Thursday, May 27, 2004

Almost Friday


Bike Day. This morning started slow as I was late getting out. My riding buddy was waiting on me so I had very little warm up. We jumped right in at 18 mph then got faster as we went along. At the 10 mile mark I switched to the big ring in order to keep pace with Tony's 22 mph. For most of the second 10 miles I stayed on the big ring. Now my quads ache but it's a good ache.

In my rush to get out today, I forgot my water bottle. Not a good thing since it was very humid and 77. Note to self, always bring water. I was very dry from thirst.

No other training today since I have a business dinner.


This week seems to be dragging by. Is it because I'm looking forward to a long weekend or is it just because we are not as busy at work? Either way it's only Thursday. I hope we have an early out tomorrow.

Perhaps the week has been dragging because I've been very hungry this week. I've tried to drink more H2O and more salads but real food is what I crave. Last night I had chicken and pasta with a salad which seemed to help. How much is the right amount to eat lose weight and still be able to train hard?

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Today was a run day. I had planned to do 7 miles but when I got up this morning it was 72 and very humid. I felt like I was running with a blanket over my head. I went out without water and so I had to cut my run short to 5 miles.

I plan to swim later this evening, hopefully I'll get a full hour of poor time today. I plan on drilling for 40 minutes and laps for 20 let's hope I can do it.

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