Thursday, December 18, 2008

Most of the Stitches ....

well not all the stitches came out just some of the stitches. I now have a large adhesive bandage to keep the incision site closed plus a few stitches. The doc says I can't exercise until Monday when hopefully the rest of the stitches come out.

today was a run day but shortened to 3 miles as I have the appointment with the doc.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stitches Come Out ....

My stitches come out on Thursday morning....and I can't wait. My Surgeon says I can start to exercise again! Plus they itch! UGH!

Here is a quick hit on the weak in review:

  • Monday - run day 4 miles
  • Tuesday - run day 6 miles
  • Wednesday - bike 25 miles
  • Thursday - Run 6 miles
  • Friday - Bike 25 miles
  • Saturday - Run - stood in garage and watched the rain
  • Sunday - Bike 42 miles
  • Run 16 miles
  • Bike 92 miles
  • Swim NADA
  • Waits NADA

No swimming or waits due to stitches. I can't wait for the Doc to give me clearance to start exercising again!

ON another note, I'm signing up for the Naples Half Marathon, Jan 18, 2009. It is one of my favorite races and you get to see how the poor people live in Naples - homes started at $5 mil! Who's in? Plus great pasta party the nite before!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Federal Bail Out Program Application

Click to Enlarge
As the Big 3 go to Washington today, here is the Application for the Federal Bail Out Program via Carpe Diem, just in case you don't get yours in the mail. My Home Watch business is applying for $10 bill. I think that's enough to get us thru December.

Surgery Today

Not my tumor - but this is what they look like

Today was the day for my wide excision surgery on my latest tumor. This one was on the small of my back or lower lumbar. The first surgery removed some of the tumor two weeks ago but the surgeon did not remove all the "bad" cells...or so the pathologist said in his report. So today was another surgery to remove more of me. About the size of a Popeye Biscuit.

Dr. Lipnick - my surgeon

After the surgery Dr. Lipnick told me no strenuous exercise like golf that involves twisting or straining the lower back. Of course I told him I run, bike and swim. He said running and biking is OK! Hey that's good.No swimming, hey that's bad.

So, I'm back at work - just a little sore. Next stop the Oncologist after we get the next pathologist report in TWO WEEKS - why so long?

So I ran 2 quick miles this morning before surgery - no swimming for at least 2 weeks! ugh. But the Naples Half Marathon is coming in January so let's concentrate on that race!

Monday, December 01, 2008

St. Anthony's

Today the registration opened for St. Anthony's Triathlon. Tony and I agreed train together and do the race. So today was the day that the registration opened! It took trying all morning until finally! finally! At 12:30 I got to register, finally. HEY I'M IN FOR ST. ANTHONY'S! It's an Olympic distance race... 1.5 k swim, 40 k bike and a 10 k run. (that's 0.932 mile swim, 24.85 miles bike and 6.21 miles run for those metrically challenged).

But hey I'm in and I'm excited....until Tony calls to tell me that he decided NOT TO DO THE RACE! ugh!

O well I'm in! Who else is with me? Who's in?

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

It was a cold morning for the 13th Annual Gobble Gobble 4 Miler - Turkey Trot, 52*! But the Bad Ass Flatlanders rode the 20 miles down to the Venetian Village in Naples do the race then ride back. I on the other hand chose to take the car!

Here are some of the gang before the race!

After the race was the usual bagels but also Pumpkin Pie!