Monday, October 18, 2004

This Weeks Update

Hello..No I don't want to take another poll about the election!

Here in Florida we have been getting all kinds of phone calls from the DEC (Democratic Election Committee?) asking how are we going to vote... Not for John Kerry! So stop calling. Everybody I talk to is fed up with there phone calls why do they do this? To annoy voters?

This is three weeks in a row that I've felt I had pretty good training times. Yesterday, Tony and I did 62 miles. While I was a little sore, I felt I had a few more miles left in my legs. Of course the first 20 miles I did in the small cog and just spun at 80-90 bpm to keep my legs fresh. Te 2nd 20 miles I did on the big cog but large ring to keep the same 80-90 bpm. The last 20 it was as what ever we could given how tired we were. Next Sunday we are thinking of doing around Estero Island, approx 60 miles.

Here the Totals for the weak:

Bike 142 miles
Run 27 miles
Swim 6,200 yards

The weather has changed some what here, it has gone from very humid to a lot less humidity to down right cool on Sunday 58*F. I had to start my ride with a long sleeve t-shirt.
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