Monday, October 26, 2009

H2Audio Waterproof case for iPod Shuffle

I bought one of these....Well it was for the 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle. This picture is for the 3rd Generation iPod Shuffle. Since I get bored swimming laps or in the gulf swimming buoys I thought this might help. It is from a company called H2O Audio that make all kinds of waterproof cases for iPods including a case for the iPod for scuba divers..... why would you need to answer the phone at 100ft below the surface? I'm just saying...

H2O Audio are really nice people. I tried several times to order the case online but couldn't get their site to work. After calling their order line I had a great guy (can't rememebr his name but I think it was Phil) helped me and solve the shipping and it was here in just a few days.

I used it last Thursday for the first time and again today and I must say it is great! Why did I do this sooner? Now I can listen to Louis Armstrong, Dean MArtin, and Queen while sewimming.