Friday, April 15, 2005

The Straight-A-Way

Every bike ride needs one! A section of road where you can go flat out. Where you can test your ability to really haul a$$. The daily course that Tony and I take has just that, a section of our ride that we travel twice in our ride. We call it the Straight-A-Way!

The Straight-A-Way is a one mile section of road that was abandoned when our community was built. One the one side or the road, usually our left hand side unless we go the opposite way than usual, is our community's golf course. A long par five hole and a long par three hole. The opposite side in a fence that divides our community from our neighboring community. They have it fence to keep out the rift-raft from the other community. Their homes are only $2 million and up!

So our goal on the Straight-A-Way has been to get to 30 mph. Usually I pull Tony for the first 3/4 of a mile then he passes me at which time I jump on his wheel to get pulled along the finial 1/4 mile. Today the first pass was a sign of things to come. The wind was right, it was a nice cool morning with low humidity and since we were making a first pass we don't push but we did see 27 mph! Could thirty be far behind?

We never discuss the Straight-A-Way until after the ride. It's just understood that we are going to try for 30. The mile before includes a right turn then around a circle followed by another right turn, up a small hill and on to the Straight-A-Way. Along the circle Tony will pass so I can be pulled and have a brief rest. Then as we turn and go up the hill I stand in the saddle to pass Tony, grab a quick sip of drink and we are off. But none of this is discussed or mentioned, we just know what to do each doing his part.

As we approached the second pass I thought this might be the day...look out Lance. Thirty miles per hour seems fast on a bike. We took the circle and the small hill as usual. Often as we turn onto the Straight-A-Way there are people walking in the road or jogging and or some occasions a golf course maintenance worker on a golf cart or gas cart. People like to walk 3 and 4 abreast on the Straight-A-Way even though on the left side there is a nice wide sidewalk, but that's another story.
Today on this the second pass there is no one. The road is empty, another good sign no dodge'em, no dogs on long leashes, no recreational bikers talking on cell phone going so slow you think they are going to fall over. No the Straight-a-Way is empty. Today is the day!!!!

I decide to keep it in the big ring and not drop to a smaller cog but just try to keep my cadence up then at 100 bpm change gears to a smaller cog. I watch my 'puter 22...then 23...80 bpm...84... I can see the end of the Straight-A-Way which ends with a 90* left turn.... 26.. 26.8 Tony is ready top pass...he is along side 90 bpm...I change gears and try to pick up some speed to get on his wheel... 27....28.... I can see the end...push 29.8! Push harder...but no it's done....29.8 mph...not there yet! ugh you mean we got do this all over again?

Well it was a nice 25 mile ride inspite of the fact we didn't hit 30 but then there is always Monday....Sunday we escape the community to do a long slow ride.


Wil said...

Wow, those are impressive numbers! I don't think I've EVER hit 30 MPH - even on the downhills!

nancytoby said...

Woo, that sounds like great fun! You left yourself some room for an increase next time!! But I don't want to see you drafting like that on any triathlon courses, you hear? ;)

IronClyde said...

Oh man you were sooooooo close! Good luck next time you go for it.

Flatman said...

Great job! It won't be long now and you will be pining away for 35... :o)