Thursday, April 07, 2005

Health Update

Inquiring minds want to know.....

So I went to the brain surgeon yesterday. Even with calling ahead to check on the waiting time in the waiting room I still had to wait 90 minutes to see him.

The answer is...well we don't know what it is.


1. we are pretty sure it's not growing... but we will check again in 3 months.

2. we are pretty sure it is not an AVM all though it looks like an AVM but with the MRA it doesn't have a blood no AVM..we think.

3. we are pretty sure it is a cyst but it doesn't have a regular shape, actually it looks like a collection of holes in the brain kinda like an AVM, it doesn't appear to have fluid in it....just a hole

4. we are pretty sure it is not pushing on any sections of the brain...but it might be.

5. we are pretty sure it is not cancer, it didn't "light-up" on the pet scan but it could still be a slow growing giloma or the beginning of a melanoma...we will test again in 3 months.

6. we are pretty sure it's been there a long time perhaps all your life, but we are not sure.

So let me get this straight, it's not cancer, not an avm, not a tumor, it could be a cyst but it doesn't have fluid or shape.... right! It's just weird!


1. we think you should just leave it alone and watch it. we will test again in 3 months.

2. biopsy would be bad news since it doesn't have a regular shape and is in a hard to work on area of the brain.

3. removal would probly be impossile because it has no regular shape and brain tissue would be removed as well.

4. it might be the beginning of a giloma or melanoma...we will test in 3 months.

But what about the headaches, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, stiff neck, etc...

we don't think it is coming from this.... so let's see a neurologist. It's just weird.

So April 18th another doctor.


nancytoby said...

Whew! That sounds only *slightly* reassuring - and 3 months would make me pretty impatient! Can you perhaps get a second opinion on reading the scan? Hope you're feeling better, in any event!

susie said...

Yes, please do get a second opinion...a friend of mine just had gamma knife radiation..don't know much about it but I would be happy to find out more if you need it. Hope the symptoms diminish for you.

Oldman said...

Thansk for your thots about a second opinion.... early this month I had a telephone consult with a doc at NYU and an office visit with a doc in Ft. Myers both agree with my primary doc...both of these second opinions doc came very highly recommended with great credentials!

A gamma knife radiation is an option but it is considered experimental in cases like mine.

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