Monday, April 04, 2005

Weekend Update

This weekend saw a weather change. What started out on Friday night with high humid and clear skies gave way to rain on Saturday morn and windy cold weather on Sunday.

If you don't like Florida weather, just wait a few minutes it will change.

Saturday I had scheduled a brick...20 mile ride 10 mile run. When I got up Saturday morning, it was raining lightly with thunder off in the distance, like cannon fire on a distant battlefield. So I decided to for get the ride and just run. Of course I left all of my "electronics" at home with the exception of the Heart Rate Monitor.

At the two mile mark the heavens opened with a clash of lightening and thunder! I found my self running thru a Florida car wash. It wasn't one of those warm summer rains.
No it was a cold drenching down pour. I just kind of plodded along with my head down to protect my eyes forms the stinging rain. At the four mile mark, I felt I had enough punishment for the day and went back tot he house. So best laid plans goes out the window...Total run 4.5 miles...

Sunday was a cold and windy morning. With the time change it was even harder to get out of bed. I went to met up with Tony after my 5 mile warm up, but no Tony. His bike was in front of his house, the garage door was open, but no Tony. He went inside to wait for me and fell asleep! So I rode 30 miles in the windy cold air by myself. No fun!


I found another dead rat in the trap...He was starting to smell..This was Saturday. Then Sunday I found another dead rat.... UGH. I put screens on the ends of the downspouts. I've heard them inside the gutters. I also plugged two spots that I though they might be coming in with foam. I didn't hear anything last night.


run 16 miles
bike 75 miles
swim - nada

Start of the Week

Monday started off cold again. Even colder than yesterday. 53* and it was dark at 6:30. Ugh. Even so Tony jumped in today and we did our 25 mile loop. When I finished my fingers were numb and the hot shower felt real good. Since I have to walk to the bank at lunch time there will be no swimming.


nancytoby said...

I think you need one of our local TriRats jerseys. ;) Go Rats! I think my training style is a lot like Tony's...

Anonymous said...

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