is here with his Chilean wife and announces that he, Chilean wife, and the Norwegian couple are hosting a Halloween snack and drink party in his driveway for me to come over. FREE FOOD AND BEER!

So on the walk back to my house and then on to my neighbor Icelandic guy's house, my Irish neighbor says What are you doing for Thanksgiving. Well nothing really. (Side note I was remembering the time I was invited to their home for dinner where they serve great lamb chops, good wine and a great cheese cake).

OK you got the picture, now Irish guy calls today to firm up Thanksgiving dinner. What time etc. So what can I bring? Irish guy replies Well, we are ordering take out from Cracker Barrel so you can help split the bill and bring some wine.

So I feel stuck, I can cook people and cook very well thank you very much. Last Christmas I hosted an open house where I cooked all the food including appetizers, ham, turkey, soup, deserts, home made bread, etc. I use recipes from Food and Wine, Julie Child, LaCucinna and old family recipes hand down. I even make my own salad dressings! I make just about everything from scratch. I can duplicate any resturant meal after one tasting. Yes I can cook so I don't want take out. I NEVER HAVE TAKE OUT! NOT EVEN MICKIE D'S.

Well so I don't want Cracker Barrel take out. I can cook my own turkey thank you! Got any thought of how to get out of this one?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just Another Day

Live is moving at a frantic pace! I have been extremely busy not only at work but in my personal life as well. Why is it when things happen so that your personal life gets busy your work life gets busy also to make matters worse? I have a good relationship with the Firm I work for and a flexible schedule but right now there is no flex. Here's a quick update on what is happening.


Every morning it's been phone calls to Italy. Early in the week it looked like David was going to be flown to Milan for surgery. This would have cost approx. 50,000 euros! A specialist there would take his case and do surgery on Friday. However Carolina and her father (David's wife and father-in-law) were able to locate a sports medicine surgeon. He works on football (soccer) stars and has worked on musician as well. So today is the surgery. I looked for flights but when I thought he was going to Milan I didn't book anything and because it is busy at work I feel I can't get away. I spoke with David just a few minutes ago before he went into surgery. So I just wait for news.


I have been working on a major project regarding our mutual fund. I'm changing the trust to a new trust which means a new bored of directors, back office, custodian, etc. Today is the shareholders meeting and until 5:00 pm yesterday I did have enough proxy votes to pass the change, 4% short! But after some scrambling I got it done and now have 55.6% FOR! Now its on to the actual move of the pieces. UGH! I'm also preparing for our partners meeting, which is an extremely stressful time, plus I'm finishing two audits of the Firm and the payroll failed on the 15th, not that we didn't have money in the bank our payroll company just didn't put thru the payroll then yesterday they forgot 1 employee who is going to Europe today! GASP! UGH! So it's been late nights this week.


Swimming at lunch has been out all week in favor of eating at my desk. I did get my rides in Monday (25 miles) and yesterday (17 miles) along with my runs Tuesday(4 miles) and today (4 miles). But all workouts are shortened due to time constraints due to work and phoning David, Carolina, doctors, and etc. I feel like all I do is train, work, and sleep. Hopefully this will be all over by Dec. 10th.

Signs of life after Wilma

This past weekend there were no rental cars available at Ft. Myers airport. All 9 rental car companies were out of cars. Plus the 3 rental car companies in Naples had no cars. So if your coming to Naples or Ft. Myers and need a car, check ahead there may not be anything available.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Good News Bad News

The Good News

Friday I left work early and played a little golf. I shot 42 on the River Course. The last hole it was a little dark and I had trouble seeing but I got 9 holes in.

Saturday was my long run of 12 miles in the afternoon I worked around the house cleaning up the mess the painters made painting the house. Yes, my house is only 4 years old but the paint had faded and the association is painting all the houses on my circle.

Sunday was my long ride which turned out to be just around the community for 40 miles. It was quite windy so we cut it short.

The Bad News

I went to a late lunch at the country club and while eating lunch I got a cell phone call from David. He is a concert violist and lives with his wife and my grandson in Rome, Italy. It seems he was going home on his motorbike when he lost control of the bike on a curve. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet, but the bad news is he broke his left arm. They are going to operate to set it on Friday.

This couldn't have come at a worse time for him. His concert schedule was very busy thru Christmas and then January to May he was to be the principle violist in a symphony. On top of that they are having a house built and will be moving in soon. Roman medicine being what it is, he's in the hospital waiting for his surgery but there are no beds available so he is on a gurney in the hall. I spoke with him this morning and he is very uncomfortable.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Aftermath

Well it has been almost three weeks since Wilma hit Southwest Florida and there are still signs of her visit. The town of Naples has a site to take the debris but there are still piles of "stuff" along the roadside. FEMA just had Operation Blue Roof where you can get a contractor to put a blue tarp over your damaged roof. So now as you drive around you see homes with beautiful bright blue roofs. Now that power is back on in most of the area Florida Power and Light has asked for a rate hike of $15 per user to pay for the storm damage.

This morning was a cooler morning than the past few days. As the sun came up there was a slight fog and the temp was 65*. I was going to ride in a sleeveless top but decided to wear a short-sleeve jersey because of the cool temp.


Yup, today as we went up Coffee Drinker and Collies street on the first loop they were out in the driveway. But I think they have recruited their neighbor across the street to get us. You see as I came to up the street the neighbor in his black Caddy SUV backed out of his driveway in front of me! I had no where to go, so it was a full emergency stop and unclip to put my foot down! Then black Caddy drove in the middle of the road and suddenly started a "K-Turn" type of maneuver to back into his neighbors driveway, again causing me to stop because he had the road blocked. All the while Coffee Drinker and Collie were watching and enjoying me being held up. Score one for them.

So I did complete my 25 mile ride this morning, inspite of being held up! I will not be swimming today at lunch because I'm going home early today (1:00) to go play 9 holes of golf, walking of course.

This weekend is of course my LSD run tomorrow. I have a light schedule this week so it's only 12 miles. Sunday's LSD ride is 45 miles.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Terrific Tuesday

This morning I woke up at 5:30 am for a nature call and to my amazement my headache was gone. It hung on for a couple of days so I'm always happy that I don't have to take any more aspirin. When I went outside to check the temp I found that a cool front had gone thru over night and the temp was now down to 68*, almost cold.

Today was a light easy run thru the woods and I decided that's exactly what I would do and not push myself. Once again I am amazed at how long it takes me to get loose. Even though I go thru a stretching routine prior to running it still takes about 2 miles before I feel "loose". That's just about when I'm passing my house and since I feel good at that point I continue on. My Timex Ironman watch broke so I don't know my pace or heartrate. When I went past Coffee Drinker and Collies house the garage door was open so I was on the look out for them but sightings!

I stopped at the five mile mark to get some water from one of the golf course "potty-houses", they have an ice machine and cold water along with cups at each potty house. I friend from the community stopped to tell me that some people were complaining about my bike riding that I was going to fast. He asked them how fast was I going and they replied 30 mph. Kewl I didn't know I was that fast! The last two miles was just a cool down mode just loping along and enjoying the cool breeze and the nice weather.

When I got to work today I realized I forgot my lunch/snack bag so my lunch time swim may be cut short so I can grab something to eat.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Weakend Report

Today is my grandson's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Max. Here is a pic of Max and his brother, Justin getting ready to trick or treat. Max is of course Batman.

The weakend went by all to fast and today I woke up with a headache from my tumor so I sit in my office with the lights off. I did manage to get a 15 mile bike in today but I'm skipping swimming.

Saturday's run was uneventful I left the house just as the sun was coming up and did my long route thru the woods. The first two miles I consider warm up since it takes me that long to get loose. I then tried to maintain an even pace to my water stop at 6 miles. I was there at 50' 41. The next 6 are along the golf course and thru the woods and I guess the longing for water got me because I was at the next stop at 49'45". The final 4 included my 2 mile cool down finishing at 35'51". Not back I guess.

Some one asked what is a lania. My lania is the outdoor area of my house including a sitting area, sun deck and pool all covered by a screened cage to keep the bugs out. Here's a pic take when the kids were visiting me hence the baby furniture.

Here's another pic of the outside looking in. My lania faces due south so the pool is always in the sun but the sitting area is in the shade which is important with those sunny Florida afternoons.

Sunday I did my lsd bike with Tony down to the point (no dolphins this week kids) and back then out to Mirromar Lake and back to get our 60 miles. Once again it was windy on the way back and we had a strong head wind to contend.

In the afternoon did manage to get to the beach for a brief swim...45 minutes and a few beers at Doc's. Maybe that's why I have a headache?


Bike 135 miles
Run 30 miles
Swim 150 minutes?

Some one suggested that you keep track of workouts by time rather than mileage, so you take into account headwinds, rain, good weather and bad weather. What do you think?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Beautiful Day

OK I had to mention it! It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY here today. The air temp is just right 81* and the water temp in the Gulf is 80*. It's cool enough to swim without over heating and warm enough to feel good.

The pic above is the beach down the street from my office (8th Street Naples). Not many people at the beach today, just a few sunbathers trying to get melanoma. I swam for 45 minutes. (Hey it's lunch hour) I then rinsed off in the cold water at the beach crossing. Wow that was cold! It was great to swim without a lot of people around.

This morning I did my regular 25 mile ride. It was cool and I felt good. One the straight-a-way I did 28.5 mph...just can't get to 30 mph!


That's right boys and girls as I was coming up Tony's street on my first loop, Coffee Drinker was walking Collie and yes he was drinking a cup of coffee but they were walking up his driveway and not in the street (ratz). Collie turned and looked longingly in my direction. I offered a "Good Morning" in the most cheerful voice I could muster to which I got a glaring look from Coffee Drinker. HUMMMM I wonder why?

Weakend Agenda

Tonight I'm going to the club for drinks but with a couple and I've made it plain not to set me up with any one (thing). I'm not really interested.

Tomorrow is the 16 miler LSD followed by some pool cleaning and washing the liana. I'm grilling some lamb and having my neighbors over for dinner.

Sunday is of course the LSD Bike. I have a 60 mile bike is on the schedule and hopefully down to Doc's in the afternoon for another swim in the Gulf at Bonita Beach.

Have a greak weakend everyone. Good luck to those at PCB doing IMFL and those at NYC doing the ING Marathon.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Linda of Loping LouBob fame tagged me to post my fifth sentence of my 23rd post, which was on Aug 5, 2004 titled Lunch at LBS.

He explained the fine art of degreasing the chain and relubing it.

That was back when I had a problem with my chain..... I've since had it replaced and now I'm considering a Wipperman stainless steel chain. Florida weather is murder on chains.

So whom shall I tag? Hummm everyone has had this one already so if I pick some one who has already done it forgive me. I've gotta think of five.....

CorporateMediaWhore.... live from Portland

Cliff....Looking thru the eyes of

Tales of Slow Brave Athena...... riding Pinky

Health + Fitness Blog.... funny moods

Cloudy, Chance of Showers .
....just engaged!

Date Application

Tri-mama suggested that I develop an application to give to my friends for use with prospective blind dates. My friends feel it necessary to find a suitable woman for me. They feel it's not natural for a 50's something guy to live alone. Hey even my docs tell me I shouldn't live alone. But I have my training schedule that usually gets in the way of dating and I just broke off a long-tern once engaged relationship, I did however get the ring back and I'm thinking about using it to buy a new car. But I digress!

Ok so Oldman's Date Application...this way my friends could have the "prospect" fill out Oldman's Date Application, I could review it and give a YEA or nay. This would solve any disappointment on the "prospects" part and save me time and emotional energy. It would allow me to set standards of care early, my care and standards. Yes it is all about the bike, the run and the swim!

So here are a few quick thots:

1. Which do your prefer? Wine, beer or gaterade or all three while sitting in the hot tub after a long (50 miles plus) bike ride?

2. After a long run of 12 miles or more do you prefer A. hot shower B. massage or C. cold beer followed by a quick 1 mile open water swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

3. What movie would you prefer to see during a quiet evening? A. Chariots of Fire B. 2004 Tour de France Special Edition (5 hours) C. Breaking Away D. Ironman Kona 2004 (NBC Special)

4. Include a picture of your bike. Extra points for a tri-bike. Extra Extra Points for a pic of you holding a tri-bike over your head while wearing a two piece tri-suit.

5. What's more important? A. Setting a PR in a triathlon? B. Setting a PR during a training run? C. Qualifying for Kona? D. All of the above.

Ok give me your suggestions for Oldman's Date Application.


Today was an easy recovery run and a swim at lunch. I might stop at the gym for some weights and then a pizza for dinner (veggie pizza it's Tuesday and I'm Buddhist on Tuesdays).

Monday, October 31, 2005

Weakly review

Last weak was not the best conditions for training, Hurricane Wilma, tree limbs down and the streets littered with all kinds of stuff. Most of all my swimming suffered because the pools are closed. This weaks totals:

Swimming - Nada
Running - 29 miles
Bike - 85 miles

This weekend I....

....went with my friends to the country club, met a blind data (yes she walks funny with that cane) and she doesn't own a bike so she's out-of-here! amazing how people have no clue about fitness/endurance sports or care about them.

...did my 16 mile run, I know it was a typo friday I wrote 6 instead of 16.

...did a lot of yard work getting bushes back in place and 1 tree upright

...forgot about the time change...

...did 75 miles with Tony on Sunday... didn't play golf worked on the yard some more.

...cooked a nice pork loin dinner for Sunday... got plenty of leftovers.

...woke up with a sore back this morning.... did my 25 mile ride anyway. Can't swim today the pool is still closed due to Wilma.

Today begins my new weak....

Friday, October 28, 2005

Late Breaking Update

Ok it's late in the day on a Friday afternoon, almost time to go home so I thought I'd do a quick update.

---- we now have indoor plumbing in our building, no more trips to the parking garage.

---- curfew of 9:00 pm to 6:00 am has been lifted, so I can stay out late tonight or run early, pick one.

---- the traffic lights are still broken, I came a different way to work but got stuck in traffic. 1 hr 20 min to go 16 miles.

---- it's warming up again, the temp today was 82*, so much for fall.

Tony and I did our usual 25 mile ride this morning. I decided to push a little harder today and take the lead in aero position as much as possible and not to let the speedometer go below 20 mph. Fortunately I had Tony gasping for breath today. On the straight-a-way I could only get to 28 mph. I'm convinced I just can't get the turnover fast enough, at a cadence of 100 rpms I change gears and then in a few moments I'm out of breath. Perhaps it has to do with the big muscles calling for to much oxygen?

Tonight some neighbors are gathering at the country club for cocktails (the feathers get caught in my teeth) and I think they are trying to introduce me to a single lady that moved into a different section of our community...just show me a picture of her bike and I'll decide then if I want to ask her out.

Tomorrow is the LSD run with 16 miles on the schedule. I think it's going to be a cool morning. I want to get to the beach in the afternoon. I haven't been down there since Wilma so I want to see it there is any damage and I want to get a swim in and maybe lunch and beer at Doc's boat House.

Sunday will be the LSD bike with Tony. 75 miles is on the schedule and then I'm taking the afternoon to play a little golf. No I'm not riding in a cart, I'm going to walk 9 may 18 holes. Sunday nite I'm having some folks over for wine and snacks on the liana... a chance to mingle with the gang.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

How Bad CAN it BE?

OK, so how bad can it be after a Cat 3 Hurricane? There are now 3 million Florida homes without power! Our office building in downtown Naples has no potable water and no sewer. Hence this sign:

Here is the 1st floor the parking lot! Hey I'm on the third floor!

When I came back from place to eat..still sandwich shop lost it's cold cases.....I saw this truck. Not only do I have to get ducky sanitized..but now I've got to get my jello molds clean!

The drive to work is fun too, many of the traffic lights are missing. During the Hurricane some one climbed up the poles and stole the lights...Fixtures and all... All that is left are the wires! So you have a 4 way stop. Which work well in light traffic with normal people but here we have the beginning of Snowbird season which means a lot of traffic and people who drive with their turn signal on for miles....4 way stop is more like a cluster.... well you know! It took me 1 hour to go 16 miles this morning!

Now they are saying we will get power restored by Nov. 22.... I wonder is that 2005 or 2006?

Where do I sign up for my Katrina debit card? All you can get is 1 bag of ice and three bottles of water. I want my $2,000!

If this were New York City would this story be on the evening news.... Millions without power!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good Bye Wilma

OK so it has only been two days but it seems like a year has gone by! I survived Hurricane Wilma.

Friday I broke down the office putting all our puters in the conference room, closing the doors to the offices with windows and sent our staff and portfolio manager to our Atlanta office. Our assistant trader refused to leave town and I decided to stay and ride the storm out.

Saturday was spent getting my home ready for the storm. It showered off and on all day. All the furniture from the liana had to be placed in the garage. Anything that could become a projectile had to be secured, including my plants (herbs for cooking and some flowers). I did manage to get a brief 10 mile run in but it wasn't as long as the schedule called but hey a hurricane was coming. I helped Tony briefly put up plywood on his windows and I chose not to put up plywood on my house.

Sunday was very overcast with it threating to rain all day. There was an erie quite, like just before a big snow storm. The wind was calm. Tony and I did our Coconut Point ride and saw three dolphins. I stopped at 30 miles but Tony continued on for 40. After a brief dip in the pool, I continued on with my prep for Hurricane Wilma. I made ice, got my cooler filled with water and beer and more ice, filled the guest room bathtub with water so I could flush the toilet when the water didn't work. I checked the batteries in the flash light, filled my oil boat lamp with oil and boiled some eggs. When everything was done all there was to do was wait. and wait and wait and wait....

Sunday night at 11 pm was when it all began and begin it did with a heavy downpour that sounded like hail from a winter storm on the glass. The wind began to pick up after having been a relatively calm day. I decided to try to get some sleep before the storm got to bad. I was able sleep until 2 am when the winds began to howl in earnest. My trees in the back yard looked like they were in a Warring blender. There was no sleep from that point on.

At 6 am Monday morning the eye passed just south of my house, 20 miles or so, I was so happy to have the eye pass because of my experience with Hurricane Charlie. During Charlie that backside of the storm was much calmer but not so with Wilma, the WINDS INCREASED! It was then we saw the winds speed pick-up. The winds topped out at 121 mph in Naples. I had my front window begin to leak and three trees went down. Tony (my riding buddy) lost his cage and had water coming in his front door. As the day worn on I kept expecting the winds to die down. By noon the local weather people we saying the storm had passed us but we were still experiencing a 25 mph sustained winds with gust to 40 mph! That lasted until dusk. Most people around me lost electric and phone servcice. Fortunately I had electric but no phone, cell phone or cable. Tony had no electric or phones.

Tuesday saw the dawning of a new day! In our community there were trees down everywhere! Naples was flooded and had no electric, water, sewer or telephones. I worked from my house as much as possible but even cell service was sporadic. Tony, my neighbor from Iceland and help me pull up my three downed trees and we help my neighbor with two of his trees. Tony brought over his frozen food to put in my beer frig. I did mainage to get a brief 10 mile ride in to survey damage to the neighborhood.

Today, Wednesday, it looks somewhat normal. Just a few down trees. Tony and I did our 25 mile ride plus a little to look at the collapsed carports. Yes some people parked their cars under the carports and now had squished cars. By 2:00 pm our office building was opened but we have no water or sewer. I reconnected our puter system and re-started the servers. Surprise!!! every thing works. So tomorrow is a "normal" business day.

Thanks for the emails and notes. Sorry I could answer the phone messages since the neither the cell phones of the house phones work. But eveything works now!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On Her Way - Wilma!

Well it looks like old Wilma will not get here until Sunday. She is planning on interrupting my Sunday morning LSD ride. I hate her already!

This morning was the 7 mile tennis ball run. I started out slow doing the warm-up 2 miles at a 8:30 pace then it was time to have fun with a ball. I tried to push myself this weak. Mile three saw 8:05 and mile four 7:57. At mile five I was ready to stop but pressed on doing mile five at 8:02. The next two mile were just a cool down but when I checked the splits there were 7:55 and 7:40..go figure. I guess I can run faster not using the tennis ball.

I couldn't swim at lunch because of lack of staff at the office so hopefully I can swim on the way home from work.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Yup it's from the Flintstones...Willllma! but we are facing a different Wilma. Wilma the Cat 5 Hurricane has Southwest Florida in her sites. UGH not again! We went through this last year with Charlie. Charlie's eye passed 15 miles from my house with 145 mph winds. Yes it sounded like a freight train for 2 hours straight. We lost 100 trees on my street and I was without power for 3 days.

So I'm busy at work making arrangements to fly our staff out to various places (Atlanta, Jacksonville....Etc) and tomorrow I'm taking the puter system apart to place in our safe room. Friday we are giving everyone the day off and I'll be at home securing my house. I think I'm going to stay rather than bug out. I think I have enough beer and ice to make it thru the weekend. After all I can leave my bike.

I had a great time n St. Pete Beach and the town of Pass-a-Grille. I saw a lot of cyclists and runners. It's a thriving TRI town and a lot of the MAD DOGS train at St Pete Beach. I also won a free dinner a the Salt Rock Cafe in Indian Shores.

So it's back to the grind... Today was a bike day 25 miles ave 18.5 mph and tomorrow is a fartlek run with the tennis ball..... last weaks mileage was a mess from my conference....


Run 34 miles
Bike 110 miles
Swim 3x's open water swim in the Gulf at St. Pete's Beach

Health Update:

My back has healed nicely..Although I can't see it. I went to the Docs on Monday. They suggested I try to keep it wet...swim more?I've had some back and leg pain this week so I'm taking some industrial strength moltrin. I get to see my brain surgeon next week if Wilma allows.

Friday, October 14, 2005

On The Road Again

OK, I'm not Willie., but I am on the road. I'm in St. Pete's Beach for some meetings. So today I ran the beach then down to the inlet and back. Just a quick 6 miles. Since I have to connect to the web via my Treo it's a slow web, so I'll write more later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What is it with me?

Why does everybody always pick on me?

OK not everybody but bees! Yup, I got stung by a bee again this morning on my usual ride with Tony. I felt something sticking me inside my jersey on my left side. I tried to wipe/swipe/itch whatever it was away while riding but I still had that stuck feeling. When I got home I had a nice welt.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Coffee Drink & Collie Encounter

You remember our run ins with Coffee Drinker and Collie, it's an on-going battle. So yesterday, on our daily 25 mile ride thru our community, we pass Coffee Drink and Collie's house four times. They live on a dead end street so we turn around at the end and come back two times causing us to pass by four get it?

So as we are heading up the street on our second circuit we are approaching Coffee Drinkers and Collies house with Tony pulling and me dragging my hinney behind. Just seconds before we reach coffee Drinker and Collie's driveway, a pick-up truck in the driveway peels wheels in reverse and goes from dead stop to the middle of the road without stopping. The driver then puts the truck in forward and again peels wheels to drive down the street at breakneck speed! Of course Tony and I are startled at this and hit the brakes to slow from our 22 mph, but had we been just seconds faster the truck would have run us over!

After we compose ourselves, we continued on to the cul-de-sac and turned around to head back down the street when who should appear? None other than Coffee Drinker. Apparently the truck hit the recycling container and spilled it's contents on the street. He was picking up the spilled beer bottles. As we come close to him he looked up and smiled a big grin. Tony told him had we been a few seconds quicker we would have been hit. He just grinned at us! THIS IS WAR PEOPLE! WAR I TELL YOU!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Weakened Update

So this was suppose to be a great training weakend, it didn't turn out that way!

By the time I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 it was already 81* and high humidity, so Saturday was off to a poor start. I filed both of my fuel belt bottles but I left them in the beer frig in the garage while I did my first section. As I completed my warm up 4 miles, I realized I need to take my bottles with me. So at the four mile mark I stopped at the house and donned my fuel belt.

As I left my house for the second time, I decide to stick with LSD not trying to set any PR's just get-her-done! At seven miles I stopped to refill one of the bottles and noticed my right calf felt twitchy. At the ten mile mark I put some ice on it and added ice to my hat. Unfortunately the 13 miles mark goes dangerously close to my house so...yup I quite at 14 miles. When I got home I quickly showered at my pool shower to rinse the salt and sweat before jumping in the pool, it was then my right leg had a minor cramp!

Sunday was a little cooler so when Tony and I started out on our ride my leg felt fine. We did a loop in our community before going out to test my calf. Everything seemed fine so we headed down to Coconut Point. As we passed the high school they were just finishing up a 10K race and we saw the BOP'ers finishing.

At Coconut Point we usually watch for dolphins, but it started to rain. So we quickly at our Clif Bars and headed out the rain. Fortunately it was just a brief downpour but it was just enough to get us wet. By the time we got to the HWY intersection the sun was out! From then on it was our usually ride taking turns pulling until we got to our community's back gate. By then I was pretty tired so we quit at 57 miles.

Weakly Totals

Run 29 miles
Bike 115 miles
Swim 6,000 yards

Todays 25 mile ride I felt that small twichy feeling in my calf, like before you get a cramp. But unlike Saturday, I did get a cramps, it just feels twitchy. I'm going to eat a couple of banana's and push the salt to see if that helps.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Duck Sanitizing

As I'm driving home from work, boys and girls, I listened to a commercial for a Duck Sanitizing Company. It seems that ducks are full of mold, mildew and germs that can cause all kinds of illness in humans. This company will come to your house and clean the insides of your ducks with a disinfectant that is harmless to the ducks. Imagine having your duck's insides cleaned! Not only that, but they guarentee that your ducks will be free of mold, mildew and germs for one year. ONE YEAR PEOPLE!

Now my duck, like the one pictured above, lives in my swimming pool. He has his own little skimmer house that he can "duck" into from time to time. For the most part I get him out of his skimmer to float around in the evenings, sometimes I even put floating candles in so he can see better in the dark while I sit in the hot tub and drink champagne with guests.

I've never thought about having having Ducky (that's his name) sanitizied! I do scrub him with a soft scrub brush and pool cleaner from time to time but never sanitized.

When Alexander visited me, I bought Ducky two friends at Disney World. Alexander named them Captain and Pirate (it sounded better when Alexander said their names in I forget the Italian pronounciation of Capitan and Pirate). Unfortunately Alexander took Captain and Pirate home to Rome to live in his pond and once again Ducky is alone. I never thought about having Captain and Pirate sanitized before they left the States! How foolish!

Well boys and girls learn from this...always have your ducks sanitized.

It rained this morning, to hard for a bike ride so I ran 3 miles to keep loose. Tomorrow is my LSD run of 16 miles and perhaps to the University pool in the afternoon. Sunday is the LSD ride with Tony of 70 miles in the morning and to the beach in the afternoon (Doc's Beach House again). Hopefully this rain will pass and it will be a nice weekend.

Have a good weekend. Best wishes to those racing: April-Anne, Dianna, Susan, the other Susan, and others!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Helmetless Daze

Ok so I'm a little late getting ready this morning for my 25 mile ride with Tony. After all I did get my bandages changed by my neighbor but no massage (RATZ) and I had a lousy nights sleep because turning over on my booboo kept waking me up. Plus it had rained early this morning and the roads were wet so I was getting Roo ready to ride when Tony shows up helmetless! Of all days to ride without a helmet with rain slicked roads. So it was a ride back to Tony's house to wake up his family so he can get into the house to get his helmet.

As we are riding today,we keep wondering as we pass people with dogs, is that the person who complained? Or was it Coffee Drinker?

I get an email weekly from our community, its a community newsletter email. The email tells what is going on this week. Like Happy Hour Friday is buy one get one (BOGO), or the tennis pro is doing Aerobic Tennis Mon- Wed - Fri, mens golf is Friday afternoon....well you get the idea. So there is a special note to remind people to walk/jog/run on the side walks and not in the road. I wonder does this include dog walkers?

We have names for those people we do see....Coffee Drinker, Tippy Toe Runner or the Skinny Lady. Today we saw Smiley I guess he is back from summer vacation. Haven't seen Smiley in 6 months!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday Thots

Today I.....

...wanted to sleep in but I got up anyway. Maybe its the medicine?
... am suppose to take of my bandages but I can't reach them. So now what?
...ran 6 miles thru the woods in 57:45 and saw a snake. Red and orange snake sleeping or dead.
...was 15 minutes late for work, so I'm leaving 15 minutes early to make up for it!

Today I...

...can't swim at lunch because of my bandages, so I guess I'll sit at my desk and work. ugh! tickets for the White Sox game in Chicago on Sunday..I'm giving them to our Portfolio Manager because I don't want to go to Chicago.
...wondered why I don't get tickets to things I can use like Kona or IM FL or IM anywhere? Even Boston Marathon?

This evening I... going to ride afterwork since I can't swim.
...going to ask my neighbor who is a massuse to change my bandages. May be I can get a massage too. going to wish I had gone to Chicago for the game tonight!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Wild and Rainy Weekend with Collie Update

Hey everyone Holly did great in the Army Ten Miler, lengthened to 11.5 miles. Read her post click here.

Friday was the regular weekday ride of 25 miles. I was uneventful or so I thought until Sunday when the guard at the gate stopped Tony and I on the way out for our LSD ride. Apparently someone complained (Coffee Drinker) that we are riding to fast thru the community. The complaint was that we scared his dog! Kewl!

Saturday was a lsd run. The humidity was down but the sun was still bright. I did my long route thru the woods but at the 6 mile mark it hit me! Diarrhea! When you gota go, you gota fortunately I was near the fitness center and was able to stop in there! That hasn't happened to me in a long time. After a brief stop I was able to finish out my 15 miles.

Sunday was a lsd ride with Tony. We did the Coconut Point Ride with a stop at the Pelican Bay to watch for dolphins. None were seen! On the way to Pelican Landing, Tony and I saw a peleton on 8 cyclist going the other way. I was surprised that there were that many active cyclists around. On the way back we had a strong headwind. We each took turns pulling but it was a hard trip. After 40 miles my legs were tired.

Both days, Saturday and Sunday I wanted to go to the beach to swim. But at 2:00 pm the sky clouded up and a thunderstorm moved thru the area lasting until dusk. It seems we are experiencing rainy season in the fall this year. Go figure.

Today I didn't have my normal run, it was Doctor's day. I had two more somethings removed to send for biospy. This also means no swimming for a couple of days. UGH! They also found I have another tumor growing on my left flank over where my left kidney should be but fortunately I don't have a left kidney., so I have room for the tumor. So I'm going to have to set up an appointment with my surgeon. I wonder if I get a frequently surgery discount? Or surgery miles?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Feature - Holly

This weeks Friday Feature is about Holly from Arlington, Va and of Tri and Be Happy blog fame. Some of you may know Holly, age 35, as a part of the Triathlete Alliance, as a graphic designer for the U.S government or as the fiance of Jim. More important than Holly's training is her daily fight against melanoma. While her goal remains to be an Ironman her main goal now is to beat this disease.

Holly was diagnosed with melanoma earlier this year. Melanoma as you may be aware is the fastest growing form of cancer. Usually found as skin cancer but can spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Her initial treatment included 20 rounds of Interferon (chemotherapy for melanoma). Holy writes in her blog "Interferon Cocktails are a b*tch kids". For those who have had interferon they describe it as having the worlds worst case of the flu ever with headaches, body aches, nausea and constipation.

Holly underwent surgery of her lymph nodes to see if the melanoma had spread....the good news was other words clean nodes.! The docs then gave her the better side of 50/50 of surviving! But then a few days later the bad news YES it was spreading. The early path report failed to pick up that the melanoma had spread. Holly said at the time:

Because the bastard cells were hiding out up at the top! Sneaky little freaky cancer!

Holly is currently in her 13th week of a 48 week interferon treatment...constant flu! But that hasn't stopped her in her training. This past weekend she ran/walked 15 miles with an average pace of 13 min miles. So don't you complain about your training run! Holly has also maintained her sense humor. Last Thursday she wrote of this exchange:


No, not you darling reader. Shame on the client who walked into the office today and said "Wow are you feeling okay? You look awful!!!"

My response: "Yeah sometimes Chemo does that to you!"

They were very apologetic and I accepted the apology but I felt justified in putting this person in their place. Don't tell me how bad I look because 9 out of 10 times, I am already aware of it but trying to work through it. Being reminded doesn't help!

This weekend Holly with her sister Heather , of adventures of a sufergirl fame, are doing the Army Ten Miler but she is already a winner in my book.

Hang in there Holly you are in our thoughts and more importantly in our prayers. Why not stop by Holly's blog Tri and Be Happy and write her a note.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ugly Day

Ok maybe I just need to eat some more food? I'm convinced that the goodness or badness of my morning run is determined by what I eat for dinner the previous night. Example, last night I had chicken picata (chicken tenders with lemon juice and capers), couscous (cooked with Oldman's homemade chicken broth) and steamed broccoli, not enough carbs. When I finished dinner I was hungry. For my snack I had a sugar free fudge pop and I went to bed early and hungry.

So this morning called for a 7 mile tennis ball run that was less than expected... 3 miles less. I even left the tennis ball in the garage only to find one on the side of the road. (Someone trying to tell me something?). My legs were DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, and I had no energy. So I cut the run short.

So here at work I had my multi-grain toast with PBJ and a banana...I feel better now!

I'm going to try to swim at lunch and then maybe tonight I'll hit the weights before dinner, tonight is vegetarian (I'm Buddhist on Tuesdays and Thursdays that way I will not eat Aunt Pearl who came back as a .... cow).

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What were you thinking?

Today was our usual 25 mile ride. Tony and I were both feeling a little tired so we decided not to really push it. Our first loop was quite uneventful. However on the second loop as we made a right hand turn into a "blind street", meaning we couldn't see around the corner until we actually made the turn, we met two sour faced people walking in the middle of the street. I'm sure we startled them and it cause us to go wide in our turn...But WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Walking in the middle of the street....

As we continued on our ride we of course went up Coffee Drinker & Collie's street to the end and turned around. As we did a lady in a new caddy was backing out of her driveway. She nicely waited for us. Now keep in mind the speed limit is posted at 15 mph. We are riding 21 mph. Would you believe she accelerates and passes us on the curve... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? You're on the wrong side of the road doing about 30 mph in a 15 zone ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!

Our ride continues....Now the long straight which goes pass the Country Club up to the River Club and Fitness center where we turn around again. As we pass the Country Club a large green trash truck is pulling out of the parking lot. Tony is in the lead and I am well..He dropped me and I'm bringing up the rear but doing 22 mph. I hear the trash truck behind me so I push a little harder not wanting the smelly trash to be in front of me. I look to my left and said trash truck is at my shoulder passing me (yes he's on the wrong side of the road) when I turn back and look ahead of me there RIGHT THERE is a landscaper truck with trailer STOPPED in the road. Tony has gone around, but coming the other way, IN A HURRAY is a black Volvo. Stopped landscape truck, trash truck, Volvo and me all wanting to be in the same spot at the same time. I passed between the Volvo and the landscape truck but the trash truck laid a patch of rubber trying to stop! So WHAT WERE YOU THINKING PEOPLE?

Just another easy 25 mile ride!

OK pepople here are the rules. No one is allowed on the streets between 6:30 - 8:00 am so Tony and I can ride in peace!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Coffee Drinker & Collie Sighting

I forgot to tell you, gentle readers, of today's sighting of Coffee Drinker and Collie. It was ever so brief and but so rewarding. You do remember gentle reader, our goal is to make coffee Drinker spill his coffee?

Let me take you back to the 2nd and last loop of our 25 mile morning ride. It was there, coming down from our turn-around on Coffee Drinker's street, when who should appear? None other than Coffee Drinker and Collie! We did see Coffee Drinker alone the other day causing some to speculate on the demise of Collie (see you killed Collie. # posted by tracy : 2:45 PM) But alas Collie is ALIVE AND WELL!

Today I believe they were putting something in the re-cycling bin (today is collection day for recycling). Coffee Drink had his coffee and Collie spotted us as Coffee Drinker, not seeing us, was bending over the recycling bin. Coffee in one hand Collie's leash in the other when, yup, Collie lunged forward barking almost pulling Coffee Drinker over! kewl. I think, though not verified, Coffee Drinker spilled his coffee! Double kewl! We did hear damn! Can life get any better?

Fluid Weekend

My fluid weekend started with party a the golf club. No particular theme other than it was Friday...of the usual fluids, Guinness, were consumed along with dinner. I did meet few new people. No single females however... it is hard in a couples community.

My fluid weekend continues into Saturday morning. I pushed the fluids, gatorade, to start my LSD run well hydrated. When I left the house at 6:30 if was already 76* and going to 91*, so I knew I would be in need of fluids. I did my long course which takes me thru the woods and along the golf course, I stopped to refill my bottles at the fitness center and age at the potty house...but the last 3 miles were HOT. I finished up my 15 miles at 8:45 just before the sun really got hot. I have be working on using the shade as much as possible.

After my shower and breakfast, Oldman's homemade banana nut-apricot muffins, I went to Bonita Beach. I had to get my propane tank refilled then over to the beach. The Red Tide, an algae that kills the fish and causes lung irritation in humans, was gone. So I swam at Doc's Beach House for 1:30 minutes. I go into the current for 45 minutes then swim back. Since I was hungry again I ate lunch at Doc's , Philly Cheese Steak and Fries and a pitcher of beer. I spent the rest of the afternoon lazing at home around the pool. I did make a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken and broccoli over pasta in a basil cream sauce with Oldman's homemade bread.

Sunday was my long ride with Tony. Once again I tried to push the fluids to keep well hydrated. We did the Coconut Point ride. There were no dolphins at Coconut Point. On the way back there was quite a headwind which made for an interesting ride. We sprinted several times into the wind doing 1 minute sprints until my legs ached. I couldn't wait to get out of the wind! At the 45 mile mark I went past my house and that was it...I didn't want to go on so I dropped out. In the afternoon I walked 9 holes of golf, I broke 50 (48) but maybe if I played more I would score better. I made a meatloaf for dinner and now have enough leftovers to have for several days!

Weakly Totals

Swim 6,000 yards plus 1:30 open water
Run 32 miles
Bike 120 miles
9 holes of golf (is that really a sport?)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita-less Day with Coffee Drinker & Collie Update

Finally we aren't getting any of Rita's feeder bands of rain. Last nite was a perhaps the last thunderstorm and heavy rain. What a big storm! Rita rains on Naples and New Orleans at the same time!

This morning was my first ride with Tony in 3 weeks. Our schedules didn't mesh. So we did the normal loop around our community for 25 miles. Not much to say, he's still fast out of the corners and I could only get to 27 mph on the straight-a-way due to the headwind (from RITA?).


As we do our second loop Tony is pulling. Our speed is about 21 mph when ahead I see Coffee Drinker! He's at the bend in the road so we can't see the road ahead. Collie is now where to be found! coffee or Collie. How can this be? As we approach , of course not slowing down, he gives us a WIDE berth! Wonder what happened to Collie?

Weakend Plans

So I plan to swim at lunch today. Tonight is a party at the club, but lately I'm on the wagon because I want to be able to get up early. Saturday is a 15 mile run and an afternoon swim at the beach. However we've had red tide so I may be at the pool. Sunday Tony and I are planning a 4 hr ride...what ever that equals in miles. Sunday afternoon I'm playing cow pasture billiards with .... Sunday nite I'm taking my golf partner to dinner downtown.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Product Review Yankz

Boys and girls, I want to tell you about Yankz! I have been using these in my running shoes for a year. They are simple and they work!

Yankz replace your current laces and allow you to slip your shoes on in the transition area or the garage, lock in place and go. No knots to fumble with or tie.

When you first get Yankz it takes 10 minutes or so to get them right. (READ THE DIRECTIONS) I had to fiddle with them until I was comfortable. But once done you don't have to touch them again. I recommend these for tris and everyday use. Out of a possible 5 bikes I give it 5 Bikes!

Today SW Florida is still feeling the effects of Rita. It's overcast, breezy and rain shower, well actually drizzle. So when I left the house for my Tennis Ball run this morning it was cooler than usual and drizzling. I did my 7 mile loop and had a ball.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Brick - in the rain

Today's schedule called for a brick. For those boys an girls just joining us, that is a bike and a run back to back. So the schedule called for a 20 mile bike followed by a three mile run. Since Rita is still hanging around off our coast, there was a slight drizzle when I left the house. It felt nice to have a breeze and the cooler temps this morning even with the high humidity.

The ride was a nice easy spin. I tried to stay in aero position as much as possible and keep the cadence at 90 rpms. My legs felt surprisingly good. I tried to ave 18 mph. As I returned home I thought about practicing taking my feet out of my shoes while riding, but that has never worked for me. So I just unclipped as usual.

I was surprised how good my legs felt for the run. Most of the time I feel a little woggity but today they just felt like a normal run. Since I didn't have my heart rate monitor and GPS on I just timed everything from my landmarks trying to maintain a good pace. The first mile was 9 minutes the second 9:10 and the 3rd 8:45. Not great but I'll work on it.

Once again it's raining and there is some thunder of in the distance so I assume the pool is closed. Maybe I can swim tonight after work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tri-Training Tips

I always struggle with setting my own training goals and since I can't afford a coach I read everything I can find on training.. So when I found this artcle on Resistance Training I knew I wanted to share it with you , boys and girls. This artcle comes from Australian Triathlete Magazine (used by permission).

Resistance Training

By Bruce thomas | Photography by Delly Carr
As you come to the first hill on the bike in the triathlon you are competing in, you dig deep and pass the athlete in front of you. Feeling good, you continue up the hill, giving it everything to get to the top of the rise. As you punish yourself, another rider comes past at a significantly faster pace, appearing to deal with the hill effortlessly. Your initial reaction is to think, “Wow, that person is strong on the bike.” If “strong” is the right word, the question is: How do you get strong? The best way to improve your strength is through overload.

to read the rest of the story click here


Hurricane Rita is not far away. This morning she is suppose to pass over the key then into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We have been getting bans of squalls from Rita. So this morning when I left my house at 6:30 it was 79* and 79% humidity and cloudy. There was an erie silence in the air inspite of the strong breeze. It was the same kind of silence I experienced the morning of Hurricane Charlie.

Today was a run day and on the schedule was an easy seven mile run thru the woods. I'm still recovering from my long run on Sunday, no problems, no pain, just a little tired. So I decided to just maintain an easy 9 min mile pace then the last two mile pick up the pace a little. I stopped at the fitness center at the 5 mile mark to get a drink of water. I started feeling good so the next two miles I did 8:30 and 8 even to finish up my run.

After I showered and dressed and was ready to leave for work the heavens opened up and it started to rain with lightening and thunder. So I guess the lunch time swim is out today. I hope Rita doesn't come to close we still have people living in FEMA housing and others with blue traps on their roofs from Hurricane Charlie.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Report

I got up early Saturday to beat the heat. To my surprise it was not as humid only about 60% relative humidity and 80* with a slight breeze from the east. Perhaps its the Tropical Storm in the Atlantic?

On the schedule was a 14 mile LSD run. I took the double fuel belt and 1 bottle of gel. I started out real slow and planned to walk thru each water stop, approx. every 2 miles.
So the first mile was 9 mins then I increased to 8:30 for the 2nd mile thru the woods and then to 8 mins thereafter. At the 6 mile mark I stopped to refill the water bottles at the fitness center and then was off again for the lonely section where I rarely see anyone (actually it's the famous straight-a-way). At mile 12 I stopped at one of the potty houses on the golf course to refill the water bottles and I took some gel. The last 2 miles I did at a 7:30 pace, so all in all it was a pretty good run!

In the afternoon I went to the beach for a swim, but ugh RED TIDE! It was horrible on the beach with dead fish and the smell. So no swim at the beach! Sunday was the LSD Bike ride alone! I did the Florida Gulf Coast University loop which allows me to stop at the pool at the 20 mile mark to refill my water bottles, only to find it closed! So I had to stop at the tennis courts for water which was hot! Only the way home I stopped at MickieD's for a cold coke and some water. It was a rather uneventful 50 mile ride. Sunday afternoon I went my community pool which is not the best for laps but I swam anyway. I did balance drills, 3x50 zipper drill, 4x50 underswitch and 2x100, 3x100 4x100 3x100 2x100.


Swim 7,750 yards
Bike 125 miles
Run 28 miles


I'm looking for balance in my training. I don;t want to favor any one discipline but I would like to concentrate on one each week or month. So I'm looking into that. Maybe I need a coach?

I'm also looking at doing the Boca Bop Tri in November if my docs will approve. Although I feel fine so I might just do it.