Thursday, June 16, 2005

Alive Update

Yes I'm still alive! Work has been very hectic these days. My latest project is to find a new home for our mutual fund. The current Trust for the Fund is going out of business so I'm interviewing possible trust for the Fund. This past Monday I did a due diligence inspection of a possible candidate in Richmond, VA. So long with my regular hectic work schedule a new project and then a road trip ugh!

I'm also remodeling my master bedroom which is taking longer than planned. The faux painting I did of the crown modeling sounded simple but ended up taking 2 full days. This week in the evening's I'm laying the wood floor. My goal (come hell or high water) is to get the entire room put back together by Sunday afternoon.

Due to my schedule and the recent heavy rains, my training has been lighter than usual. Several days the pool has been closed due to lightening and some sections of the roads in my community are flooded so it has made riding difficult.

The good news is Tony bought a new bike, a Trek Madone 5.9. It's a nice bike but no Quintanna Roo. Of course the goal is to break 30 mph on the straight-a-way. So on the second ride with Tony's new bike I noticed a real different in Tony's speed...taking our route around the community at 20-22 mph when we reach the straight-a-way Tony passed me as usually at 26 mph when..... finally..... he did it 30.9 mph! I saw 27... sorry. Hey I'm older and better looking. See what a lot of money spent on a bike will do for your speed? Pics to follow. New goal 35 mph.

Weakly totals for last week:

Bike - 109 miles - a wash out
Run - 26 miles another wash out
Swim - 3,000 yards - a lightening out

This week doesn't look much better since I did train on Mon so that will be my rest day for the month.


tarheeltri said...

Wow... those numbers look good to me!

soccerdad said...

glad to see you're back, oldman! we've missed ya!
it looks like the hurricanes are zoning in on you already, with the near miss. keep up the good work!

Flatman said...

Whew...those are bad numbers??? I better get on the stick!

Comm's said...

I see you will get your home done just in time to have it destroyed in a hurricane and get federal funds to rebuild.

Glad your back Oldman, I need to see those weakly totals as motivation.

Okolo said...

You keep posting "bad" numbers like that, we are going to have to stop calling you old man.

Be careful.

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