Monday, January 03, 2005

Back at it....

Now that Christmas is over, I'm back to my training and races. This week is the 100 mile Tour de Cape and then later in the month is the Naples Half Marathon.

My break really started the week before Christmas when we had some cold weather here in Florida. That week I was only able to ride two days out of my regular 4... Over Chirstmas week I did no training until I got home on Thurs (Dec. 30). Also when I got home I had a flu bug so that didn't help either. It is amazing to me that when you take a few days how quickly you lose fitness and gert sick.

Weakly Totals:

Bike 65 miles
Run Nada
Swim Nada
Weights Nada

Goals this weak:

Bike 80 and 100 mile race
Run 25 miles
Swim 3,000 yards
Weights 2 times

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