Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Brick - in the rain

Today's schedule called for a brick. For those boys an girls just joining us, that is a bike and a run back to back. So the schedule called for a 20 mile bike followed by a three mile run. Since Rita is still hanging around off our coast, there was a slight drizzle when I left the house. It felt nice to have a breeze and the cooler temps this morning even with the high humidity.

The ride was a nice easy spin. I tried to stay in aero position as much as possible and keep the cadence at 90 rpms. My legs felt surprisingly good. I tried to ave 18 mph. As I returned home I thought about practicing taking my feet out of my shoes while riding, but that has never worked for me. So I just unclipped as usual.

I was surprised how good my legs felt for the run. Most of the time I feel a little woggity but today they just felt like a normal run. Since I didn't have my heart rate monitor and GPS on I just timed everything from my landmarks trying to maintain a good pace. The first mile was 9 minutes the second 9:10 and the 3rd 8:45. Not great but I'll work on it.

Once again it's raining and there is some thunder of in the distance so I assume the pool is closed. Maybe I can swim tonight after work.


Chris said...

I saw on the news this morning that Rita should go right past you folks as it makes its landfall somewhere on the coast of Texas probably? Good news for you all. Bad news for Texas. :/

Comm's said...

It really blows me away how you pack so much training in a day. In my mind you must be a 10-6 guy with long lunches.

Oldman said...

i work 9 to 5 with 1 hr for lunch. however as the needs of the business call for, i work extra.. why live in paradise and not enjoy it?

susie said...

yes, great! watch out for Rita now.I hope she's long gone.