Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wiley Coyote Eats Cat

We have been having a problem with coyotes. Recently a man near my home while walking his Shits-on-you dog (no not Collie and Coffee Drinker) was attacked by Wiley Coyote. Wiley Coyote it seems, thought the Shits-on-you was a snack on a string. The man beat off the coyote with his cane (read the story here).

In the video above the poor kitty, Caesar, had an uncaring owner who left Caesar out all night only to wander into Wiley Coyote.

The moral of the story, Wiley Coyote is hungry and is moving into populated areas. Don't leave your animals out or they will be lunch orin Caesar's case, a midnight snack!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From Survivor Back to Patient

Well I was cancer free for 7 months, not as long as the last time, 2 years, but it seems that I have a "green thumb" and can really grow tumors. This time it was only 7 months after being declared cancer free by my docs and 3 months from my last melanoma body scan check up.

I noticed on my calendar at home that it has been 4 years since my first cancer and lymphoma surgery. So I guess it has worked out better than it has for a friend I met, he lasted 8 months after his melanoma diagnosis and pasted away. I find it hard to say he "died", but like saying "I have cancer" I guess it gets easier..... have you noticed if you say you have breast cancer you get all kinds of support but skin cancer well that's no big deal hey it's only skin caner. Only melanoma is the fastest growing cancer.

I have changed my banner...did you notice.

The problem I'm having is a pain in my..... back. One of the biopsies was rather deep and IT HURTS! Well no matter, it is going to hurt more as I have to schedule wide excisions of both sites... they take out more tissue in the size of a large biscuit to examine how far the cancer has spread, how deep the tumor is/was and then proceed to the next step. The kids are coming to visit for the month of August, so I guess they can get me to and from the surgery and tend my dressings.

On the training front, I had an OK run this morning. Just a few miles in the humid heat. It just finished raining as I left for my run. I did get some pool time in yesterday with a fairly good bike so I guess an OK run is well OK.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Two More Lesions

J's Birthday Flowers

This week I have been in somewhat of a funk. Even though last Saturday and Sunday I had big riding days. In fact I was second in the sprint on Saturday with the Bad Ass Coffee Cycling Team. My total mileage for Friday thru Monday was 170 miles total.

Wednesday was J's birthday and not wanting any bad news for her birthday I had to go to the doctors. So guess what, he had to take off two more lesions. These were on my back which is much better than the last one in Oct 07 which were on my arm. So now it is a another wait to see what the path report says. the doc talked about the new cocktail, CDV plus interferon and interleukin. I understand you are sick as a dog with flu like symptoms for a year. I don't think I want to do that.

The week update date:

  • Bike: 175 miles
  • Run 14 miles
  • Swim 3 hours
Saturday Tony and his wife went with J an I to Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse for dinner. A lot of money for an OK meal with poor service.

Sunday after the ride I felt AWFUL. I can't begin to tell you how sick and tired I felt. When I got up today I hoped that I would feel better but...alas is not so. I rode with Tony this morning. I asked to ride slow but .... it was suppose to be 20ish but ended up at 24ish with a big sprint at the finish. So now I'm really tired.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost Jailed

My cycling buddy, Tony the Brit or Tony26 as the Bad Assers call him because even when the set speed is 22 to 23 he pulls at 26.... well we are riding our usual 26 mile weekday route. The route, 26 miles long, is along a newly opened road with, for the most part, good road surface and a bike lane until we turn to go thru Burrito Springs. Just a few side roads then down Terry Street, a four lane road without a bike lane, turn left at the traffic light and to rejoin the newly opened road with a bike lane. The only problem is we have to get over into the left lane then the turning lane to turn left at the traffic light.

Now Burrito Spring is just as it sounds, old Florida rednecks and those still wet from crossing the river....not to say that they don't have green cards, drivers licenses or even insurance on their cars which they don't and that's the Rednecks. As we get to the left some one scares the be jeepers out of us by honking their horn...not once, not twice, not thrice but over and over and over again!

Now an occasional horn doesn't bother me, being from the Northeast, but I was pulling at 22 mph with Tony26 on my wheel in the left lane of a REDNECK-MEXICAN Road. Kinda makes you nervous and waiting for the gunshot.

It appears that the person behind us in a lime green VW Bug wants to get past us to make the approaching traffic light before it turns red. We move left, the car squeezes by us on the right, beeping only to have the light turn red so the lime green VW Bug has to stop at the light as we roll to a stop in the lane next to it.

Now Tony26 is a calm rational Brit just recently allow to become a US Citizen - not that I had anything to say about it. All of the sudden he starts banging on the window and yelling at the woman driver "You almost caused an accident by hooting at us (yes he said hooting!)"She rolls down her window and starts yelling back.... "You don't belong in the left lane! Stay right or on the sidewalk!"

I of course am calm cool and collected yell back at her "We have as much right on the road as you...." With that I see a Lee County Sheriff's car turn on it's red lights and cross over 2 lanes of traffic pulling in front of the lime green VW Bug. The officer gets ot of the car and says to Tony26 and me "GET AWAY FROM THE CAR AND GET OVER HERE!" With that Tony26 start yelling a the officer! and yelling and yelling....finally the officer says as loud as he could '"STOP YELLING!"

TONY26 calms down and calmly tells his story to which the offier says ... "OK, you can go". He then takes his ticket book and walks to the lime green VW Bug. The last thing we here as the light changes to green for us to turns is the officer asking the woman...."May I see your driver's license and registration?"

I thought for sure we were going to jail......

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

July 4th Ride Pic

Here is the Bad Ass Flatlanders Cycling Team at Ava Maria, FL the halfway point of the 80 mile ride know as Drop the Brit Ride.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What's Happening.....

Here's quick update on What's Happ'n Now!

  • Rode Saturday with Bad Ass cycling group --- +/- 20 riders who meet at Bad Ass Coffee in Estero. Good ride of 40 miles got dropped on the Sprint- hey 31 is to fast.
  • Rode Sunday with BA --- well the first 20 miles then rode alone in aero as much as possible finished with 56 on the meter.
  • Rode Monday with Tony - btw he has new Zipp 404's - a little tired, well a lot tired but got 25 miles in with an ave of 21 mph.
  • Ran Tuesday -today - ran 8 miles and plan on swimming for an hour later tonight.
  • Ride 25 tomorrow and play company golf with a client.
  • Run and Swim on Thursday
  • Ride the "Drop the Brit Ride" or 80 mile Ava Maria Ride for the 4th

On the health front:

  • no new melanoma since my surgery last Oct 2007
  • Declared cancer free by oncologist in Dec 2007
  • Brain tumor declared - "the thing in your brain" by Brain Surgeon in Jan 2008 (meaning he doesn't know what it is or he doesn't know what to do or he's just crazy.