Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Livestrong Army Video

Here is a video I thot everyone would like to see.


OK I know it has been a long time away again. I can tell your from personal experience that Melanoma is no fun! I think it affects every aspect of your life specially your head! But then having a brain tumor I have an excuse! I am weekly checking my body for another tumor and have a few "spots" I'm watching even though my doc says they are nothing to worry about. I see my dermatologist next month so we shall see.... but no surgery until after St. Anthony's Tri April 26.

I've been training but not as regular as I should. I seem to get to a certain point then have another surgery and fall back. So now that I have been CANCER FREE for 3 MONTHS I am going to get on track. (Also I am just getting to the end of the medical bills). I've been swimming trying to get back into a training groove.

I've registered for the Naples Fitness Challenge and will be doing the Beach Bum 5k this weakend. I'm looking at doing the 8 race series Publix Family Fitness Triathlon Series but maybe I need a sponsor.

The weak in review

Mon - Wed - Fri = 25 mile morning bike ave speed 20.1
Tues - Thurs = 6 mile run ave pace - slow
Thurs = 30 min swim
Sat = golf
Sun = 45 mile bike with Badass Flatlanders (got dropped of course)