Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita-less Day with Coffee Drinker & Collie Update

Finally we aren't getting any of Rita's feeder bands of rain. Last nite was a perhaps the last thunderstorm and heavy rain. What a big storm! Rita rains on Naples and New Orleans at the same time!

This morning was my first ride with Tony in 3 weeks. Our schedules didn't mesh. So we did the normal loop around our community for 25 miles. Not much to say, he's still fast out of the corners and I could only get to 27 mph on the straight-a-way due to the headwind (from RITA?).


As we do our second loop Tony is pulling. Our speed is about 21 mph when ahead I see Coffee Drinker! He's at the bend in the road so we can't see the road ahead. Collie is now where to be found! coffee or Collie. How can this be? As we approach , of course not slowing down, he gives us a WIDE berth! Wonder what happened to Collie?

Weakend Plans

So I plan to swim at lunch today. Tonight is a party at the club, but lately I'm on the wagon because I want to be able to get up early. Saturday is a 15 mile run and an afternoon swim at the beach. However we've had red tide so I may be at the pool. Sunday Tony and I are planning a 4 hr ride...what ever that equals in miles. Sunday afternoon I'm playing cow pasture billiards with .... Sunday nite I'm taking my golf partner to dinner downtown.


Scott Dunlap said...

That's impressive you keep up the training amidst the Rita storms! Great blog, and thanks for stopping by A Trail Runner's Blog.



Rae said...

What's red tide? Those of us who are unfortunately land locked don't get to use cool words like that. =) Have a great workout this weekend!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Heh, thanks for popping by my site. Wanna trade my snowflakes for your beach?

Thankfully it was a lot warmer today.

nancytoby said...

Poor collie. He probably had heart failure. Or he was burned to death by hot coffee.

brent d. said...

Thank you for the very inspirational comment. It really helped me get through my 15k. I've enjoyed your blog and I've added it to my daily reads... Thanks again!

ViVi said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I have family in Naples, but the only time I've had the opportunity to go was for a wedding. It's a beautiful place.

I'll be back. :)

tracy said...

you killed Collie.

Oldman said...

no i didn't kill collie but there is hope!

Anonymous said...

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