Monday, June 05, 2006

Update, Thots, & Personal

The Weakly Update

I know now that many of you just want to know what my stats were for the weak. So I’ll start there for a change.

Swim – 4,000 yards

Bike – 110 miles

Run – 28 miles

OK? I know it was not a good weak for me. I had to change my long run with my long bike due to rain. Does it always rain in PA? I feel like I’m about to rust. My long run has consisted of running the nature trail and paths around Haverford College. The nature trail is about 2.5 miles, so I did it 5 times and added a little to get my 14 miles. I’m old and slow so it was not a very fast paced run. Sunday it wasn’t raining but it was cloudy looking like rain and the roads were damp. However, I got my long ride in of 60 miles. It is quite boring here not having someone to ride with but then IM training is boring.

This morning was a run day. I just did a recovery run of 5 miles. My legs felt a little sore today so my rule is to listen to my body and take it easy…so watching my heart rate I tried to just keep it easy. Today is an easy swim at lunch as well.

A Thot

My apartment windows look out to Haverford School field (not the college but I think a private high school). I see all kinds of sports practiced on the field, soccer, baseball, some football and a few joggers. Yesterday I watch a father and son practice punting and place kicking a football. I was reminded of a story told to me by someone who grew up in the same neighborhood as Mike Schmidt of Phillies baseball fame. He related to me how every weekend and particularly on Sundays Mike and his father would practice hitting, fielding and baseball basics. Sundays from early in the morning to late afternoon they would practice. That’s what it takes to be great in a sport. Commitment to train.

As I watched the father and son practice, I thought about my sport, Triathlon. Why wasn’t I out there working on my sport? I have read, as you have, of the good to great triathletes training schedules. They usually are twice a day to sometimes 3 a day workouts. Long boring runs, rides, and swims. Now allowing for the fact that I work for a living and I’m getting “over-the-hill”, I questioned my commitment to train. Could I spend an entire Sunday training? Would I be willing to give up a Saturday do put in a long, long swim?

So I’d be interested in hearing from you. What is your commitment to train? Do you do anything above and beyond the basic base building? What is going to make you stand out in your next A race?


As some of you know I moved here to the Philly area to get better healthcare. My brain surgeon has referred me to a neurosurgeon who specializes in gamma knife removal of brain tumors and the treatment of gilomas. The concern of course is leaving me with a frontal lobotomy and smiling a lot. But the hope is that I can get relief from my dizzy spells and headaches. Perhaps the tumor is still in operable and maybe that's why I can't sell my house in Florida because God wants to die in Florida rather than Philly. So, next week I see the new doc and start a new series of test. Along with all of that I see a new oncologist next week as well so no telling what he will "mix-up" for me. Since I haven't had the commitment to qualify for Ironman Kona I'm revising my banner to training for know lower your sights.


TriFeist said...

Actually, I didn't know about the health care thing. I hope the new surgeon and oncologist can help.

As for commitment, I've made a commitment to move beyond training to finish into training to compete. This season may not make me competitive but the goal is to move up the ranks. It requires a lot more training than I imagined but I'm ready.

'Zilla said...

Best of luck with the docs! I really hope you get the answers you need.

In my committment to train, I strive to push myself a little harder each time. If the plan says bike 15, I usually go 15.5, etc, etc. Right now, I'm still racing to finish, but soon I hope to lose a few pounds and become more competitive with that clock. :)

Bolder said...

i consider myself fortunate, in some ways now, because my only commitment is to train.

i have no other responsibilities outside of 40 hours of work a week...

gotta think Philly has some great docs -- keep workin' the system until you get the right answer.

Cliff said...

Old man,

I hope your new surgeon knows what to do to get rid of the headache and dizziness. I will keep that in my prayer.

As for commitment to train. It is a mix. I love going for long rides and runs. Sometimes they might not be as 'fun' when i have the training mentality (ok i have to keep my HR above this for so long etc.)

To be honest, you really need to do one long run, one long swim and one long bike. The rest is just a mix. Of course, I try not ot use this as a reason for me to slack off. This becomes very fine line. There are days when I back off when my body need the rest. And the days when I have to push through it b/c my laziness is the reason for not training.

At the end, it all comes back to the joy of training. Just going there for a run, a bike, the swim. Work on the stroke, the satisfaction of improvement.

NoPoGirl said...

I am SOOOOO crossing my fingers for you!

My commitment to train...always finding new challenges for myself, whether that's a different distance, a different event or even a different sport. Also, friends are a big part of my commitment. I am pretty sure I would be a fat slob without friends to push me and encourage me. And, finally, it's about feeling good about myself and accomplishing goals. I know if I can do something as hard as a Half Ironman, I can totally deal with stupid issues that come up at work.

Good luck with everything Oldman!

Deene said...

i hope the new doctors are able to help you. good thoughts to you.

commitment - to stay active and mixed well that if i decide to to a half-marathon on a whim i won't have any troubles.

LouBob said...

You challenge me with what you're going through. You keep trying and don't give up like most people I know. All the best to you, we'll be praying!

Comm's said...

you weaks still make me laugh and bring me to your sight every day. its funny how we read each others stuff that sometimes has nothing to do with numbers then BAM, this little blurb goes up and you read the results of the training.

You are hardcore in my book. i think if you look at your totals and think about it you did more in the week than that father and son probably did put together.

I would love to do 2xdays and mistress wouldn't mind but I miss my kid if I don't get home to put him to bed, truth be told.

Barkernews said...


I stressing for you... so now you don't have to stress about the health-care thing. Geez.

Your committment to training is truly more core than anyone else I train with.

Dave Herrington said...

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Bridget said...

I hope the doctors can find a good solution for your tumor so that these dizzy spills can go away.

I have made a committment to train that involves sacrificing somethings like late night dinners with friends, and sleeping in on the weekends. However, what I am not willing to sacrifice is quality time with my family, especially my kids. I know an easy day shouldn't be spent hiking around a hilly zoo for 6 hours, but I will do that is that is what they want. In the end, I want to be an ironman and a good mother/wife. I would sacrifice ironman before my family. I do my very best to find a balance between the two, although I don't aways succeed.

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