Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Feature - Holly

This weeks Friday Feature is about Holly from Arlington, Va and of Tri and Be Happy blog fame. Some of you may know Holly, age 35, as a part of the Triathlete Alliance, as a graphic designer for the U.S government or as the fiance of Jim. More important than Holly's training is her daily fight against melanoma. While her goal remains to be an Ironman her main goal now is to beat this disease.

Holly was diagnosed with melanoma earlier this year. Melanoma as you may be aware is the fastest growing form of cancer. Usually found as skin cancer but can spread rapidly to other parts of the body. Her initial treatment included 20 rounds of Interferon (chemotherapy for melanoma). Holy writes in her blog "Interferon Cocktails are a b*tch kids". For those who have had interferon they describe it as having the worlds worst case of the flu ever with headaches, body aches, nausea and constipation.

Holly underwent surgery of her lymph nodes to see if the melanoma had spread....the good news was other words clean nodes.! The docs then gave her the better side of 50/50 of surviving! But then a few days later the bad news YES it was spreading. The early path report failed to pick up that the melanoma had spread. Holly said at the time:

Because the bastard cells were hiding out up at the top! Sneaky little freaky cancer!

Holly is currently in her 13th week of a 48 week interferon treatment...constant flu! But that hasn't stopped her in her training. This past weekend she ran/walked 15 miles with an average pace of 13 min miles. So don't you complain about your training run! Holly has also maintained her sense humor. Last Thursday she wrote of this exchange:


No, not you darling reader. Shame on the client who walked into the office today and said "Wow are you feeling okay? You look awful!!!"

My response: "Yeah sometimes Chemo does that to you!"

They were very apologetic and I accepted the apology but I felt justified in putting this person in their place. Don't tell me how bad I look because 9 out of 10 times, I am already aware of it but trying to work through it. Being reminded doesn't help!

This weekend Holly with her sister Heather , of adventures of a sufergirl fame, are doing the Army Ten Miler but she is already a winner in my book.

Hang in there Holly you are in our thoughts and more importantly in our prayers. Why not stop by Holly's blog Tri and Be Happy and write her a note.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ugly Day

Ok maybe I just need to eat some more food? I'm convinced that the goodness or badness of my morning run is determined by what I eat for dinner the previous night. Example, last night I had chicken picata (chicken tenders with lemon juice and capers), couscous (cooked with Oldman's homemade chicken broth) and steamed broccoli, not enough carbs. When I finished dinner I was hungry. For my snack I had a sugar free fudge pop and I went to bed early and hungry.

So this morning called for a 7 mile tennis ball run that was less than expected... 3 miles less. I even left the tennis ball in the garage only to find one on the side of the road. (Someone trying to tell me something?). My legs were DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, and I had no energy. So I cut the run short.

So here at work I had my multi-grain toast with PBJ and a banana...I feel better now!

I'm going to try to swim at lunch and then maybe tonight I'll hit the weights before dinner, tonight is vegetarian (I'm Buddhist on Tuesdays and Thursdays that way I will not eat Aunt Pearl who came back as a .... cow).

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What were you thinking?

Today was our usual 25 mile ride. Tony and I were both feeling a little tired so we decided not to really push it. Our first loop was quite uneventful. However on the second loop as we made a right hand turn into a "blind street", meaning we couldn't see around the corner until we actually made the turn, we met two sour faced people walking in the middle of the street. I'm sure we startled them and it cause us to go wide in our turn...But WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Walking in the middle of the street....

As we continued on our ride we of course went up Coffee Drinker & Collie's street to the end and turned around. As we did a lady in a new caddy was backing out of her driveway. She nicely waited for us. Now keep in mind the speed limit is posted at 15 mph. We are riding 21 mph. Would you believe she accelerates and passes us on the curve... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? You're on the wrong side of the road doing about 30 mph in a 15 zone ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!

Our ride continues....Now the long straight which goes pass the Country Club up to the River Club and Fitness center where we turn around again. As we pass the Country Club a large green trash truck is pulling out of the parking lot. Tony is in the lead and I am well..He dropped me and I'm bringing up the rear but doing 22 mph. I hear the trash truck behind me so I push a little harder not wanting the smelly trash to be in front of me. I look to my left and said trash truck is at my shoulder passing me (yes he's on the wrong side of the road) when I turn back and look ahead of me there RIGHT THERE is a landscaper truck with trailer STOPPED in the road. Tony has gone around, but coming the other way, IN A HURRAY is a black Volvo. Stopped landscape truck, trash truck, Volvo and me all wanting to be in the same spot at the same time. I passed between the Volvo and the landscape truck but the trash truck laid a patch of rubber trying to stop! So WHAT WERE YOU THINKING PEOPLE?

Just another easy 25 mile ride!

OK pepople here are the rules. No one is allowed on the streets between 6:30 - 8:00 am so Tony and I can ride in peace!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Coffee Drinker & Collie Sighting

I forgot to tell you, gentle readers, of today's sighting of Coffee Drinker and Collie. It was ever so brief and but so rewarding. You do remember gentle reader, our goal is to make coffee Drinker spill his coffee?

Let me take you back to the 2nd and last loop of our 25 mile morning ride. It was there, coming down from our turn-around on Coffee Drinker's street, when who should appear? None other than Coffee Drinker and Collie! We did see Coffee Drinker alone the other day causing some to speculate on the demise of Collie (see you killed Collie. # posted by tracy : 2:45 PM) But alas Collie is ALIVE AND WELL!

Today I believe they were putting something in the re-cycling bin (today is collection day for recycling). Coffee Drink had his coffee and Collie spotted us as Coffee Drinker, not seeing us, was bending over the recycling bin. Coffee in one hand Collie's leash in the other when, yup, Collie lunged forward barking almost pulling Coffee Drinker over! kewl. I think, though not verified, Coffee Drinker spilled his coffee! Double kewl! We did hear damn! Can life get any better?

Fluid Weekend

My fluid weekend started with party a the golf club. No particular theme other than it was Friday...of the usual fluids, Guinness, were consumed along with dinner. I did meet few new people. No single females however... it is hard in a couples community.

My fluid weekend continues into Saturday morning. I pushed the fluids, gatorade, to start my LSD run well hydrated. When I left the house at 6:30 if was already 76* and going to 91*, so I knew I would be in need of fluids. I did my long course which takes me thru the woods and along the golf course, I stopped to refill my bottles at the fitness center and age at the potty house...but the last 3 miles were HOT. I finished up my 15 miles at 8:45 just before the sun really got hot. I have be working on using the shade as much as possible.

After my shower and breakfast, Oldman's homemade banana nut-apricot muffins, I went to Bonita Beach. I had to get my propane tank refilled then over to the beach. The Red Tide, an algae that kills the fish and causes lung irritation in humans, was gone. So I swam at Doc's Beach House for 1:30 minutes. I go into the current for 45 minutes then swim back. Since I was hungry again I ate lunch at Doc's , Philly Cheese Steak and Fries and a pitcher of beer. I spent the rest of the afternoon lazing at home around the pool. I did make a wonderful dinner of grilled chicken and broccoli over pasta in a basil cream sauce with Oldman's homemade bread.

Sunday was my long ride with Tony. Once again I tried to push the fluids to keep well hydrated. We did the Coconut Point ride. There were no dolphins at Coconut Point. On the way back there was quite a headwind which made for an interesting ride. We sprinted several times into the wind doing 1 minute sprints until my legs ached. I couldn't wait to get out of the wind! At the 45 mile mark I went past my house and that was it...I didn't want to go on so I dropped out. In the afternoon I walked 9 holes of golf, I broke 50 (48) but maybe if I played more I would score better. I made a meatloaf for dinner and now have enough leftovers to have for several days!

Weakly Totals

Swim 6,000 yards plus 1:30 open water
Run 32 miles
Bike 120 miles
9 holes of golf (is that really a sport?)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita-less Day with Coffee Drinker & Collie Update

Finally we aren't getting any of Rita's feeder bands of rain. Last nite was a perhaps the last thunderstorm and heavy rain. What a big storm! Rita rains on Naples and New Orleans at the same time!

This morning was my first ride with Tony in 3 weeks. Our schedules didn't mesh. So we did the normal loop around our community for 25 miles. Not much to say, he's still fast out of the corners and I could only get to 27 mph on the straight-a-way due to the headwind (from RITA?).


As we do our second loop Tony is pulling. Our speed is about 21 mph when ahead I see Coffee Drinker! He's at the bend in the road so we can't see the road ahead. Collie is now where to be found! coffee or Collie. How can this be? As we approach , of course not slowing down, he gives us a WIDE berth! Wonder what happened to Collie?

Weakend Plans

So I plan to swim at lunch today. Tonight is a party at the club, but lately I'm on the wagon because I want to be able to get up early. Saturday is a 15 mile run and an afternoon swim at the beach. However we've had red tide so I may be at the pool. Sunday Tony and I are planning a 4 hr ride...what ever that equals in miles. Sunday afternoon I'm playing cow pasture billiards with .... Sunday nite I'm taking my golf partner to dinner downtown.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Product Review Yankz

Boys and girls, I want to tell you about Yankz! I have been using these in my running shoes for a year. They are simple and they work!

Yankz replace your current laces and allow you to slip your shoes on in the transition area or the garage, lock in place and go. No knots to fumble with or tie.

When you first get Yankz it takes 10 minutes or so to get them right. (READ THE DIRECTIONS) I had to fiddle with them until I was comfortable. But once done you don't have to touch them again. I recommend these for tris and everyday use. Out of a possible 5 bikes I give it 5 Bikes!

Today SW Florida is still feeling the effects of Rita. It's overcast, breezy and rain shower, well actually drizzle. So when I left the house for my Tennis Ball run this morning it was cooler than usual and drizzling. I did my 7 mile loop and had a ball.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Brick - in the rain

Today's schedule called for a brick. For those boys an girls just joining us, that is a bike and a run back to back. So the schedule called for a 20 mile bike followed by a three mile run. Since Rita is still hanging around off our coast, there was a slight drizzle when I left the house. It felt nice to have a breeze and the cooler temps this morning even with the high humidity.

The ride was a nice easy spin. I tried to stay in aero position as much as possible and keep the cadence at 90 rpms. My legs felt surprisingly good. I tried to ave 18 mph. As I returned home I thought about practicing taking my feet out of my shoes while riding, but that has never worked for me. So I just unclipped as usual.

I was surprised how good my legs felt for the run. Most of the time I feel a little woggity but today they just felt like a normal run. Since I didn't have my heart rate monitor and GPS on I just timed everything from my landmarks trying to maintain a good pace. The first mile was 9 minutes the second 9:10 and the 3rd 8:45. Not great but I'll work on it.

Once again it's raining and there is some thunder of in the distance so I assume the pool is closed. Maybe I can swim tonight after work.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tri-Training Tips

I always struggle with setting my own training goals and since I can't afford a coach I read everything I can find on training.. So when I found this artcle on Resistance Training I knew I wanted to share it with you , boys and girls. This artcle comes from Australian Triathlete Magazine (used by permission).

Resistance Training

By Bruce thomas | Photography by Delly Carr
As you come to the first hill on the bike in the triathlon you are competing in, you dig deep and pass the athlete in front of you. Feeling good, you continue up the hill, giving it everything to get to the top of the rise. As you punish yourself, another rider comes past at a significantly faster pace, appearing to deal with the hill effortlessly. Your initial reaction is to think, “Wow, that person is strong on the bike.” If “strong” is the right word, the question is: How do you get strong? The best way to improve your strength is through overload.

to read the rest of the story click here


Hurricane Rita is not far away. This morning she is suppose to pass over the key then into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We have been getting bans of squalls from Rita. So this morning when I left my house at 6:30 it was 79* and 79% humidity and cloudy. There was an erie silence in the air inspite of the strong breeze. It was the same kind of silence I experienced the morning of Hurricane Charlie.

Today was a run day and on the schedule was an easy seven mile run thru the woods. I'm still recovering from my long run on Sunday, no problems, no pain, just a little tired. So I decided to just maintain an easy 9 min mile pace then the last two mile pick up the pace a little. I stopped at the fitness center at the 5 mile mark to get a drink of water. I started feeling good so the next two miles I did 8:30 and 8 even to finish up my run.

After I showered and dressed and was ready to leave for work the heavens opened up and it started to rain with lightening and thunder. So I guess the lunch time swim is out today. I hope Rita doesn't come to close we still have people living in FEMA housing and others with blue traps on their roofs from Hurricane Charlie.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Report

I got up early Saturday to beat the heat. To my surprise it was not as humid only about 60% relative humidity and 80* with a slight breeze from the east. Perhaps its the Tropical Storm in the Atlantic?

On the schedule was a 14 mile LSD run. I took the double fuel belt and 1 bottle of gel. I started out real slow and planned to walk thru each water stop, approx. every 2 miles.
So the first mile was 9 mins then I increased to 8:30 for the 2nd mile thru the woods and then to 8 mins thereafter. At the 6 mile mark I stopped to refill the water bottles at the fitness center and then was off again for the lonely section where I rarely see anyone (actually it's the famous straight-a-way). At mile 12 I stopped at one of the potty houses on the golf course to refill the water bottles and I took some gel. The last 2 miles I did at a 7:30 pace, so all in all it was a pretty good run!

In the afternoon I went to the beach for a swim, but ugh RED TIDE! It was horrible on the beach with dead fish and the smell. So no swim at the beach! Sunday was the LSD Bike ride alone! I did the Florida Gulf Coast University loop which allows me to stop at the pool at the 20 mile mark to refill my water bottles, only to find it closed! So I had to stop at the tennis courts for water which was hot! Only the way home I stopped at MickieD's for a cold coke and some water. It was a rather uneventful 50 mile ride. Sunday afternoon I went my community pool which is not the best for laps but I swam anyway. I did balance drills, 3x50 zipper drill, 4x50 underswitch and 2x100, 3x100 4x100 3x100 2x100.


Swim 7,750 yards
Bike 125 miles
Run 28 miles


I'm looking for balance in my training. I don;t want to favor any one discipline but I would like to concentrate on one each week or month. So I'm looking into that. Maybe I need a coach?

I'm also looking at doing the Boca Bop Tri in November if my docs will approve. Although I feel fine so I might just do it.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Feature

This weeks Friday Feature is about Naples triathelete Joe Bonness. Joe, age 49, is a very sucessful paving contractor here in Naples. Yet in the world of triathalon Joe is known for 25 age group wins in iron distance races out of 36 trys! He is perhaps best known for the Bonness Triple: In 2003 Joe finished Kona in fourth place for AG 45-49 in 9:45:51. The following WEEK he WON (OVERALL WINNER) the Great Florida Iron-distance Race in Clermont, FL in a time of 9:42:06, and TWO WEEKS later won his AG 45-49 and finished fourth OVERALL in Ironman Florida with a PR of 9:09:18. Boys and girls, that's three Iron-distance races in (count them) four weeks!.

During the week Joe can be seen riding with the NATS (Naples Area Triatheletes). He rides from his home to Clint's Bikeshop (my LBS) and takes part in a easy 45 miles bike down Gulf Shore Blvd to Gordon Drive and back at a 25 mph pace. Joe and the gang have breakfast at the coffee shop next to Clint's and then they do a second ride of 50 miles at 25 mph. Joe says its better to stop and eat so you don't bonk and your muscles don't feel as sore.

You can also find Joe swimming in the Gulf at Laudermilk Park or at his rock quarry with the gators. But the best thing about Joe, where ever you meet him he is really a nice guy! I met him at the LBS. I was there to pick up Roo after she was serviced. Joe was there to pick up a new helmet for Kona. I wanted to hear about his training ideas but he wanted to know about me and how I was feeling, my training, etc. He truely is a great guy. Joe is a dedicated family man, married to his high school sweetheart. Joe also races sailboats.

So boys and girls for our first Friday Feature I wanted to write about a local hero and nice guy.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Product Review

OK boys and girls, I tried a new product on my 7 mile tennis ball run this morning. It's the Halo Protex Head Band. The Halo is designed to keep sweat out of your eyes while exercising. It can be worn under your helmet or worn instead of a cap. Since I sweat heavily, I thought I'd give it a try.

The Halo work great for the first 20 minutes of my run. But of course I had broken into a full sweat only 20 minutes out. Then I noticed I had a flow of sweat running just to the right side of my eyes as well as gathering on my right eyebrow. I wiped the sweat away with my hand only to have it come back. I wiped with my shirt only to have it come back. It began to get bothersome! ANNOYING! I pushed the Halo back on my forehead and that seemed to help somewhat.

Well boys and girls, it cost $12.95 from REI. Would I buy another? NOPE. Would I use it rather than a meshing running hat? MAYBE. How would I rate it? One a scale of 1 to 5 Bikes I give it 2 Bikes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bad Weekend Leads to Worse Week

OK I had to go to Philly Sunday for a meeting on Monday. Have I told you, Gentle Reader, how much I HATE TRAVELING FOR BUSINESS! So my long ride was missed on Sunday in exchange for a hot ride on an un-air conditioned US Air flight. To top that off Philly doesn't have air conditioning like those of us in Florida, so I suffered until I got to my hotel. I cranked up the AC in the car and then the hotel until I was cool. UGH.

Monday I did manage to run for about an hour but without electronics, so I don't know distance or speed but I did have tunes to run by. (Garth, Sarah, Randy, etc.) The meeting was long and boring and the flight back was delayed by US Air (no wonder they are in trouble).

So J called, you remember her? She returned my engagement ring because she didn't want to married someone with cancer and a brain tumor. She called to argue...leave me alone when I'm tired of traveling... so Tuesdays run was less than good. I'm convinced I'm just going to be a bachelor from now on. (Unless Tracy has some good martinis).

I have an audit of our numbers (returns of the portfolios) underway, so I'm not happy at work either. Two auditors asking me questions and giving me work to do. Just one of those weeks. Have I told you I hate auditors too!


Bike - 75 miles No long ride
Run - 29 miles
Swim 4,000 yards

BTW - Did you read Chris' race report from IM Moo? Click HERE you will not be disappointed he did a great job in the race, but then I'll let him tell you.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bee Attack Again!

Can you believe it another bee sting! This makes three in just a couple of months. Last Monday I while riding I got sting in the corner of my eye, the flesh part not the eyeball. So I thot Hey dummy wear your riding glasses that could have been a rock! So today, Tony saw a bug on my leg. Of course I tried to brush it away but it got between my glove and my fore finger and you OWEEEEEE. Now my right hand is swollen and I have ice that I use off and on. It's hard to work the mouse.

Ok brief note. Ride today 25 miles, ave 18.7 mph, 27.8 mph on the straight, one bee sting. Swim at lunch and cocktail party at the club tonight.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Ok I confess, I eat salad almost everyday for lunch and with my dinner. You know you just can't have enough greens. My mother, before she lost her mind to Alzheimer's, said eat your green vegetables they are good for you. So who am I to argue with my Mother even if she was out her mind!

I fix my salad every morning before I leave to exercise because God knows when I get home from riding or running or swimming I don't have time to do anything but take a shower and hit the road towork. So I have resorted to pre-sliced and diced salads to which I add a few things. While it depends on my early morning mood what I add, usually it is those little grape tomatoes, whole, some baby carrots, also whole and sometimes some cucumber and a red or green pepper, anything to liven up the pre-sliced and diced salad.

I've said all that about salad to tell you, my dear gentle reader, that I went to the store Monday to buy a bag of my pre-sliced and diced salad only to find my stand-by field greens wasn't on sale. Nor was the Italian or the spring mix, all fav's. No the Asian Salad was on sale. Now it's the first time I've seen Asian Salad so I thot hey it's on sale. My Mother always taught me to appreciate a bargain.. I think it was right after she asked me who that man was living with her. I said that's Dad. No she replied, that's not your Dad, he doesn't even look like your Dad. I don't know who he is but I feel sorry for him and let him live with me. You know he doesn't have any family. But I digress to another sorry about the big A. I guess I was left on the door step by the Indians, like my Mother told me when I was little.

So I've been eating Asian salad for two days now. But what made it Asian you ask. Good question O gentle reader. It is nothing more than iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots, a little shreded purple cabbage and OH I FOUND IT TODAY! ONE count them ONE sugar snap pea. Asian my a$$. Well Mr. Dole I ain't going to buy it again. Nope it's back to Publix Salad Mixes.

So today was the tennis ball run day...fartlek for those techies out there. Seven grueling miles in 50:32 . UGH.... Oh yea, I went swimming before I ate my ASIAN SALAD.... No tennis ball just swimming 3,200 yards.

Now about my Father.....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sore Quads

This morning was a bike day. The weather was warm as usual but not as humid. The next tropical storm is in the Atlantic causing the weather to be wacky.

I did my regular warm up this time remembering how I felt after I jumped in with out warming up. Well it made a difference this time. Tony joined me after the first 5 miles and we were off and running. Since Tony has a road bike, it is hard for me to keep up with him in the turns. So lately I've gone to sprinting out of the turns to gain speed and thus keep up. On our first pass thru the straight-a-way Tony passed me while I was pulling at 24 mph to go on to reach 30.7 mph. (Guess I've got to move the goal to 35 mph now). On the second loop I was determined to keep up with him so as he passed me I dropped a gear and then a second gear one he was in front on me. I was able to get on his wheel and read 27.8 mph.

So as I sit at my desk today not only am I hungry but I have sore quads from sprinting. I hope that's good?

I'm planning on swimming at lunch time and tonight hit the weight room.

Got anything to eat? I'm hungry!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

He's Back!

OK I'm back from vacation but I'm swamped at work with catch-up stuff. I feel so behind in my work now. I hate coming back from vaca!

I will post some pics of Alexander when I get a free minutes. Let me just say he is wonderful. He is bi-lingual so we had a lot of fun with word games. Pretty good for a three year old! Also Disney was awesome with a three year old.

My training suffered a little. But Sunday and today I was able to get some regular training in with a long ride of 40 miles and a 7 mile run this morning.


Bike 50 miles
Run 15 miles
Swim 3,000 yards