Monday, June 16, 2008

One More time

OK... so I've been away for a while! Well a long time. It's a long story. Added to the fact I helped a friend develop a blog and it got mixed up with mine... no I didn't run for office in Bonita Springs...

Coffee Drinker and Collie are no where to be found.... I haven't seen them in a year!

But I've added a few new people that I'll write about:

The Scarecrow - a lady who has had to much plastic surgery and now hides her face when peolpe run/walk.cycle past her. She takes her Shitzonyou for rides in the car and/or golf cart.

The Pajama Girl - walks two large dogs most mornings with her hair wet and pajama's

Salesman - walks his Shitzonyou and carries a golf club to fend of Coyotes - yes we are having a major problem with Coyotes. They think small dogs are a snack on a string.