Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Weakly Totals

This past week was a little disappointing, I've been tired and it has been chilly by Florida standards. Sunday was down right cold in the morning, 45* at 7 am!

Looking forward to 2005 and keeping with my goals I did sign up for St. Anthony's and I'm considering Walt Disney Half Ironman in May so far here is my schedule:

Jan 8, 20056 Tour de Cape 100 mile Bike Race
Jan 23, 2005 Naples Half Marathon
Feb 12, 2005 Chilly Willy Duathlon
March 6, 2005 Bay to Bay Classic - 12k run
April 25, 2005 St. Anthony's Triathlon - Oly distance
May 22, 2005 Florida Half Ironman
June Publix Fitness Tri Series - sprint
July Publix Fitness Tri Series - sprint
September Publix Fitness Tri Series - sprint
Oct 9, 2005 Steamtown Marathon - Boston qualifier
November Great Florida Triathlon -Ironman distance

Here are the Weakly Totals for the Week ending 12/12

Bike : 130 miles
Run : 17 miles
Swim: 1,000 yrds
Weights 1 x
Pilates 0