Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Random Thots Wednesday

Would you believe these two guys are riding in an open metal bed truck going 70 mph? This pic was taken on Interstate 75 last nite on my way home. It is against the law in Florida for animals to ride in the back of a pick-up but not humans. I guess Mexicans are expendable. I can't tell you how many times these truck have what they call here in Florida "roll overs" and the guys in the back are killed. Is it any wonder?

Scratch my back with a lightening bolt,
Thunder rolls like a bass drum note.
Heaven only knows who's in command.

Bare foot children in the rain.....
Jimmy Buffet

The thunder rolled last night into this morning with heavy heavy rain. Southwest Florida got 2 inches but my rain gauge said 2.5! So it was riding in the rain today. Boy is my rear end wet.... it comes off the tire and up my back ugh... so much for going fast today only 18 mph ugh! So I only did 15 miles I forgiven for not doing 25?

I saw two more dead snakes...I wonder why they come out in the rain? To wash or or get a drink?

I think I'd like to do the Top Gun Tri in Aug... BTW check out the video on their website.

May be I could buy a new bike...I'm getting a bonus this week so LBS whata got on sale...Litespeed Blade?

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Wil said...

Yikes! How can it not be against the law for humans? That's just nuts.

Comm's said...

mexicans are in Arizona understand how that mindset occurs. it made me laugh actually.

Not to be too political but illegal immigration will be the biggest issue of the next two years. I have been writing a post that may or may not ever be put online about my thought on illegal aliens in the country.

But what about that riding in the rain? It only rains like 10-20 days a year here and they usually monsoons with 50mph wind and 3-4" rain in few hours. I admire your pluck Oldman. Doing it Old School.

Alicia said...

Thanks for the link to the tri video! Because of my schedule, I can't get out to watch one in person before my triathlon, so anything like that is very helpful.

I had to turn the sound off because I'm at work, but I had to laugh when she was interviewing the two guys and the girl in the background was bent over, massaging her butt. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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