Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Sunset Posted by Hello

I suppose everyone has one of those days. You know were you don't want to get out of bed. I didn't sleep well last nite, so when the TV went off and the coffee pot alarm sounded saying the coffee is ready, I wanted to go back to sleep.

In the words of Garfield, Why can't morning come later in the day? 5:30 am comes early! But I do have everything timed so I can get my training in so I pushed myself.... maybe I shouldn't but I did. Yea I know listen to your body so when it tells you to rest take a day off. But what about pushing yourself to new limits?

So it was a run day, I started out slower than usual but then it happened...right after a 1/2 mile, I turned the corner and there is another runner! Guy about my age not as good looking as me and runner is going my way. He doesn't say hi or wave or nothing...so I just follwed along behind him, nice pace. We are running in line and like a cyclist I'm drafting him...can you do that? Now we are running at an 8:10 pace. Surely he knows I'm there.

As we run along I see the usual people I say hi to in the morning. The shower girl taking her two large dogs for a walk..shower girl because she looks like she just got out of the shower threw on sweats and out the door with the dogs. The skinny lady and her husband...man is she thin...weird thin too, the walker ladies, the weights guy (he carries weights) and Chris in his red Vette going to work...but the runner doesn't acknowledge anyone...

So now at my 1 mile mark, I'm still behind the runner, macho kicks! Oh no in I've got pass him... I pick up the pace..hey he picks up the pace...now according to Timex Bodylinx 7:45. so we run along a little more, me just slightly behind but now to his side now.... I know he knows I'm there...he can hear me breathing... ok..my 2 mile mark...I started out to fast but that's what happens with mucho....did I tell you I'm tired, I didn't sleep well last nite?

Now it's time to pass the runner and look him square in the face and make him say HI! Increase pace to overtake and ....he stops! Dead stops... I go by and continue on to the end of the cul de sac we are on knowing he is watching me run by him so I have to maintain my pace because I'm going to turn around at the circle and run by runner again!

As I turn around and start back now my pace is causing pain... I look down the street and runner is gone! Vanished...poof gone!

So as I slow down my pace and run my final 5 miles I contemplate runner. who is he? where did he go? why didn't he say Hi or get off my a$$? HUH?

Did I mention I was tired? Now I'm really tired! I can't wait for sunset so I can go to bed!


soccerdad said...

maybe you really didn't do that run. maybe you actually did go back to sleep and the mystery runner was just a dream. hmmm.

Wil said...

Wow, again with the awesome pics - I'm a sucker for sunsets!

And you know, I think everyone is kind of in a weird slump this week ... weird tri vibes! Hang in there!

tracy said...

odd. Were there any houses nearby? Manholes with loose covers? Large shiny objects in the sky?

Anonymous said...

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