Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Another week down

Sunday's ride was frustrating again. I met Tony at 6:50 am, while it was still dark, for our Sunday long ride. Our goal was to go to Florida Gulf Coast University then up to Ft. Myers and home. However at 30 miles it happened again, Tony was on my wheel when he noticed the back tire was going flat. I stopped and added some air hoping that would hold it but luck was not with me. I had to stop a short while later at FGCU campus to change the tire. What is it with Sunday rides that I get a flat? We finished up around the campus and headed home since I was out of air and had no more spare tubes. We did 45 miles... which doesn't help my weakly totals.

Here's this weaks totals:

Bike: 130 miles
Run: 24 miles
Swim 6,200 yds
Weights 2xs
Pilates 1x

I have to go up to St. Pete's Beach which is 2 hours north for three days. I'm thinking about taking my bike and stuff to do the Suscoast Tri on Saturday at Ft. DeSoto. Might be fun, but it will disrupt my schedule.


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