Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Olivia Orchid

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This morning I counted the blooms on Olivia Orchid. She has 40 blooms all total! I bought her last year from Publix, the local Florida grocery store. She has bloomed 4 times since I rescued her, of course she gets fed and watered every week to ten days. I guess I'm a little nuts naming my plants.

Well today is the big day! WHOHOO! I see my doctor to get some answers to my questions. I still am trying to get an understanding of this brain tumor. What does it mean going forward? Do I need surgery since they have told me it is in a dangerous spot? Why do I have blurry vision, headaches, stiff neck, whistling in my ears, and get confused from time to time? Questions.... What about exercise and bumping my head? Roller coasters? Fast cars?

Today was a bike day. While I usually meet Tony after I have warmed up, he once again was no where to be found! He over slept!!!! UGH! I guess with the time change and he's getting older...8 years younger than the Oldman.

Tony appeared coming the opposite way on the straight away like a fighter pilot coming out of the sun.


Bike 28 miles, ave speed 18.6
Swim tonight..Maybe.

Doctors update... the doctors office called to say the brain surgeon is in brain surgery...and of course running late! My 1:40 appointment is now scheduled for 4:15! They want a 6:45. I think I need a different doctor since my appointment last week was canceled to today and now pushed back. Wait! Next they will call to cancel totally!


nancytoby said...

Beautiful photo! And please keep us updated, and if you have to, fire that physician!! :)

susie said...

I hope you get some answers soon. Good for you, keeping up the training.

Wil said...

Wow what a beautiful orchid! Those are so hard to bring back season after season, you really have a green thumb! How do you do it?

Stay positive about the doctor's appointment, your attitude is amazing. Way to stay on the bike, too! Great pace :)

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