Thursday, September 22, 2005

Product Review Yankz

Boys and girls, I want to tell you about Yankz! I have been using these in my running shoes for a year. They are simple and they work!

Yankz replace your current laces and allow you to slip your shoes on in the transition area or the garage, lock in place and go. No knots to fumble with or tie.

When you first get Yankz it takes 10 minutes or so to get them right. (READ THE DIRECTIONS) I had to fiddle with them until I was comfortable. But once done you don't have to touch them again. I recommend these for tris and everyday use. Out of a possible 5 bikes I give it 5 Bikes!

Today SW Florida is still feeling the effects of Rita. It's overcast, breezy and rain shower, well actually drizzle. So when I left the house for my Tennis Ball run this morning it was cooler than usual and drizzling. I did my 7 mile loop and had a ball.


Holly said...

My YANKS bottom triangle broke (where is attactches to the top piece but that didn't impact the shoes, they are still laced.

I guess they don't really need to be attached as long as the YANKS laces are still in the shoes.

Enjoy them! I do!

Wil said...

Whew, glad to hear that you're not getting tossed around by Rita!

Your last line is awesome, by the way.

nancytoby said...

I use my stretchy laces all the time.

My stretchy lace question is this: How do you put on a Championchip for a road race without undoing everything? I haven't figured that one out.

Comm's said...

nancy go buy an ankle collar for your championchip.

I tried Yankz but it didn't last for me. I went back to the old toggle system.

Shelley said...

I tried these before and the seemed to cut off the nerve supply on top of my feet would fall asleep and the pain would be awful...alas, I'm stuck to normal laces..oh well!!

Oldman said...

holly: sometimes I don't hook the triangle...doesn't seem to matter.

nancy: you need to buy an ankle strap for your chip, especially if you have bike shoes and running shoes

shelly; it took me a while playing with the tightness to get then to feel good. now they are fine.

Chris said...

Heh. I bought a pair of those earlier this season with every intention to put them on. Two pairs of shoes later, the shoe laces are still in its original packaging. :)

Oldman said...

Heyas Chris:

I have two pair of new shoes still in the box.