Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Another Good Training Week

The humidity has been dropping and the nicer weather is coming. While we can't open our doors and turn off the AC, I feel that the cooler weather is just around the corner. Today I was much strong and I think it had to due with the lower humidity.

This weaks totals:

Swim - 6300 yds
Bike 130 miles
Run 22 miles
weights 2 times
pilates 2 times

It's been a hard week I haven't wanted to get out of bed plus I did dinner for my office staff on Friday (12 people) and the a dinner club Saturday (8 people). After 2 days of cooking and on my feet I was really tired Sunday.

I've started using PowerBar Endurance during my training over an hour, which is pretty much every day. the PowerBar Recovery after. I have noticed that I feel a little better than with gaterade and I am not as dehydrated after training. I am continuing on Chris Carmichael nutrition plan and I'm not as hungry as I was especially eating 4,100 calories a day, plus I dropped another pound this week.

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