Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Moving - House For Sale

Ok it is finally settled. After two and a half months of negation, my saying no three times and now a second visit there, I have accepted a new position in Filthydelphia. Yes I'm crazy to leave sunny Florida weather where I can train outside year round. I will not be able to have lunch time swims in the Gulf of Mexico nor will I have my weekly Saturday swims at the beach followed by a beer at Doc's Beach House. But I will have new friends to train with along the Schuylkill Bike Path. The job is a great opportunity for me and they offered me Partnership immediately along with a wonderful 2 year contract. I'll be doing much of what I currently do just getting paid a lot more money.

These past weakend has been showing my house to potential buyers. I've have 12 people come thru after sending out a broadcast email to my community telling them that my house was for sale. Yes, I'm selling it without a realtor. I currently have 2 people interested and should know by the end of the weak.

I was able to get my long run in on Saturday and Tony and I did around the Island on Sunday for 54 miles. So here's the weakly totals:

Bike -129 miles
Run - 29 miles
Swim - 6,000 yards

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

He's Alive!!!!!!

Just a quick note to say I'm alive! Yes I survived my visit to Philadelphia. But I never want to see a Security and Exchange Commission Examiner again! Ugh. Above is a picture from my room in beautiful Conshohocken Pa. The Firm I worked for has offered me an outstanding job. So part of my visit has been evaluating if I want to move to the Philly area.

Training wise last week we will count as a rest week. I left home at 5:00 am only to arrived Saturday in Philly and drive straight to the office (picture above) and worked on the preparation of the examination until late in the evening. So no workout. Sunday I ran 7 miles along a portion of the Schuykill River Bike Trail. It runs from Philly to Valley Forge, 24 miles. It was cold cold cold. 29* and you know how I feel about the cold weather! I did have roadies pass me along the way and I was constantly amazed by the about of people biking the path. The rest of the day was looking at houses. Why is it I can't find a simple 3 bedroom, den with a fireplace and a deck home? Everything they showed me in my price range was a huge "executive home" with 4 bedrooms den, office, etc. Some of the master bedrooms had there own sitting rooms. I don't need huge for just me.

It was all down hill after Sunday. I worked and worked .... I did have dinner with a good friend on Monday and my youngest son Josh on Wednesday night. He is now home for good from Iraq and is now looking for a job in the computer industry. But no training. Friday I flew home exhausted and got in late.

Saturday I was tempted to sleep in but I got up at 8 am and did a 25 mile ride. I went to sunset and dinner with Tony and his wife.

The Sunday was the every popular around Estero Island ride with Tony. We added a few more miles to get it to 60 miles. It was a brutal ride into the wind much of the way. I was ready to get off my bike at the end.


Bike 85 miles
Run 7 miles
Swim Nada miles

Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday's Random Thots

Here is just a few ramdom thots to bring you up to speed on whatz happening:

Tony left for England on Wed to visit his Father for a week.... so I rode along this morning and felt pretty good for the first 21 miles...then I had no one to put the hammer down for the last 4 miles.

I got my suitcase down for my trip to Philly tomorrow. Gota pack tonight. I don't own warm clothing I have more shorts that long pants and only one suit.

I'm working Satuday and Sunday in Philly then meet the Security and Exchange Commission Examiners on Monday morning bright and early.

Did I mention that it is 76* and sunny here and 34* windy and cloudy in Philly?

I do plan on buying a Kmart Special and giving it to a needy child when I leave. Are there needy children in Philly?

I've made arrangements to use a local Y for swimming.

I'm getting together with my old friends from Vanguard...the Morron and Hey8Ball for a few beers Saturday night.

The swim has been canceled at the Ironman New Zeland in Taupo.... so now what do they do? actuall the race is tomorrow but you can watch it today becuase theyare ahead of us.

It is suppose to snow in Philly on Tuesday......snow people!

I don't want to go to Philly.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


The mystery car is a Maserati. Roman Mica and Steve were both right however Roman noted that it is a Maserati Quattroport. I was surprised that people knew what it was by my poor picture. This time of year, Snow Bird Season, you see al kinds of odd expensive cars. I'll try to find a hard one for next time.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I had to go to our accountants office this afternoon. This was parked in the parking lot..

what is it?

On the Road Again

My training is coming to a screeching halt! Well cycling at least. I'm leaving early Saturday morning for Freezing Philly Pa and not returning until Friday. So I can't ride for a week people, a week! I have been thinking about buying a K-Mart special for $89 and giving it away when I leave so I can get my rides in but I think Roo would get jealous. I'll be close to the Philly-Valley Forge bike path and some of the best riding in the area. So what do you think? There is a Y near the office where I'll be working so I can swim at lunch and I can run in the mornings but hey it's cold up there...ugh! Well I can go see the WALL from the famous US Pro Cycling Championship.