Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fitness vs.Illness

Why do I feel sick today? I was awake at 2:30 am with a sore throat and headache. I've felt this cold coming on. It started after I got home from New Jersey on Monday night. The stracthy throat feeling. Then the achy joint feeling. The question is did I get it from over training? Contray to popular opinion there is a fine line between fintess and illness.

So I've had some good runs and rides. Tuesday even though I was tired I was able to run 7 miles. Perhaps I should have done less and then I wouldn't be sick? Yesterday I rode in the rain, did that cause me to be worse? NAH... I didn't run today and I feel guilty and sick. But it was all I could do to get out of bed to get to work on time let alone run at 5:30 after not sleeping.

So what should I do run/ride/swim thru a cold? Take some time off and drink orange juice? Maybe some chicken soup? I hate being sick like this!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Random Thots Wednesday

Would you believe these two guys are riding in an open metal bed truck going 70 mph? This pic was taken on Interstate 75 last nite on my way home. It is against the law in Florida for animals to ride in the back of a pick-up but not humans. I guess Mexicans are expendable. I can't tell you how many times these truck have what they call here in Florida "roll overs" and the guys in the back are killed. Is it any wonder?

Scratch my back with a lightening bolt,
Thunder rolls like a bass drum note.
Heaven only knows who's in command.

Bare foot children in the rain.....
Jimmy Buffet

The thunder rolled last night into this morning with heavy heavy rain. Southwest Florida got 2 inches but my rain gauge said 2.5! So it was riding in the rain today. Boy is my rear end wet.... it comes off the tire and up my back ugh... so much for going fast today only 18 mph ugh! So I only did 15 miles I forgiven for not doing 25?

I saw two more dead snakes...I wonder why they come out in the rain? To wash or or get a drink?

I think I'd like to do the Top Gun Tri in Aug... BTW check out the video on their website.

May be I could buy a new bike...I'm getting a bonus this week so LBS whata got on sale...Litespeed Blade?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It was Justin's first birthday on Sunday. Here's a pic of him getting ready for breakfast. Posted by Hello

He's Back!

I'm back from my New Jersey trip. It was great seeing my grandchildren but I didn't get any training done. So today's run I was expecting to be great but...hey it wasn't!I struggled for the first 2 miles. My legs felt like lead, but then it got better and I got my 7 miles done.

OH BTW....

My oncologist, Florida Cancer Specialist, called regarding my Friday appointment. It's a standing appointment that I have for my treatment for my melanoma. The "person" said "We would like to move your appointment because when we made a calander change and your appointment didn't get blended in". I asked what does that mean..blended in? Your blender didn't work? I was to thick I couldn't get mixed in? HUH? That rates right up there with my Brain Surgeon, Dr. Lusk, he said my brain tumor was "weird" in strange, odd or you just don't know?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Going Home

New Jersey here I come! Tonight I leave for NJ to visit with Eric, Katy, Max and Justin. David is in from Rome as well and all for Justin's first birthday on Saturday! Woohoo!

Since you can't come let me tell you a few things I like about the Garden State:

1. Fresh veggies in the summer...Tomatoes, corn, peaches, etc... you can't beat the fresh veggies and fruit. Alas I'll have to come back in July.

2. Good Food!...none of this chain resturtants like Carabba's, Roy's or PF Changs. No you've got the real homemade in the kitchen not sent frozen from the plant, restaurants. Talk about good pizza, chinese, mexican, french, etc. Good food. Real food.

3. Normal people...not these rich siliconed fake people of Florida.

4. Spring weather...I'm tired of 80* every day, I'm looking forward to some nice cool spring weather...maybe even some rain!

So look out Jersey here I come!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Random Thoughts Wednesday

I'm trying something new. I seem to have a few ideas, or thoughts that are not enough for a post of their own. You know those ideas that you get but never go any where. It might help to get started on them if I have them written down. So I'll call it RandomThoughts Wednesday. Here's this weaks random thoughts:

Supreme Pontiff aka Pope Wanted

Must be baptized believer, able to speak and read Latin, look good in a dress and funny hat. Free housing including, retirement plan out of this world. Promotion to Saint possible.

OK, Ok take the sign down... Pope Found!!! (Did I get passed over again?)


Lance is Retiring

It seems that Lance heard about Tony and my record 29.8 mph on the Straight-A-Way last week and has recognized the threat we pose to his future. Therefore while the getting out is good, Lance is gone.

Tyler Hamilton GUILTY of cheating

It seems in spite of Tyler's protest he was found guilt of blood doping. Was this after the broken clavicle and he was able to finish the Tour or was it during the Tour last year? Does he return his Olympic gold metal and not appear on the Wheaties box? In a time of AIDS, STDs, etc why would someone shoot some one else's blood into their veins?

Going Away

I'm going to New Jersey Thursday night for my gandsons 1st birthday and also see his parents.
While I'm there I'm going to meet with a brain surgeon about my brain tumor.


Speaking of Tumors, did I mention that the tumor that was removed from my back last July is growing back? I decided to leave it alone...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Things to Think About

Today was a run day, however my RIO's headset is broken. Apparently I sweat so much I short out the headset. So I had to think....what do you think about when you run?

1. I see two birds, a hawk and a mocking bird, I think about: Why do thy call it a dog fightwhen two birds are in flight and fighting? why not call it a bird fight? If dogs flew what would you call their fights...I'm glad cows don't fly!

2. I see a dead black snake approxiamtely 2 ft long in the I think about: Why did you sun yourself in the middle of the road? Remember that dead opossium from the other day?..I wonder what was eating him because now he's just bones...

3. At the 2 mile mark my left calf hurts...I think: Hey my calf never hurt before. Is it clipless pedals on the bike? Maybe I should stop. Naaaaa. Maybe I need more salt...take a drink of PowerBar Endurance and that will help...

4. As I enter the trail thru the woods and cross the wooden bridge over a small stream...I think: Ewu..... that smells like a stinky fart! EWUUUU that smells bad. I'm glad my house isn't next to this stream. I wonder if I'll see the panther today?...or the bobcat?...

5. As I come out of the woods at the 5 mile mark, I see another runner coming towards me....I think: Hey another runner, good pace but his shirt isn't wet so he just started, he's going to run along with me...nope he's behind me...drafting?...he's passing me...should I pick up the pace...what's my pace? no way my GPS stopped....I think the GPS needs new batteries...does the smoke alarms at home need new batteries? I'll run behind him...he's pulling away. He just started I'm sure...he's not wet like me...

6. As the runner ahead of me turns into the tennis courts, I think: See I told you he's not a distance runner, he's stopping...but where did he come from? He's not even wet...doesn't he sweat? How does that work? no sweat?

7. Half mile from the finish, I think: Hey I feel pretty good this morning. Maybe it was the yogurt smoothie with strawberries and whey protein that helped...Run faster now..there is the finish tape...look there's the tv cameras...OLN TV...the crowd is roaring...faster...I can see the clock...I'm going to qualify for Kona..faster... sprint....I raise my hands to break... opps it was just a training run...well it's good to practice pretending to breaking the tape just in case!..

So goes another 7 mile training run without music... What do you think about?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Stopped for Speeding

Cyclists Stopped for Speeding

Estero, FL.

Two avid cyclists while riding thru Pelican Sound Golf and River Club Monday morning were stopped by the community's security patrol for going to fast on bicycles! security reported the two were exceeding the bicycle speed limit, what ever it is, and they were going to fast for the area. The posted speed for the community is predominantly 25 mph and a few roads are posted at 15 mph. There are no posted signs prohibiting bicycling in the community.

The pair dressed in cycling garb and riding high performance bicycles, were grilled by Captain Sounder of the Pelican Sound Security Patrol to determine if the two cyclists were community residents. The pair had no identification and refused to give their names. The pair remain nameless at this point.

While no tickets were issed by Captian Sounder, all though an infraction report was filed and an ongoing investivation was initated.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Straight-A-Way

Every bike ride needs one! A section of road where you can go flat out. Where you can test your ability to really haul a$$. The daily course that Tony and I take has just that, a section of our ride that we travel twice in our ride. We call it the Straight-A-Way!

The Straight-A-Way is a one mile section of road that was abandoned when our community was built. One the one side or the road, usually our left hand side unless we go the opposite way than usual, is our community's golf course. A long par five hole and a long par three hole. The opposite side in a fence that divides our community from our neighboring community. They have it fence to keep out the rift-raft from the other community. Their homes are only $2 million and up!

So our goal on the Straight-A-Way has been to get to 30 mph. Usually I pull Tony for the first 3/4 of a mile then he passes me at which time I jump on his wheel to get pulled along the finial 1/4 mile. Today the first pass was a sign of things to come. The wind was right, it was a nice cool morning with low humidity and since we were making a first pass we don't push but we did see 27 mph! Could thirty be far behind?

We never discuss the Straight-A-Way until after the ride. It's just understood that we are going to try for 30. The mile before includes a right turn then around a circle followed by another right turn, up a small hill and on to the Straight-A-Way. Along the circle Tony will pass so I can be pulled and have a brief rest. Then as we turn and go up the hill I stand in the saddle to pass Tony, grab a quick sip of drink and we are off. But none of this is discussed or mentioned, we just know what to do each doing his part.

As we approached the second pass I thought this might be the day...look out Lance. Thirty miles per hour seems fast on a bike. We took the circle and the small hill as usual. Often as we turn onto the Straight-A-Way there are people walking in the road or jogging and or some occasions a golf course maintenance worker on a golf cart or gas cart. People like to walk 3 and 4 abreast on the Straight-A-Way even though on the left side there is a nice wide sidewalk, but that's another story.
Today on this the second pass there is no one. The road is empty, another good sign no dodge'em, no dogs on long leashes, no recreational bikers talking on cell phone going so slow you think they are going to fall over. No the Straight-a-Way is empty. Today is the day!!!!

I decide to keep it in the big ring and not drop to a smaller cog but just try to keep my cadence up then at 100 bpm change gears to a smaller cog. I watch my 'puter 22...then 23...80 bpm...84... I can see the end of the Straight-A-Way which ends with a 90* left turn.... 26.. 26.8 Tony is ready top pass...he is along side 90 bpm...I change gears and try to pick up some speed to get on his wheel... 27....28.... I can see the end...push 29.8! Push harder...but no it's done....29.8 mph...not there yet! ugh you mean we got do this all over again?

Well it was a nice 25 mile ride inspite of the fact we didn't hit 30 but then there is always Monday....Sunday we escape the community to do a long slow ride.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Beautiful Day in the Hood

It's a beatiful day here...

It was 64* this morning for my run, but once again I felt like crap! Hey I went to bed early after fixing myself a good dinner of grilled boneless pork chop, buttered noodles, steamed carrots and a tossed mixed green salad and one and only one glass of chardonay. I can cook!

Once again I didn't want to get out of bed. Is it depression? What do I have to be depressed about? melonoma/cancer or is it growing lypoma's like it's nothing, or is it a brain tumor or perhaps all of the above?

I went for my run anyway but was just a little late this morning, at the two mile mark I had trouble with my pace so I slowed down a bit and finished my 7 miles at a 9 min pace, ugh!

Well I live in paradise and like my mother said, before she lost her mind, you've always got your health! I think I'll go to the beach tonight to troll for sharks. I love open water swimming on the way home from work!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Distance Swim

Coming this weekend is a local favorite race the 8th Annual 24 mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim Here's a brief except from their press relase:

CLEARWATER, FL--Another world-class field of marathon swimming stars will assemble for the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim on Saturday, April 16. The 24 mile swim race starts at 7:30am from the Sunshine Skyway at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort (800 227 8045) and ends at Ben T. Davis Beach on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. The race course covers the entire length of Tampa Bay and is held each year to celebrate Earth Day and the revitalization of Florida's largest estuary.

Since this event was first staged in 1998, it has drawn competitors from across the United States, Great Britain, Dominican Republic, Guatamala, Germany, India, Canada, and the Cayman Islands. A record fifty-seven participants have entered this year's event, either as soloists or as relay swimmers. Here are the twenty individual swimmers and the ten relay teams that will compete for honors:

I'm sure all of you want to do this race with me next year!

Windy Day

This mornings ride turned into a battle against the wind. There is a small cold front going through just north of Naples. This caused a slight breeze according to the weatherman, yea 18 knots! On the first loop I was able to do 16mph into the wind and 23 mph with the wind! It seemed like more into the wind than not...

As we started our second loop, Tony noticed his son was still waiting for the 6:10 am bus. At 7:30 the bus still hadn't arrived...It broke down and a replacement bus was on the way. So Tony had to drop out to take Chris to school soooo the second loop was alone into the wind! Not fun....

Flowers Posted by Hello

My flowers in the yard.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Sunset Posted by Hello

I suppose everyone has one of those days. You know were you don't want to get out of bed. I didn't sleep well last nite, so when the TV went off and the coffee pot alarm sounded saying the coffee is ready, I wanted to go back to sleep.

In the words of Garfield, Why can't morning come later in the day? 5:30 am comes early! But I do have everything timed so I can get my training in so I pushed myself.... maybe I shouldn't but I did. Yea I know listen to your body so when it tells you to rest take a day off. But what about pushing yourself to new limits?

So it was a run day, I started out slower than usual but then it happened...right after a 1/2 mile, I turned the corner and there is another runner! Guy about my age not as good looking as me and runner is going my way. He doesn't say hi or wave or I just follwed along behind him, nice pace. We are running in line and like a cyclist I'm drafting him...can you do that? Now we are running at an 8:10 pace. Surely he knows I'm there.

As we run along I see the usual people I say hi to in the morning. The shower girl taking her two large dogs for a walk..shower girl because she looks like she just got out of the shower threw on sweats and out the door with the dogs. The skinny lady and her is she thin...weird thin too, the walker ladies, the weights guy (he carries weights) and Chris in his red Vette going to work...but the runner doesn't acknowledge anyone...

So now at my 1 mile mark, I'm still behind the runner, macho kicks! Oh no in I've got pass him... I pick up the pace..hey he picks up the according to Timex Bodylinx 7:45. so we run along a little more, me just slightly behind but now to his side now.... I know he knows I'm there...he can hear me breathing... 2 mile mark...I started out to fast but that's what happens with mucho....did I tell you I'm tired, I didn't sleep well last nite?

Now it's time to pass the runner and look him square in the face and make him say HI! Increase pace to overtake and ....he stops! Dead stops... I go by and continue on to the end of the cul de sac we are on knowing he is watching me run by him so I have to maintain my pace because I'm going to turn around at the circle and run by runner again!

As I turn around and start back now my pace is causing pain... I look down the street and runner is gone! Vanished...poof gone!

So as I slow down my pace and run my final 5 miles I contemplate runner. who is he? where did he go? why didn't he say Hi or get off my a$$? HUH?

Did I mention I was tired? Now I'm really tired! I can't wait for sunset so I can go to bed!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Neat Car -btw right hand drive Rolls Posted by Hello I thought all the rich people in Naples went home. I saw this neat looking Rolls when I walked to the Post Office.

Missing Man Formation

Sunday's ride was the missing man formation

No not that missing man formation flown by F-16s, the Sunday bike ride was missing a man, Tony! I started out on my usual route expecting to find Tony alone the way. I even went to his house when I didn't meet up with him alogn the way, but no Tony. So I back tracked to the start of my route doing it over again and goin past my house one more time. Again no Tony. So I started my usual route that goes by Tony's house yet again. No Tony.

As I pasted his house the garage door was down and there were no signs of life at 7:30 am. So I just did my normal bike ride alone. I passed the joggers and walkers. Avoided a weaving biker who couldn't ride in a straight line becuase he was going to slow. I saw the road kill on the side of the road but no Tony.

I stopped at 30 miles only becuase I was bored riding alone around the same loops that we do every day. I had forgoten my cell phone (yea I know I promised to always take a cell phone) so I didn't escape the local compound.

So today, there on the very beginning of my daily 25 mile ride was Tony! He was out yesterday riding but couldn't find me. He even went the opposite way on our route but couldn't find me. He saw the same joggers and runners, even the same road kill but he could find me! The missing man formation of bike riding.

The Missing Man Posted by Hello


Run: Tues 6 thurs 6 Sat 8 Total 20 miles
Bike Mon 25 Wed 25 Fri 25 Sun 30 Total 105
Walk Sun 3 miles

Not great but it was something!

Who's In for $20?

Someone (jon) sent this Popapalooza 2005 brack pool. Who's in for $20?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Here Lies a Moron

I was thinking about what I don't want written on my tombstone....Here Lies a Mornon! What made me think about this is a book I'm reading "Deep Survival: Who Lives. Who Dies. and Why" by Laurence Gonzales.

In Gonzales chapter "Danger Zones", he uses Lambs Slide on the east side of Longs Peak in Colorado's Rock Mountain National Park as an example of a Danger Zone.

"Since the epic 1871 uncontrolled descent of Lambs Slide by the Reverend Elkannah Lamb, the accident has been repeated continually with results varying greatly from injury to death"

You see from below Lamb's Slide doesn't appear treacherous, it's not, UNTIL you're fully committed about one third of the way up. A perceived easy hike gets steeper and steeper until.... The accident results is so common it's called "Lost Footing. Couldn't Self-Arrest. Fell to Death or LFCSAFTD".

It's made me more aware of the Danger Zones I put my self in from time to time. Open water swim with no buddy. Riding long distances away from home with no identification or cell phone or even money. No one knowing where I went or even if I went. It's creating my own Danger Zones.

So since I don't want my tombstone to read "Here Lies a Moron" I'm going to work on not creating my own Danger Zones.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Timing Posted by Hello

It's all about timing.... Yesterday and today I've noticed a slight change. The tourist season which runs in Naples from Jan 15 to April 15 closed early this year. A lot of our "snowbirds" went home early for Easter. Remember it's all about timing...Easter was early this year, March 27, they change it every year unlike Christmas, it is always Dec. 25th. I'm always confused about the timing of Easter but never Christmas.

So since Easter was early, a lot of the snowbirds went home early. This means the traffic jams due to the snowbirds going to breakfast and tee times when I'm driving to work, or the snowbirds going to the early bird dinner specials before dark when I'm driving home has lessened. The timing of their departure has left the roads with less traffic.

But enter timing.... Yesterday I noticed a change in timing! The Naples City Fathers changed the timing of the traffic lights. Since snowbird season is over, the lights are now on a summer timing schedule. You know summer? Summer is when no one is in Naples due to the heat and humidity, except us poor working people. Therefore in the summer there is no traffic at all.

But it's not summer! It's April and there are a few tourist, rich people and other non-working people. People who went home for Easter and came back on their private jets, or came via the airlines, or, God forbid, drove back. So the timing of the timing change was the WRONG TIME!

This morning it took me three, take the time to count them, one, two, three light changes to get thru the intersection. The timing is messed up! And not just one intersection but 4! It has never happened like this until yesterday and now today. The timing of the lights is short...two or three cars can get thru....TIMING!

So next year, please change the timing of Easter rather than the timing of the lights!

Health Update

Inquiring minds want to know.....

So I went to the brain surgeon yesterday. Even with calling ahead to check on the waiting time in the waiting room I still had to wait 90 minutes to see him.

The answer is...well we don't know what it is.


1. we are pretty sure it's not growing... but we will check again in 3 months.

2. we are pretty sure it is not an AVM all though it looks like an AVM but with the MRA it doesn't have a blood no AVM..we think.

3. we are pretty sure it is a cyst but it doesn't have a regular shape, actually it looks like a collection of holes in the brain kinda like an AVM, it doesn't appear to have fluid in it....just a hole

4. we are pretty sure it is not pushing on any sections of the brain...but it might be.

5. we are pretty sure it is not cancer, it didn't "light-up" on the pet scan but it could still be a slow growing giloma or the beginning of a melanoma...we will test again in 3 months.

6. we are pretty sure it's been there a long time perhaps all your life, but we are not sure.

So let me get this straight, it's not cancer, not an avm, not a tumor, it could be a cyst but it doesn't have fluid or shape.... right! It's just weird!


1. we think you should just leave it alone and watch it. we will test again in 3 months.

2. biopsy would be bad news since it doesn't have a regular shape and is in a hard to work on area of the brain.

3. removal would probly be impossile because it has no regular shape and brain tissue would be removed as well.

4. it might be the beginning of a giloma or melanoma...we will test in 3 months.

But what about the headaches, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, stiff neck, etc...

we don't think it is coming from this.... so let's see a neurologist. It's just weird.

So April 18th another doctor.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Olivia Orchid

Orchids Posted by Hello

This morning I counted the blooms on Olivia Orchid. She has 40 blooms all total! I bought her last year from Publix, the local Florida grocery store. She has bloomed 4 times since I rescued her, of course she gets fed and watered every week to ten days. I guess I'm a little nuts naming my plants.

Well today is the big day! WHOHOO! I see my doctor to get some answers to my questions. I still am trying to get an understanding of this brain tumor. What does it mean going forward? Do I need surgery since they have told me it is in a dangerous spot? Why do I have blurry vision, headaches, stiff neck, whistling in my ears, and get confused from time to time? Questions.... What about exercise and bumping my head? Roller coasters? Fast cars?

Today was a bike day. While I usually meet Tony after I have warmed up, he once again was no where to be found! He over slept!!!! UGH! I guess with the time change and he's getting older...8 years younger than the Oldman.

Tony appeared coming the opposite way on the straight away like a fighter pilot coming out of the sun.


Bike 28 miles, ave speed 18.6
Swim tonight..Maybe.

Doctors update... the doctors office called to say the brain surgeon is in brain surgery...and of course running late! My 1:40 appointment is now scheduled for 4:15! They want a 6:45. I think I need a different doctor since my appointment last week was canceled to today and now pushed back. Wait! Next they will call to cancel totally!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

St. Anthony's

Well I spoke via telephone, since I'm having a hard time seeing straight while I drive or work or ride my bike and have had a headache off and on since my last MRI, with my brain surgeon. He doesn't want me to do St. Anthony's. I'm not surprised since I just got over my last surgery to remove a tumor (3rd surgery) from my back.... BTW I have a new one growing on the site of second surgery.

So what should I do. I paid my monies... other than swimming I've been training ok... Should I say he$$ with it I'm doing it anyway?

Needless to say I'm bummed out.... having cancer & brain tumors at the same time sucks!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Weekend Update

This weekend saw a weather change. What started out on Friday night with high humid and clear skies gave way to rain on Saturday morn and windy cold weather on Sunday.

If you don't like Florida weather, just wait a few minutes it will change.

Saturday I had scheduled a brick...20 mile ride 10 mile run. When I got up Saturday morning, it was raining lightly with thunder off in the distance, like cannon fire on a distant battlefield. So I decided to for get the ride and just run. Of course I left all of my "electronics" at home with the exception of the Heart Rate Monitor.

At the two mile mark the heavens opened with a clash of lightening and thunder! I found my self running thru a Florida car wash. It wasn't one of those warm summer rains.
No it was a cold drenching down pour. I just kind of plodded along with my head down to protect my eyes forms the stinging rain. At the four mile mark, I felt I had enough punishment for the day and went back tot he house. So best laid plans goes out the window...Total run 4.5 miles...

Sunday was a cold and windy morning. With the time change it was even harder to get out of bed. I went to met up with Tony after my 5 mile warm up, but no Tony. His bike was in front of his house, the garage door was open, but no Tony. He went inside to wait for me and fell asleep! So I rode 30 miles in the windy cold air by myself. No fun!


I found another dead rat in the trap...He was starting to smell..This was Saturday. Then Sunday I found another dead rat.... UGH. I put screens on the ends of the downspouts. I've heard them inside the gutters. I also plugged two spots that I though they might be coming in with foam. I didn't hear anything last night.


run 16 miles
bike 75 miles
swim - nada

Start of the Week

Monday started off cold again. Even colder than yesterday. 53* and it was dark at 6:30. Ugh. Even so Tony jumped in today and we did our 25 mile loop. When I finished my fingers were numb and the hot shower felt real good. Since I have to walk to the bank at lunch time there will be no swimming.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Headaches, Rats and other stuff

I've been trying to keep up my regular training schedule this week but everything has been against me. Mondays schedule 25 mile ride was shortened due to a down pour. Now I don't mind riding in the rain but the rain was stinging me like bees stings as hit it my skin. The golf course lightening alarm went off indicated in should head for cover. Can you get struck by lightening on a bike with rubber tires? So I cut the ride short since Tony didn't show up. 15 miles in the he pouring rain is enough.

Tuesdays run while hot and humid was some what uneventful. I did 5 miles. While crossing the street at the turn around point a car came danerously close to me. Since I run in the street usually against traffic this is the one point where I am going with traffic. I had my Rio playing loud so I didn't hear or see him coming. After he went by, he had to stop at the circles stop sign then a landscaping truck was blocking his path. I was able to get along side of him and scare him by thumping on his car.

Tuesday was also the MRI day. I had to go to the NASA office for an MRI of my brain with contrast but unlike the MRI's I've had done at Radiology Regional, this time they didn't start an IV but shot the dye straight into a vein in my arm. For some reason I've now had a headache on the left side of my head...that is where the tuor is located... Some times it hurts worse than others but the pain is still there.

Wednesday another ride day started bad. I went into the garage to pump up Roo's tires when I heard a strange noise. Thump, thump, thump in the garage's attic. I have rats invading the attic and have set traps so I thought I caught a rat or perhaps a squirrel. It was on the hatch for the pull down stairs. so I had to get the half dead RAT out of the attic, reset the trap...get cleaned up then I was only able to do 15 again! UGH

Wednesday was also a brain EEG day! So after work I went back to NASA for a brain wave test. The tech put little thingies on my head and two on my arms to measure brain activity and heart rate. She showed me the nice squigglie lines it my brain works even with a large tumor! I celebrated the fact that my brain was working by having a pizza! No beer...whats with that?

Thursday was a run day and inspite of waking up with my headache I though if I ran it would go away. So I took a bottle water and ran 7 miles. I felt pretty good and have a 8:30 pace. But when I got done I still had the headache! I attended a meeting until 9:00 pm about the growth in our community. We have 30 new homes sold every week. There has been permits issued for 10 million square feet of commercial real estate to be build, including a mixed use mall!

Friday was a ride day. Feeling pretty good I met up with Tony after a 5 mile warm up. We rode 25 mile together at a 18.6 mph pace. Tony said I was going to fast so he let me pull most of the time.

So now as I write this my headache is back. I think it was the dye they used. UGH!

I'm thinking about doing a brick tomorrow. That is a ride and a run. I'm thinking about riding 25 miles then running ten. Let's see how I feel especially since I have to Rat proof the house to keep the rats out!