Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tri-Training Tips

I always struggle with setting my own training goals and since I can't afford a coach I read everything I can find on training.. So when I found this artcle on Resistance Training I knew I wanted to share it with you , boys and girls. This artcle comes from Australian Triathlete Magazine (used by permission).

Resistance Training

By Bruce thomas | Photography by Delly Carr
As you come to the first hill on the bike in the triathlon you are competing in, you dig deep and pass the athlete in front of you. Feeling good, you continue up the hill, giving it everything to get to the top of the rise. As you punish yourself, another rider comes past at a significantly faster pace, appearing to deal with the hill effortlessly. Your initial reaction is to think, “Wow, that person is strong on the bike.” If “strong” is the right word, the question is: How do you get strong? The best way to improve your strength is through overload.

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