Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Collie's Evil Cousin

Well boys and girls you all know about Coffee Drinker and Collie that reside on Tony's street and how I try to get Collie to spill Coffee Drinkers coffee? Well meet Collie's evil cousin, Border Collie. That's right a new challenge! Today as I was just finishing my 15 mile ride, I turned into my street when what should I see but three ladies walking in the road (no sidewalks). One of the ladies had a Border Collie on a long leash. When Border Collie looked a me I could tell it was on! He was in front of Border Collie Lady (BCL) but then as I approached he moved to behind her and then as I passed he wrapped his leash around BCL causing her to yell "Damn it"! Was me or what....

Today at the pool I tried did a ladder then spent alot of time doing my balance drills. I'm curious as to how you spend your pool time. How much time do you just lap swim? Drill? Do you use a pull bouy or kickboard? Fins anyone? Tomorrow I plan to work on bilateral breathing.

It is so hot now I have to run on the dreadmill at the fitness center...7 miles ugh!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Weakend Update

It seems I still have the knack for getting people pissed off. If you haven't read the last posts comments you see I had some response to my posts.

This past weak I've been concentrating on swim and bike although run is perhaps my weakest spot. I've been trying to swim every day including going to the beach for an open water swim. I had forgotten how much fun those "rollers" can be when you go to take a breath.

Tony and I did our Sunday ride to Coconut Point which included a brief 5 mile side trip to see the progress on the new mall. Hopefully next weakend we can do around Estero Island. As we were talking, riding side by side, going about 17 mph, two cyclists over took us. Of course we can't allow that and caught up with them, one had a Giant with a kickstand and the other a Trek. It was good to find some other Sunday riders. It will not happen again guys.

So here are this past weaks totals:

Swim 12,000 yards + 1 ow swim
Bike 150 miles
Run 24 miles

This morning I rode 30 miles and hope to get to the pool before the rain comes.... we have been having a lot of rain of late like many parts of the country.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Bike Shop Visit

OK boys and girls another lesson in how not to run a business. As you might remember I like to visit bikes shops look at the bikes and who knows I might buy something. You do remember my lunch time visit to a bike shop while living in PA?

I had noticed Roo needed new brakes. After 3 months of hills in PA Roo's brake pads we severely worn and in nee of replacement. Since I had to make several stops in and around Bontia Springs I thought I would stop at the Naples Cyclery then swing over to Doc's Beach House for a lunch time swim and a brief snack.

Upon arrival I noticed there were two employees in the shop. A high school age boy (hsab) and a bike mechanic. The hsab asked if he could help me and I said I need brake pads and gave him a sample one that I had taken off of Roo's front wheel. He quickly found a matching set and said that will be $24 I'll ring you up at the register. I guess he assumed that was all I wanted, needed or had to have... Feeling I was getting the bum's rush to get out of the shop I said to the mechanic who was working on a nice looking Felt Tri bike "Oh you sell Felts?" "Naaa" said the mechanic "just in for service". "Oh what do you sell?" me... "Giants" hsab interjects... (by the way they are Specialized dealers and have a nice selection on road bikes in the shop.) "Giant road bikes?" me. "Yea they're a little stiff for a road bike I don't really like them." hsab.

Well realizing the mechanic was a man of few words I thought I try another approach to get him to loosen up. "I'm looking for a group ride in the area do you sponsor any for your shop?" "Nope, to much traffic around here" hsab. Me "My buddy and I come by here every Sunday morning on our around Estero Island ride of 60 miles. There are no organized rides in this area?" (BTW there are a few roadies in the area that parktheir cars in parking lot behind the Naples Cyclery to ride Vanderbuild Beach Road then on the Gordon Drive and back) "Nope, but our shop down in Naples has some on Thursday evenings I think, that will be $25.44" I could tell they wanted me to get out of their shop so they could go back to.... telling jokes or playing cards or dealing drugs... "Well how about if I get a group together to go from here would you like to sponsor a group ride?" "Nope"

OK I know I should have driven the extra 5 miles to my LBS, Clint's and I shouldn't expect friendly customer service, nor should I expect a bike shop to want to sponsor rides for it's customers. So that's how to run a business today.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Coffee Drinker and Collie Update

OK now that I have your attention. I've been trying to get back into some kind of normal routine here in Florida. The medical opinion is in-operable means in-operable so no gama knife, surgery or radiation. My left eye might clear if I'm good, if not I'll be a one eyed triathlete (hey maybe I'll change my blog title to One-Eyed Oldman) So learn to deal with it and get use to dizzy. For those that asked no I haven't seen Tony since I returned. He has been in Buenos Aires for 3 weeks but we plan to ride Friday morning.

My Chilean neighbor, not having seen me in 3 months, greeted me by saying "You look like you've gain some weight in you tummy!". So, I've been riding in the mornings 25 miles M-W-F and 15 miles on T-Th then at lunch time I ride my bike to the pool and swimming 3,500 yards and in the evenings I run M-W-F 5 miles and T-Th 7 miles on a dreadmill , in the evening due to the thunderstorms (we get a storm everyday around 5 pm in the summer months). Saturday I think I'll go to the beach, Doc's Beach House, in the morning to do a long ow swim and then run hopefully 12 miles. Sunday will be around the island with Tony for 60 miles.

This morning on my mornings bike I saw them, yup Coffee Drinker and Collie. Not a kind word or glance was exchanged between us. No I think that dog really likes to get his master mad at me, I can see it in his eyes. Collie's leash was attached to a tree and Coffee Drinker was washing some metal bar stools. I could just tell Collie wanted to get free and spill the coffee...he tried to get one of the stools to fall over but Coffee Drinker was there to catch it. Hey did I do that? Kewl!

OK now back to looking for a job.... any one need an old broken down triathlete to work for them?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Home Again

Well boys and girls, Philly just didn't work for me! So as of last Friday I resigned my Philly job and arranged to move back to sunny hot Florida. My house didn't sell so I still have a home. I arrived here on Tuesday so I have been unpacking and getting my house back in order. I can't tell you how much I missed this tropical paradise and it was reflected in my training. This morning I did 25 miles on my bike and I swam at lunch time. So it's back to normal.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Update, Thots, & Personal

The Weakly Update

I know now that many of you just want to know what my stats were for the weak. So I’ll start there for a change.

Swim – 4,000 yards

Bike – 110 miles

Run – 28 miles

OK? I know it was not a good weak for me. I had to change my long run with my long bike due to rain. Does it always rain in PA? I feel like I’m about to rust. My long run has consisted of running the nature trail and paths around Haverford College. The nature trail is about 2.5 miles, so I did it 5 times and added a little to get my 14 miles. I’m old and slow so it was not a very fast paced run. Sunday it wasn’t raining but it was cloudy looking like rain and the roads were damp. However, I got my long ride in of 60 miles. It is quite boring here not having someone to ride with but then IM training is boring.

This morning was a run day. I just did a recovery run of 5 miles. My legs felt a little sore today so my rule is to listen to my body and take it easy…so watching my heart rate I tried to just keep it easy. Today is an easy swim at lunch as well.

A Thot

My apartment windows look out to Haverford School field (not the college but I think a private high school). I see all kinds of sports practiced on the field, soccer, baseball, some football and a few joggers. Yesterday I watch a father and son practice punting and place kicking a football. I was reminded of a story told to me by someone who grew up in the same neighborhood as Mike Schmidt of Phillies baseball fame. He related to me how every weekend and particularly on Sundays Mike and his father would practice hitting, fielding and baseball basics. Sundays from early in the morning to late afternoon they would practice. That’s what it takes to be great in a sport. Commitment to train.

As I watched the father and son practice, I thought about my sport, Triathlon. Why wasn’t I out there working on my sport? I have read, as you have, of the good to great triathletes training schedules. They usually are twice a day to sometimes 3 a day workouts. Long boring runs, rides, and swims. Now allowing for the fact that I work for a living and I’m getting “over-the-hill”, I questioned my commitment to train. Could I spend an entire Sunday training? Would I be willing to give up a Saturday do put in a long, long swim?

So I’d be interested in hearing from you. What is your commitment to train? Do you do anything above and beyond the basic base building? What is going to make you stand out in your next A race?


As some of you know I moved here to the Philly area to get better healthcare. My brain surgeon has referred me to a neurosurgeon who specializes in gamma knife removal of brain tumors and the treatment of gilomas. The concern of course is leaving me with a frontal lobotomy and smiling a lot. But the hope is that I can get relief from my dizzy spells and headaches. Perhaps the tumor is still in operable and maybe that's why I can't sell my house in Florida because God wants to die in Florida rather than Philly. So, next week I see the new doc and start a new series of test. Along with all of that I see a new oncologist next week as well so no telling what he will "mix-up" for me. Since I haven't had the commitment to qualify for Ironman Kona I'm revising my banner to training for Ironman...you know lower your sights.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I was walking by a local sports store on my way back to my office from a lunchtime swim. They were having a sidewalk sale. Not really needing a side walk I looked at the tables when LO and BEHOLD a pair of Speedo Vanquishers normally priced $12.99 for 50% off! Remembering de Bold's statements about dem I couldn't resist.

Also bought a Camelbak Hydrobak 50 oz for $14.00 normally $34.95 plus a Phillies hat for $2.00.

It's Finally Friday!

Today it was cloudy and overcast with the weatherman threatening to allow it to rain. How could he do that on my ride day? Alas I decided to run instead. Isn't it nice to have options in life?

I have found this "nature trail" that circumnavigates Haverford College. My guess is it's about 3 miles but the best part it is a quiet woodland in a city of noise. I find it very refreshing to "run thru the woods" even if it is in a city. Above is a pic of a meadow and a lake in the distance.

On my second loop I developed a slight hip pain. I keep telling myself that this is just a reminder of the pain to come when I do longer runs.

This weakend the plans are tonight I'm meeting my old friend Jailbird and his wife (he's 39 she's 29) for drinks at Flat Rock Saloon in Manayunk near the famous Manayunk Wall of the Philly Pro Cycling Race fame. He's the Jailbird because he was one of the first people arrested at the old Vet Stadium during an Eagles football game when Philly instituted court at the Vet. You know they have a Judge at the stadium and he sentences you right there. Well Jailbird was one of the first arrested and sent to jail overnight to sober up.

Saturday I'll work off the beer by doing a brick that consists of a 75 mile bike and a 10 mile run on Saturday. Sunday I hope to swim either at the Y or I'm looking for someplace to do some open water swimming, a lake, pond or something!

Here is a pic at the trails end....