Thursday, June 30, 2005

OK....make-up day

Yesterday was a ride and swim day. Since I had to have an MRI and MRA of the brain I had to cut everything short. So my ride was just 15 miles or one loop and a little extra. It was uneventful and no animals to rescue along the way!

I had to be at the MRI office by 8:15 only to sit in their waiting room for an hour. I could have ridden a little longer. When I finally got into the MRI I explained again that I have severe headaches from the dye used. They called my neurosurgeon and again I was told that's not possible.

So again, I had and still have a headache. After the tests I thought I was going to pass-out
( but it's not the test it's all in my head), I drove to the Florida Cancer Specialist office only to sit and wait another hour and a half to see my oncologist. So after a physical, drawing of blood (4 vials) and a discussion about my type of cancer and brain tumors and lymphoma and my new tumor on my back, I drove myself home and spent the rest afternoon with an ice pack on my head. Finally at 7 pm I decided to take something for my headache. I found a great pain reliever, BEER! So after two Yuengling Black and Tans I felt a little better. Needless to say I didn't swim and I don't know anything more about my why go thru all this testing?

Today was a run day. It was thundering and lightening when I got up but cleared just enough to get in my run. I ran 5 miles hoping my now slight headache would stop....but no! I did see a mommy and daddy Whipperwil with two babies!

Hopefully I'll get to swim at lunch but I'm playing catch-up today at work!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Gopher Turtle Day

Since I have already done my good deed for the day, don’t expect any more today! While leaving my street on the way to work the above turtle was crossing the road so I pick him up and moved him to safer ground.

This is the end of turtle nesting season here in Southwest Florida. Many of the gopher turtles try to cross the streets and become road kill for us to watch on the bike. This is also the Loggerhead Sea Turtle nesting season. The sea turtles come back to their birthplace to lay eggs. Some turtles come back after 30 years of being whereever they go. Here in Southwest Florida you will see nests marked by stakes and yellow “crime scene” tape to keep people from stepping on the eggs or disturbing the nest. During hatching season volunteers help the newly hatched baby turtles “find” the gulf.

Today was a run day, so I ran 7 miles in the humid morning air, ugh! I did the woods course without going out to the University and back. Good thing I brought water, because I needed it! Posted by Hello

Safe Turtle

Monday, June 27, 2005

Mango the Bunny Posted by Hello

Monday Stress/non-Stress

Here the stress / non stress report


i have a major presentation regarding the mutual fund today with the fund's bored of directors -not sure the PM cares. hey they moved the date up by 2 days so that added stress. i wore slacks and a golf shirt to work (no soxes) rather than my usual shorts and feel more profession on my conference call.

having an MRI and MVA of my brain tumor on Wed...need time off from work but still get everything done...who can drive and bring me home? is driving under the influence of valium an offense?

finding some one to drive me...last time they did this I had a severe headache for 2 days, doc says it was all in my head... the IV contrast shouldn't give me a headaches, but it does..its not in my stop trying to play head games

after the tests i get to go to Florida Cancer oncologist...always a fun time...what cocktails are you mixing? Why don't we do some more tests...bloodwork anyone? How's you nodes huh? do you think the nurse can do my weight/bp and temp right this time?

i think the thingie on my back is getting bigger, but i can't really see it...well at least its not like the hump from last time (nurf football size) least i think its not that big

i'm bunny sitting Tony's rabbit while he is in Europe for 3 weeks. i wanta get stronger while he's away since he is faster on his new bike....maybe i need a new bike?

gotta figure out how to swim tonight and tomorrow, and can i ride on wednesday before my mri/mva?


i walked to fourbucks for lunch today, sat and watched people go by...toursists had a white mocha grande.

i bought myself the sopranos season 5 on dvd... i'm going to start watching it wednesday since I'll have to lie on the sofa for 2 days.

im going to lose weight this week, want to lose about 20 pounds any way, i'll not be able to eat wed thru sat... but i want be strong enough to run and swim sat and ride 5o miles on sunday

why is my stress list bigger than my non-stress list?

Weekend Update

Saturday was a run and swim day...... Since I am having trouble swimming in the afternoon I thot it would be good to get it done early. So I ran the long course out to the University and back through the woods. at the 12 mile mark I ran out of water so the last 3 miles were a little difficult.

At lunch time I went to the beach a at Doc's Beach House and swam for 45 minutes (trolling for sharks). Then had lunch and a couple of beer at the beach.

Saturday night J came over for some nice Del Montico steaks, baked potatoes and tossed salad with a very nice bottle of Red wine. It was wine I forgot I had. I had bought a case a year ago and left it in the cellar. It is very nice with a good steak.

Sunday was a long ride day. Tony and I decided to do the Bay loop and then back to the University for a total of 50 miles. However, I was feeling pretty good until the 25 mile mark when all of the sudden I felt like sh$%. That was after eating m,y first Cliff Bar and drinking two bottle of Endurance. I couldn't wait to get home and get off my bike. The only thing I can think happened was I was dehydrated from Saturday nite (I think it was the beers and red wine) and I failed to rehydrate enough in the morning. It was hot and humid 78* and since I sweat heavy I think was dehydration. Today I felt my normal self and rode 25 miles without a problem.

Totals for The Weak

Bike 145 miles
Run 27 miles
Swim 6 k yards , 45 minutes open water

Friday, June 24, 2005

Coffee and More TGIF

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.... Well it's not raining yet!

I usually wake up to the TV turning on and the coffee pot making it's brewing noises. Neither of which happened this morning. One, the TV broke as you read previously on Oldman and second the coffee pot died this morning. No Starbucks coffee waiting me when I haul myself out of bed. So it was up to the attic to get my old Braun pot and get it cooking. I guess it's a good thing that I saved the old pot?

When I got home last night I did my run. I had to make up the run since I goofed in the morning and rode instead of running and the university pool was closed. It was just an easy run thru the woods. Fortunately the approaching storm, seen below, didn't get to my house until much later. So 56 minutes of fun before dinner (cheese ravioli, turkey sausage, and tossed salad with Oldman's vinergrette). I guess I need to try to beat the rain more often. This morning, I rode alone again. It did my 25 mile morning loops. Hopefully I'll get to swim at lunch time.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Approaching Storm Posted by Hello

One of those days

So it continues....

Yes as I look out my office window towards the Everglades, I can see this afternoon's thunderstorm heading in towards Naples. The front looks dark an ominous complete with bolts of lightening. So I called the pool and up they are closing because yup lightening in the area!

I got a call from the Oncologist. Yea they don't call to say how's your cancer doing? Hey, still got the brain tumor, huh? When are you going to let us shoot you with chemo and radiation, huh? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! They call to tell me I missed an appointment with the Oncologist! What F>>>>>>> Appointment? O, I guess we forgot to call you. UGH>>>> it's one of those days!

But it gets even better......

I'm scheduled for an MRI and MVA of the brain to see if my turmor has grown in the past month. June 29th followed by a visit with the brain surgeon who reviews the results with me. They just called and the visit with the surgeon has to be rescheduled from July 6 to who in the hell knows when. it's one of those days! Hey lady, if you had a brain tumor would you like to know the results ASAF'ingP? have a happy day..right!

So the doc is being sued by one of his FORMER patients and he's in court!

Confusion Rules

It was one of those morning, you know you've had them. Nothing seems to go right. It really started when I go home from work last night. I couldn't swim because of lightening, so that made my day. Then after I made some nice homemade chicken noodle soup from some left over poached chicken (for a beach picnic that didn't happen because I was to tired on Sunday), I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV. I woke myself from my stupor and went to bed . Thinking I fell asleep in from of the TV I'll turn on the bedroom TV. Just as I got comfortable the bedroom TV DIED! No warning just a heart attack and died. So after fiddling with the TV I went to bed. SO that made my night!

My restful night wasn't very restful, since I was awakened by thunder, of all things, at 2:30. Which made me think about the TV. Was it a lightening surge? Hey I have a surge protector on the whole house and a separate one on the TV. But the AC goes in and out with the storms so maybe... I saw 4:00 am..Then the alarm at 5:30 but no TV so I couldn't watch IMUS. ugh! Made my morning!

I got ready to ride putting on my bike shorts and jersey, after coffee I went out to the garage to pump my tires. Would you believe on the front tire I broke the little stem that screws down after you pump the air into the tire? Snapped right off! Well it holds air so put that on the list to do, change the tube. So that helped make my morning!

As I left the house, I was watching for Tony. He usually meets me after the first 3 miles or so. I get a chance to get loose and warm up. But no Tony. So I continue on my route, past Tony's house. Still no Tony. Then I think oops today is Thursday not Friday. I was suppose to run today. Confusion! So I rode on by myself and finished the 25 mile ride ALONE. Oh yea the straight-a-way I did 26.5 so I've got work more to get to 30.

Well the way things are going today, the pool will be closed at lunch for cleaning. That will really make my day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wednesday Random Thots

Ok so it's just a few things that have come to my attention. Like Brennan Hawkins, the 11 year old Boy Scout who was lost in the mountains for 4 days. He walked up the mountain rather than down like searchers thought he would. Brennan was miles outside of the search grid. So how did he survive? No food no water and 11 years old. Way to go Brennan.

How about Natalee Holloway? What happened to her? To much party? Or did some one slip her a mickey? Perhaps she was sold into slavery and is now with the Sultan of Burni.

The Solar Sail probe never made it to space. The booster rock failed. So we will have to spend some more money to see if it works.

Today was a ride and swim day. I rode with Tony but we had to be careful because just after the 5 mile warm up it started to rain. So we just tried to keep a steady pace at 20 mph. At one point I was a little to careful and almost rode off the road going around a curve. The rain did make it a little cooler today. So all in all it was a good 25 mile ride.

I called the pool to see if it would be open at lunch time. Since there is no lightening it is open. So hopefully I'll get my swim in.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday Brick

Since it continued to rain from yesterday I wasn't sure I would be able to do my brick. But when I got up this morning the rain had stopped and the streets looked some what dry. So it was on!

The bike portion of the brick was good. The air was cool and just a slight breeze out of the east. I did my normal loop around the community but I didn't try for 30 mph on the straight-a-way, rather I tried to maintain an even pace and remain in aero position as much as possible. The only problem I have is that there are to many turns where I have to get out of aero. I got back top the house at the 16 mile mark.

Next was the run. Again I decided to do my normal 5 mile course thru the woods. I like to go thru the woods since it's quite and you can see some great birds and animals. Just as I as I started my run the rain started up again. My legs felt like mush but I got it done.

I hope to swim at lunch today, since the pool was closed yesterday. If not at lunch then I'll stop at the University pool on the way home.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday, Monday no good for me

Monday has come and I went to work to get some rest! I've worked all weekend getting the Master Bedroom done and by 6:30 pm Sunday I put the last piece of furniture back in the room. It looks great but I'm exhausted! So I came to work to get some rest.

I did manage to get some training in this weekend inspite of "the room". I swam for 40 minutes at the beach house and did my Sunday LSD, 42 miles. Working in "the room" has hurt my energy level, I felt like I was going to fall down on Sunday afternoon I was so tired. I struggled just to put one foot in front of the other but I reminded myself of my goal of being finished by Sunday afternoon come hell or high water.

Today it was overcast when I left the house and I thought I would get wet on my ride around the regular loops. The wind even picked up a little. But fortunately it held of raining until I left for work. I guess the pool will be closed at lunch time due to the rain!

Once again, Tony is killing me with his speed. His bike being a regular road bike, he is faster around the corners and turn arounds (2 each loop). Then I read about Lance's average speed of 32 mph and I realize how slow I am at my 20 to 22 mph.

Weakly Totals

Bike 117 miles - missed Monday's 25 miles
Run 26 miles
Swim 6k yards plus 45 open water swim
Weights None
Pilates none


No more misses.
17 weeks to Steamtown increase running mileage 10% per week to 60 miles per week in 10 weeks then running 60 mile per for 7 weeks prior to Steamtown.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday FUN

I have now banned Tony's bike from weekly training rides. He can only ride his Trek on Sunday's, that our long ride day. He's killing me with the speed! We started this morning jumping right in, without warm up, at 18 mph and went up from there. Hey I'm not used to 22 to 24 on the roads! But I did notice we got done a little quicker than usual! On the straight-a-way I was dropped at 28 mph...yes he did 30 again! All in all it was a good ride this morning! Dr. Steve jumped in for the second loop.

Update of the bedroom

I'm half way through installing the wood floor. Looking good! But did my legs and back hurt this morning! UGH. MEMO TO SELF next time hire some one! Hopefully I can get done by Saturday noon and start putting the room back together!


I'm hoping to go to the Beach House for a swim late Saturday afternoon then perhaps a few beers. The gulf has cooled down to 83 from the rain but I think I can do it without my wet suit. My goal is to swim 1 hr and not to see any sharks.

Sunday will be a long ride hopefully 60 miles. My plan is to do the University loop and then down to the bay for breakfast and then home. Since it's so hot I plan on leaving at 6:30 if anyone want to go.


My son sent a DVD of his concert in Osaka Japan with the Riverside Symphony Ensemble produced by Panasonic. I must say it was very good! But why do the Japanese not have the orchestra stand? Is it all about the soloist?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Alive Update

Yes I'm still alive! Work has been very hectic these days. My latest project is to find a new home for our mutual fund. The current Trust for the Fund is going out of business so I'm interviewing possible trust for the Fund. This past Monday I did a due diligence inspection of a possible candidate in Richmond, VA. So long with my regular hectic work schedule a new project and then a road trip ugh!

I'm also remodeling my master bedroom which is taking longer than planned. The faux painting I did of the crown modeling sounded simple but ended up taking 2 full days. This week in the evening's I'm laying the wood floor. My goal (come hell or high water) is to get the entire room put back together by Sunday afternoon.

Due to my schedule and the recent heavy rains, my training has been lighter than usual. Several days the pool has been closed due to lightening and some sections of the roads in my community are flooded so it has made riding difficult.

The good news is Tony bought a new bike, a Trek Madone 5.9. It's a nice bike but no Quintanna Roo. Of course the goal is to break 30 mph on the straight-a-way. So on the second ride with Tony's new bike I noticed a real different in Tony's speed...taking our route around the community at 20-22 mph when we reach the straight-a-way Tony passed me as usually at 26 mph when..... finally..... he did it 30.9 mph! I saw 27... sorry. Hey I'm older and better looking. See what a lot of money spent on a bike will do for your speed? Pics to follow. New goal 35 mph.

Weakly totals for last week:

Bike - 109 miles - a wash out
Run - 26 miles another wash out
Swim - 3,000 yards - a lightening out

This week doesn't look much better since I did train on Mon so that will be my rest day for the month.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

... Tornado Watch number 370 is cancelled for Lee.. Highlands... Charlotte

Wow what a night of lightening and thunder...then early this morning rain. Not just your nice gentle soaking rain. No this was car wash rain! Blinding rain. We even had tornado warnings! Well I guess it is a preparation test for Hurricane season. At least I don't have to add water to my pool!

So since it was still lightening when I went to ride this morning I chose not to ride. I'm sure the rubber tires will insulate me enough that I will not attract lightening but I didn't want to test my theory. Hey I know old Ben flew a kite in the lightening and survived but just barely. Ben didn't live in the lightening capital of the world.

So it was raining at lunch time ...the pool was closed due to lightening in the area... so no swimming today. My game plan is to leave work a little early to ride. I came in late so I have to leave early to make up for it. I'll have tot ride alone since Tony has to work. So 25 miles tonight after work.