Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Vacation

My Christmas Vacation started with a nightmare. Tony took me to the airport thursday night December pleanty of time for our 8:40 pm flight. After check in I discovered the plane to RSW was delayed...delayed due to weather in Newark, The plane was to arrive at 7:30 and leave again at 8:40. After much waiting, watching Lord of The Rings on the puter and waiting and waiting the 7:30 plane arrived at 12:30 am Friday and we left at 1:300 for a 3:45 am arival in Newark.

Even worst was the cold ! When I left Estero it was 75*. When I arrived in Newark it was a balmy 26*...needless to say I was cold!

Training is taking a vacation!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Weakly Totals

This past week was a little disappointing, I've been tired and it has been chilly by Florida standards. Sunday was down right cold in the morning, 45* at 7 am!

Looking forward to 2005 and keeping with my goals I did sign up for St. Anthony's and I'm considering Walt Disney Half Ironman in May so far here is my schedule:

Jan 8, 20056 Tour de Cape 100 mile Bike Race
Jan 23, 2005 Naples Half Marathon
Feb 12, 2005 Chilly Willy Duathlon
March 6, 2005 Bay to Bay Classic - 12k run
April 25, 2005 St. Anthony's Triathlon - Oly distance
May 22, 2005 Florida Half Ironman
June Publix Fitness Tri Series - sprint
July Publix Fitness Tri Series - sprint
September Publix Fitness Tri Series - sprint
Oct 9, 2005 Steamtown Marathon - Boston qualifier
November Great Florida Triathlon -Ironman distance

Here are the Weakly Totals for the Week ending 12/12

Bike : 130 miles
Run : 17 miles
Swim: 1,000 yrds
Weights 1 x
Pilates 0

Monday, December 13, 2004

Broken Treo

Well I went and did it.... I dropped my Treo! The screen looks weird! I can't use it and will be getting a new one in a few days. But I find it hard to live without my Treo. I read my emails onthe way to work. Use Verichat to IM people. Surf the web on the way home and read the Philly papers. I even use it for work having Outlook and all of my contacts. I've been using a laptop for a few days instead of my Treo. It works great when your near a wireless connection. But it just isn't the same as the Treo.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Weakly Totals

Last week was a little here's the upddate

Run 20 miles
Bike 150 miles
Swim 1,000 yds didn't feel like swimming much

I registered for the St Anthony's Triathlon in April. It's an olympic distance Tri.... Also for the Tour de Cape Jan 8, it's a 100 mile race (not a ride) and the Naples half marathon Jan 23 (this year I think Joe Bonness is in my age group!).

Josh Called

Josh, he's my youngest, called from Iraqi where he is serving in the Army in a forward communications unit. Satilites are us! He may be coming home in January IF he doesn't get exteneded and then will come to visit with me in Feb for a couple of weeks.

Birthday Colonoscopy

I've been a little lax about updating my bog soooo.....

Hey it was my birthday Sunday....the 15th anniversary of my 39th birthday...54! I watched the Eagles beat Green Bay whoa! GO EAGLES>>>>

The oncologist has been on me about getting a colonoscopy. I kinda don't like things that don't belong there being pushed up I've putting it off. So I made a pact with myself to get all of my medical done in tax year 2004 so hopefully I can get a deduction for these expenses....

The doc doing the colonoscopy said the prep was worst than the test and he's right! I had to take 2 laxatives and then mix this stuff with gatorade and drink 8 oz every 30 minutes. He didn't menton you can't get to far from the bathroom. I didn't sleep well and my test was a 10:20 am so it was a long night. I had a little trouble getting some one to take me to the test since I couldn't drive one wants to sit about for 3 I bribed Joanne with a dinner at a resturant of her choice IF she would drive me home.

The doc was 1 hr behind schedule sooooo since my test was at 10:20 I didn't get in until 12 (an hour huh?) They put me out completely...the nurse said they found this best because people tend to scream and they have even had people crawl off the table....but it was a pleasent sleep. No dreams....

When I awoke the doc came to see me and yup you know me, they found something....he said he would sent the results to my surgeon and oncologist and he call me in 7 days or so with the results. I just don't want to poop into a bag.....kinda will mess up swimming.

When I got home there was a message from yet another doctor, my favorite painful giving doc the dermatologist. I had an appintment I had forgotten off Tuesday to see Dr. Hurt. He did a full body scan, which means he looked EVERYWHERE! (yup everywhere). On the site of my first melanoma, which was the size of bagel and he removed with a local OCH, he found a growth growing about the size of a golf ball. He dosen't want to remove it this time, thank God. I think he was a little surprise since the nurse asked him if that was normal and he siad no way.... So I have to see the cocktail mixer and the oncologist and my surgeon.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Kids Visit and Busch Gardens

The kids and grandkids came down to visit for Thanksgiving. Actually they arrived the Saturday before T-day and left the Saturday after. Needless to say my training schedule was a little disrupted. I did run on Satuday and did a 20 mile bike on Sunday but after that it was somewhat down hill.

Sunday I had my riding partner, his wife and their rabbit, Mango, come over for dessert and drinks. Then my neighbor on the west side and her husband dropped in at the same time so the party was on....with beer, wine and Scotch. No a good combination if you want to get up Monday at 6:30 to ride. Posted by Hello

Max with a Bird on his Head Posted by Hello

Max at Busch Gardens Posted by Hello