Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday, Monday no good for me

Monday has come and I went to work to get some rest! I've worked all weekend getting the Master Bedroom done and by 6:30 pm Sunday I put the last piece of furniture back in the room. It looks great but I'm exhausted! So I came to work to get some rest.

I did manage to get some training in this weekend inspite of "the room". I swam for 40 minutes at the beach house and did my Sunday LSD, 42 miles. Working in "the room" has hurt my energy level, I felt like I was going to fall down on Sunday afternoon I was so tired. I struggled just to put one foot in front of the other but I reminded myself of my goal of being finished by Sunday afternoon come hell or high water.

Today it was overcast when I left the house and I thought I would get wet on my ride around the regular loops. The wind even picked up a little. But fortunately it held of raining until I left for work. I guess the pool will be closed at lunch time due to the rain!

Once again, Tony is killing me with his speed. His bike being a regular road bike, he is faster around the corners and turn arounds (2 each loop). Then I read about Lance's average speed of 32 mph and I realize how slow I am at my 20 to 22 mph.

Weakly Totals

Bike 117 miles - missed Monday's 25 miles
Run 26 miles
Swim 6k yards plus 45 open water swim
Weights None
Pilates none


No more misses.
17 weeks to Steamtown increase running mileage 10% per week to 60 miles per week in 10 weeks then running 60 mile per for 7 weeks prior to Steamtown.


Comm's said...

ain't it funny how we are so strong in the events we train for but something we think is just so simple can make us so tired? Good post.

jeff said...

well, i'm just glad you're back and blogging. i thought you'd been eaten by a shark.

get some rest!

Anonymous said...

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