Monday, October 04, 2004

Good Week Training

It was a good week training. I feel I met all of my weakly goals except my long run on Sat. I did 8 miles rather than the 13 I had scheduled. But I did have a hard day of yard work after my long run, plus some pool time.

Yesterday , Sunday, was my long ride. Tony and I did two loops inside Pelican Sound then we went out on the road to Coconut Point. On the second PS loop I fell. It was at the turn around and I was just coming out of aero position at 22 mphs and didn't slow down enough. The shoulder was wet from the irrigation so down I went at 20 mph. I bruised my left side and my handle bars are bent slighly. We continued on and finished the 50 miles but I'm sore and have had a little trouble sleeping.

Total w/e Oct. 3:

Bike: 125 miles
Run 18 miles
Swim 6300 yds

Tony and are are going to start getting ready for the Tour de Cape, a 100 mile race Jan 8, 2005 in Cape Coral. Along with that I'm getting ready for the Naples Half Marathon Jan 24, 2005.

Here are this weaks goals.

Bike: 130 miles
Run: 22 miles
Swim 6300 yds
Weights 2xs
Pilates 2xs