Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Collie's Evil Cousin

Well boys and girls you all know about Coffee Drinker and Collie that reside on Tony's street and how I try to get Collie to spill Coffee Drinkers coffee? Well meet Collie's evil cousin, Border Collie. That's right a new challenge! Today as I was just finishing my 15 mile ride, I turned into my street when what should I see but three ladies walking in the road (no sidewalks). One of the ladies had a Border Collie on a long leash. When Border Collie looked a me I could tell it was on! He was in front of Border Collie Lady (BCL) but then as I approached he moved to behind her and then as I passed he wrapped his leash around BCL causing her to yell "Damn it"! Was me or what....

Today at the pool I tried did a ladder then spent alot of time doing my balance drills. I'm curious as to how you spend your pool time. How much time do you just lap swim? Drill? Do you use a pull bouy or kickboard? Fins anyone? Tomorrow I plan to work on bilateral breathing.

It is so hot now I have to run on the dreadmill at the fitness center...7 miles ugh!


Fe-lady said...

I hate collies. They are mean and stupid...I have a good friend of 20 years and I can't even go over to her house anymore as her collie would eat me!
Pool time...warm up for 500
clear goggles- do another 500 (boring, I know, but it takes me this long to get into it!)
300 kickboard (with zoomer fins-they are fun!) 100 kick and dolphin on back (watch your head as you approach the wall, keep your arms stretched over your head!) 100 kicks without fins (am I even moving???)
300-400 with paddles and then a couple 100 sprints if the water is cool enough to allow it. (It was 85* today, so sprints, weren't!)
Thats how I keep myself sane and moving in the water! Have fun!

Comm's said...

I'm bad. I haven't done a swim drill in months. In open water swims its all LD and if I get to the pool I just crank out a 1,000 yards or a mile.

Cliff said...

With swimming.

Lately i haven't done too many drills. Just been working on the volume and open water swim.

When I do volume in an indoor pool, I do focus on my techqniue. Not any drills in particular.

Usually what i do is something like this. Let say I swim 40 laps (2 km).

10 laps, work on high elbow (especially the left elbow)
10 laps, push the water to my leg, make sure the hand hit my leg
10 laps, make sure the hand doesn't cross over when i take a breathe
10 laps, a mix of the above and practice sighting.

I use the pull buoy more often now when I run more and bike more (give my leg some rest).

There are a few things I can check as well. Shoulder roll, tilting side to side. And reduce scissor kick.

Bolder said...

i heard that border collies hang out at Naples Cyclery.

lately, i've only swam either races or masters -- no laps for months...

it's all about the bike.

april anne said...

Happy 4th of July! Take Care!

xanthus said...
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Gef said...
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tri-mama said...

so you are the one attracting all the annoying ad comments-thanks for taking the heat :) I do a combo of laps, usually alternating 300 free, 300 pull with bilateral breathing, 300 five stroke breathing or it's just open water swim. Happy dreading- cool weather is coming

triple hit baseball fisher-price said...
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triumph bikes said...
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Bolder said...

thinking of you.

triple play triple-play said...
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Flatman said...

Wow...long time... I didn't even know you had moved back to Fl.! Welcome home and I hope you are feeling well.

esusetain said...
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aidin said...
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soccerdad said...

come back oldman! let us know you're ok, at least...

Shelley said...

It's Aug 11th and I have been having many thoughts about you recently. Hope everthing is fine, please let us know how you are doing!!

Barkernews said...

Where are you?
Everything OK?
We miss you.

TriFeist said...

Calling Oldman! Come in Oldman! Don't make me start searching the newspapers.

Flatman said...


nancytoby said...

Checking in to see how you're doing - everything OK with you??? Wishing you well....

lpwv0f55ewce said...
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fe2zvd12 said...
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