Monday, January 24, 2005

Naples Half Marathon

I finish the Naples Half Marathon yesterday in 2:34:42. No world record but an improvement over last years time. It was a great day! Joanne and Tony were at the finish line to take pictures and to cheer me on.!Posted by Hello

Joanne and Me at the Naples Half Marathon Pasta Party Saturday night. This was after we found out that I don't have a brain tumor. It was a great party with pleanty of pasta for the 1,500 runners taking part in the Naples Half Marathon on Sunday.Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Futures and Options

Today at 4:30 pm, I see my nuerosurgeon (brain surgeon) Dr. Michael Lust. He comes highly recommended. Hopefully the oncologist has sent all of my test to him so he can give me an intelligent update on my options and my future. His office is at NASA (Neuroscience and Spine Asociates) it is close to the office so I can slip out at 4:30.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What could be worse than cancer? A brain tumor!

I got my results from all of my tests last week. It took a while and the oncologist would not tell me over the phone. Always a bad sign. I had to go in Tuesday during my lunch to get the results. The MRI showed a spot on the frontal lobe of the brain...and the PET scan showed that it was a tumor approximately 3.3 centimeters or 1.3 inches. The growth on my back is well...soft and squishy....

So I will be seing my surgeon next Wednesday to set up a time to have the growth on my back removed....

Next I will be seeing a Neurosurgeon to determine how to handle the brain tumor...

I still plan on doing the Naples Half Marathon this Sunday.....

Monday, January 10, 2005

Tomorrow's Brain Scan

Well tomorrow I'm scheduled for a CAT scan of the chest and brain. Tonight I have to drink some kind of dye....I guess I'll glow in the dark!!!! This all messes up my training and I wish it were over....

Here's my weakly totals:

Bike.... WOW A NEW HIGH 175 miles
Run....what a low......14 miles

Goal this week:

Bike - recovery week 100 miles
run -take Tuesday off- 20 miles

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tour de Cape Finish Posted by Hello

Tour de Cape

Well it was a great time!!!! And I finished the 100 mile-which was my goal. Here is a brief report of the race.

Tony and I left the house at 5:45 to get to Cape Coral on time to register for the race. Yes we did not pre-register because of me. After registering while getting our bikes ready and pumping the tires a guy parked near use came over to tell us that he had a flat. He was looking for theSAG but no one was around. Since he didn't have tools or a spare or a patch kit...Tony and I changed the tire for him and Tony gave him his spare. Then the guy came back and said the tire was flat again.....there was glass in the we changed the tire again and give him my spare. So Iwas off with only one spare left.

When 7:30 came the Cape Coral police escorted us out of the parking lot and the race was off. Tony and I being in the middle just rode along at a brisk 23 wasn't long before we fell back to the second pack and fit in better there doing 20 to 22 mph. Each of us took a turn pulling and I did my share.....I froze my water bottles so I had no water for the first 20 miles....ugh! At the 50 rest stop the pack decieded to stop to "refuel" so I was able to drink eat, stretch etc.... then it was off again. I was a little stiff after the stop and wondered about the need to stop had I the fuel on my bike.

At the 60 mile mark...I began to have bad they brought tears to my eyes...or maybe it was sweat! I stoped to massage my legs...the park ranger asked if I needed medical assistance and I refused....I drank some orange juice and continued on...but now I was alone...

I fould a nice lady who was cleaning her already clean garage. I asked her for some water and some salt. So I ate 3 teaspoons of salt raw then put some in my water bottle and drank that as well.....hey it helped I didn't cramp any more!!!!! I now had to deal with never been this far and the just plain pain...the ball of my left foot started to hurt....then at 75 miles I stopped at the aid station and drank some pickel juice, ate 2 bananas, drank some water, gatorade...ate some salttines with peanut butter.... and was on my way....

At 80 miles I had a major headache and dizzy spelll....but it passed...Finally I made it to the finish line...well there was no one there except Tony sitting on the tailgate of his banner or line or clock or people to cheer...whats with that?

Well I finished and now I can say I did 100 miles....the first 50 was great being in a pack of riders was alot of fun. I averaged 20 mph for the first not to bad...

Friday, January 07, 2005

Tour de Cape tomorrow

Well I've had a headache and ringing in my ears since Monday. No big deal just a slight headache rather dull ache, a stiff neck and a little dizziness. I've been able to run and ride though it.

I saw the dermotologist and mentioned the lump that is growing where my first surgery was...orginal melonoma. He said it is not noral for something to grow so quickly. dah!!! Since then it has almost doubled in he said to call the oncologist....

The oncologist says she wants a CAT scan of my back and since I'm having headaches a brain scan....then a PET scan to see it the cancer has spread anywhere.... I want to wait until monday...soooo and I also call the surgeron for a Wednesday appointment....

So tomorrow is the 100 mile Tour de Cape. I've been looking forward to this for about 6 months. Tony is going to do the race with me. Our goal is to keep a steady pace of about 17 mph. But I'm sure Tony will want to go fast at times.

Tour de Cape Start Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Old Shoes

This morning I didn't feel like wearing my regular running shoes for some reason, so I pulled an old pair of Brooks Beasts off the rack. They don't look pretty but they feel good! I thought since haven't been running in two weeks I'd just take it easy and slow with my old shoes. Well I felt pretty good. I did the first mile in 9:54 with a heart rate of 145 then for the next 6 miles just tried to keep getting a little faster. I did stop at the 3 mile mark for water then to take off my shirt but all in all I think it was one of my best runs in a long time. 7 miles in 59 minutes! Maybe I should just rotate old shoes......Posted by Hello

Goal Setting

Last year I set a few goals for myself....

Complete Naples Half Marathon...Done!
Complete a Sprint Triathlon... Done Ft. DeSoto!
To Swim/Bike/Run every week... well almost....does sickness count?

My weight goal was to be 175 lb...I'm 15 lbs short of my goal..ugh!

Here are my year end stats:

Bike 3,456 miles
Run 1,289 miles

So I hope to do better in 2005! Here are my goals...A goal without a plan is a wish!

Training Goals:

Swim 600,000 yards or 12,000 yards a week
Bike 6,250 miles or 125 miles a week
Run 1,850 miles or 37 miles a week

weight Goal 161 by 12/31/05 lose 0.58 lbs a week!

Race Goals

Complete Naples Half Marathon under 2 hrs.
Finish St. Anthony's Tri
Finish Florida 1/2 Ironman
Qualify for Boston Marathon at Steamtown Marathon in 3:30

Monday, January 03, 2005

Back at it....

Now that Christmas is over, I'm back to my training and races. This week is the 100 mile Tour de Cape and then later in the month is the Naples Half Marathon.

My break really started the week before Christmas when we had some cold weather here in Florida. That week I was only able to ride two days out of my regular 4... Over Chirstmas week I did no training until I got home on Thurs (Dec. 30). Also when I got home I had a flu bug so that didn't help either. It is amazing to me that when you take a few days how quickly you lose fitness and gert sick.

Weakly Totals:

Bike 65 miles
Run Nada
Swim Nada
Weights Nada

Goals this weak:

Bike 80 and 100 mile race
Run 25 miles
Swim 3,000 yards
Weights 2 times