Monday, June 08, 2009

The Curse of Ziegfried the Tumbless

OK I know I did the race. I crossed the finishing line. I didn't dream this or imagine it. However no results posted on the Naples Fitness Challenge Website for me. You see I suffer from the Curse of Ziegfried the Thumbless.

Ziegfried was a Viking who offended the King and thus was cursed by said King, sentenced to have his thumbs cut off. Do you know how hard it is to work with out thumbs? Thumbs are used for almost everyting we do. Test this by trying to pick up a cup of coffee without your thumb.

Now this curse was passed down the family line via my father's family (my mothers family are American indian). It affects everything in life such as when you buy something a part missing or broken, the new car will be a lemon, and usually whatever it is it will break at the WRONG time! If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have luck.

So that brings us to the email from the Naples Fitness Challenge Race Director, Linda Gregory:

Thank you very much for participating in The 23rd Annual Fitness Challenge Triathlon.

I hope you had a great time.

We did have some timing issue with one wire on the transition area being cut by biking shoes and the finish timing device being unplugged accidental on the beach by spectators.

So some athletes will not have finish time listed. The FINISH TIME AFFECTED were from 1 hour 23 minutes to 1 hour 32 minutes this can be fixed and we can get your time listed in our final results. Thank you for your patience.

O well there it is again, The Curse of Ziegfreid the Thumbless

Friday, June 05, 2009

Naples Fitness Challenge

This Sunday bright and early is the Naples Fitness Challenge. I went today at lunch with my friend Jack to pick up my race packet. To my surprise there was a water bottle along with a tee- shirt. Who would have thot that would be in the packet (OK I'll wear the shirt once or twice but trash the water bottle).

So this is the first time in along time that I haven't been recovering from surgery or on some kind of doctor's restriction so hopefully I'll do well! I've been doing open water swimming with Jack, who is training for Ironman Kona (yes I'm jealous) so my weakest sport has become strong I hope!

Update on Monday with pics.