Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey... I voted Saturday!!!!!

I forgot, I voted Saturday at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Bonita Springs. It was a pleasure using the new Touchscreen. Other than a 20 page ballot it was not hard at all. With all the hoopla going on here about long line at the polls on election day and students being recruited at FGCU by the Dems to disrupt the old folks in line, I was concerned about having time to vote on Tuesday. So I drove over and did the early vote. Hey it was easy and there were no UN Inspectors nor Jimmy Carter or Jessie Jackson. So like they say in Chicago vote early and often.

Another week down

Sunday's ride was frustrating again. I met Tony at 6:50 am, while it was still dark, for our Sunday long ride. Our goal was to go to Florida Gulf Coast University then up to Ft. Myers and home. However at 30 miles it happened again, Tony was on my wheel when he noticed the back tire was going flat. I stopped and added some air hoping that would hold it but luck was not with me. I had to stop a short while later at FGCU campus to change the tire. What is it with Sunday rides that I get a flat? We finished up around the campus and headed home since I was out of air and had no more spare tubes. We did 45 miles... which doesn't help my weakly totals.

Here's this weaks totals:

Bike: 130 miles
Run: 24 miles
Swim 6,200 yds
Weights 2xs
Pilates 1x

I have to go up to St. Pete's Beach which is 2 hours north for three days. I'm thinking about taking my bike and stuff to do the Suscoast Tri on Saturday at Ft. DeSoto. Might be fun, but it will disrupt my schedule.

Friday's Sunset

On Friday I had a nice bottle of wine, stopped for some fried chicken and took Joanne to Barefoot Beach for sunset. The beach closes at dusk but there were only two other people for as far as you could see. We sat in our beach chairs watching the dophins and the sunset. What a sight. We stayed so long I had trouble finding my way back to the path, it was dark on the beach!Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ironman Triathlon World Championship

The picture above is Christian Sadowski who won a free Cannondale bike at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. Chris, a construction worker from Florida, showed the real spirit of the Ironman while competing in Saturday's World Championship. Chris was struck by a press corp motorcycle destroying his bike at the 104 mile mark of the 112 mile bike course. Chris at the time of the accident was averaging approximately 19 mph over the grueling course. The two riders on the motorcycle where taken to the hospital, Chris was OK but his bike was destroyed. Since the Ironman rules state the competitor must cross Transition 2 (T2) with a bike, Chris did the only thing he could do, he removed his bike shoes, picked up his bike and ran the 8 miles to T2 carrying his bike! Once at the transition area Chris was able to put on his running shoes and complete the marathon (26 miles, 385 yards). Chris finished the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in 1534th place. To honor his show of the true Ironman spirit and courage, Cannondale presented Chris with a new bike at the awards dinner. Way to go Chris! Posted by Hello

Monday, October 18, 2004

This Weeks Update

Hello..No I don't want to take another poll about the election!

Here in Florida we have been getting all kinds of phone calls from the DEC (Democratic Election Committee?) asking how are we going to vote... Not for John Kerry! So stop calling. Everybody I talk to is fed up with there phone calls why do they do this? To annoy voters?

This is three weeks in a row that I've felt I had pretty good training times. Yesterday, Tony and I did 62 miles. While I was a little sore, I felt I had a few more miles left in my legs. Of course the first 20 miles I did in the small cog and just spun at 80-90 bpm to keep my legs fresh. Te 2nd 20 miles I did on the big cog but large ring to keep the same 80-90 bpm. The last 20 it was as what ever we could given how tired we were. Next Sunday we are thinking of doing around Estero Island, approx 60 miles.

Here the Totals for the weak:

Bike 142 miles
Run 27 miles
Swim 6,200 yards

The weather has changed some what here, it has gone from very humid to a lot less humidity to down right cool on Sunday 58*F. I had to start my ride with a long sleeve t-shirt.
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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Famous Underpants Race at Kona, Hi...today as a part of Ironman Week Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sunset from the liani last night. It looked like fire in the sky. Posted by Hello

Great Ride

Today was a ride day. Although I didn't feel like getting out of bed, I had a great ride. I kept it in the small ring and was able to spin at 90 to 95 bpm. On the flat straight-away Tony and I did 25 mph! I felt particularly strong today and the only thing I can attribute it to is using PowerBar Endurance Drink and Recovery drink after training. Even Tony noticed today and commented on me pushing it today. If I had slept better maybe I would have been even better on the ride.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Another Good Training Week

The humidity has been dropping and the nicer weather is coming. While we can't open our doors and turn off the AC, I feel that the cooler weather is just around the corner. Today I was much strong and I think it had to due with the lower humidity.

This weaks totals:

Swim - 6300 yds
Bike 130 miles
Run 22 miles
weights 2 times
pilates 2 times

It's been a hard week I haven't wanted to get out of bed plus I did dinner for my office staff on Friday (12 people) and the a dinner club Saturday (8 people). After 2 days of cooking and on my feet I was really tired Sunday.

I've started using PowerBar Endurance during my training over an hour, which is pretty much every day. the PowerBar Recovery after. I have noticed that I feel a little better than with gaterade and I am not as dehydrated after training. I am continuing on Chris Carmichael nutrition plan and I'm not as hungry as I was especially eating 4,100 calories a day, plus I dropped another pound this week.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Good Week Training

It was a good week training. I feel I met all of my weakly goals except my long run on Sat. I did 8 miles rather than the 13 I had scheduled. But I did have a hard day of yard work after my long run, plus some pool time.

Yesterday , Sunday, was my long ride. Tony and I did two loops inside Pelican Sound then we went out on the road to Coconut Point. On the second PS loop I fell. It was at the turn around and I was just coming out of aero position at 22 mphs and didn't slow down enough. The shoulder was wet from the irrigation so down I went at 20 mph. I bruised my left side and my handle bars are bent slighly. We continued on and finished the 50 miles but I'm sore and have had a little trouble sleeping.

Total w/e Oct. 3:

Bike: 125 miles
Run 18 miles
Swim 6300 yds

Tony and are are going to start getting ready for the Tour de Cape, a 100 mile race Jan 8, 2005 in Cape Coral. Along with that I'm getting ready for the Naples Half Marathon Jan 24, 2005.

Here are this weaks goals.

Bike: 130 miles
Run: 22 miles
Swim 6300 yds
Weights 2xs
Pilates 2xs