Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Goal Setting

Last year I set a few goals for myself....

Complete Naples Half Marathon...Done!
Complete a Sprint Triathlon... Done Ft. DeSoto!
To Swim/Bike/Run every week... well almost....does sickness count?

My weight goal was to be 175 lb...I'm 15 lbs short of my goal..ugh!

Here are my year end stats:

Bike 3,456 miles
Run 1,289 miles

So I hope to do better in 2005! Here are my goals...A goal without a plan is a wish!

Training Goals:

Swim 600,000 yards or 12,000 yards a week
Bike 6,250 miles or 125 miles a week
Run 1,850 miles or 37 miles a week

weight Goal 161 by 12/31/05 lose 0.58 lbs a week!

Race Goals

Complete Naples Half Marathon under 2 hrs.
Finish St. Anthony's Tri
Finish Florida 1/2 Ironman
Qualify for Boston Marathon at Steamtown Marathon in 3:30

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