Friday, April 01, 2005

Headaches, Rats and other stuff

I've been trying to keep up my regular training schedule this week but everything has been against me. Mondays schedule 25 mile ride was shortened due to a down pour. Now I don't mind riding in the rain but the rain was stinging me like bees stings as hit it my skin. The golf course lightening alarm went off indicated in should head for cover. Can you get struck by lightening on a bike with rubber tires? So I cut the ride short since Tony didn't show up. 15 miles in the he pouring rain is enough.

Tuesdays run while hot and humid was some what uneventful. I did 5 miles. While crossing the street at the turn around point a car came danerously close to me. Since I run in the street usually against traffic this is the one point where I am going with traffic. I had my Rio playing loud so I didn't hear or see him coming. After he went by, he had to stop at the circles stop sign then a landscaping truck was blocking his path. I was able to get along side of him and scare him by thumping on his car.

Tuesday was also the MRI day. I had to go to the NASA office for an MRI of my brain with contrast but unlike the MRI's I've had done at Radiology Regional, this time they didn't start an IV but shot the dye straight into a vein in my arm. For some reason I've now had a headache on the left side of my head...that is where the tuor is located... Some times it hurts worse than others but the pain is still there.

Wednesday another ride day started bad. I went into the garage to pump up Roo's tires when I heard a strange noise. Thump, thump, thump in the garage's attic. I have rats invading the attic and have set traps so I thought I caught a rat or perhaps a squirrel. It was on the hatch for the pull down stairs. so I had to get the half dead RAT out of the attic, reset the trap...get cleaned up then I was only able to do 15 again! UGH

Wednesday was also a brain EEG day! So after work I went back to NASA for a brain wave test. The tech put little thingies on my head and two on my arms to measure brain activity and heart rate. She showed me the nice squigglie lines it my brain works even with a large tumor! I celebrated the fact that my brain was working by having a pizza! No beer...whats with that?

Thursday was a run day and inspite of waking up with my headache I though if I ran it would go away. So I took a bottle water and ran 7 miles. I felt pretty good and have a 8:30 pace. But when I got done I still had the headache! I attended a meeting until 9:00 pm about the growth in our community. We have 30 new homes sold every week. There has been permits issued for 10 million square feet of commercial real estate to be build, including a mixed use mall!

Friday was a ride day. Feeling pretty good I met up with Tony after a 5 mile warm up. We rode 25 mile together at a 18.6 mph pace. Tony said I was going to fast so he let me pull most of the time.

So now as I write this my headache is back. I think it was the dye they used. UGH!

I'm thinking about doing a brick tomorrow. That is a ride and a run. I'm thinking about riding 25 miles then running ten. Let's see how I feel especially since I have to Rat proof the house to keep the rats out!