Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday FUN

I have now banned Tony's bike from weekly training rides. He can only ride his Trek on Sunday's, that our long ride day. He's killing me with the speed! We started this morning jumping right in, without warm up, at 18 mph and went up from there. Hey I'm not used to 22 to 24 on the roads! But I did notice we got done a little quicker than usual! On the straight-a-way I was dropped at 28 mph...yes he did 30 again! All in all it was a good ride this morning! Dr. Steve jumped in for the second loop.

Update of the bedroom

I'm half way through installing the wood floor. Looking good! But did my legs and back hurt this morning! UGH. MEMO TO SELF next time hire some one! Hopefully I can get done by Saturday noon and start putting the room back together!


I'm hoping to go to the Beach House for a swim late Saturday afternoon then perhaps a few beers. The gulf has cooled down to 83 from the rain but I think I can do it without my wet suit. My goal is to swim 1 hr and not to see any sharks.

Sunday will be a long ride hopefully 60 miles. My plan is to do the University loop and then down to the bay for breakfast and then home. Since it's so hot I plan on leaving at 6:30 if anyone want to go.


My son sent a DVD of his concert in Osaka Japan with the Riverside Symphony Ensemble produced by Panasonic. I must say it was very good! But why do the Japanese not have the orchestra stand? Is it all about the soloist?


Wil said...

60 miles, holy cow!! Bring your phone and have a blast!! Glad that you're back, btw!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And sharks?!
Yikes :-)

Susan said...

So how did the 60 miles go? Whew:)

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