Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Report

I got up early Saturday to beat the heat. To my surprise it was not as humid only about 60% relative humidity and 80* with a slight breeze from the east. Perhaps its the Tropical Storm in the Atlantic?

On the schedule was a 14 mile LSD run. I took the double fuel belt and 1 bottle of gel. I started out real slow and planned to walk thru each water stop, approx. every 2 miles.
So the first mile was 9 mins then I increased to 8:30 for the 2nd mile thru the woods and then to 8 mins thereafter. At the 6 mile mark I stopped to refill the water bottles at the fitness center and then was off again for the lonely section where I rarely see anyone (actually it's the famous straight-a-way). At mile 12 I stopped at one of the potty houses on the golf course to refill the water bottles and I took some gel. The last 2 miles I did at a 7:30 pace, so all in all it was a pretty good run!

In the afternoon I went to the beach for a swim, but ugh RED TIDE! It was horrible on the beach with dead fish and the smell. So no swim at the beach! Sunday was the LSD Bike ride alone! I did the Florida Gulf Coast University loop which allows me to stop at the pool at the 20 mile mark to refill my water bottles, only to find it closed! So I had to stop at the tennis courts for water which was hot! Only the way home I stopped at MickieD's for a cold coke and some water. It was a rather uneventful 50 mile ride. Sunday afternoon I went my community pool which is not the best for laps but I swam anyway. I did balance drills, 3x50 zipper drill, 4x50 underswitch and 2x100, 3x100 4x100 3x100 2x100.


Swim 7,750 yards
Bike 125 miles
Run 28 miles


I'm looking for balance in my training. I don;t want to favor any one discipline but I would like to concentrate on one each week or month. So I'm looking into that. Maybe I need a coach?

I'm also looking at doing the Boca Bop Tri in November if my docs will approve. Although I feel fine so I might just do it.


Chris said...

I'm a believer in the 25%/50%/25% for swim, bike, and run training time. Maybe plus or minus depending on your particular strengths or weaknesses?

Those are some impressive splits for your long run, too!

tracy said...

hell, i'm happy just to get out the doo rin the morning to the gym. I have no rules about what I'm going to do when I get there. My only requirement is "keep moving".

Holly said...

My gosh those negative splits are amazing. I would need the collie (of collie and coffee neighbor) chasing me to run that fast!

Good luck with your TRI plans. I hope your Doc give you the go ahead!

Oldman said...


I would agree with you but I've been reading on slowtwitch about balance in training and focusing on "epic" weeks where you focus on one discipline. My strongest is cycling so I tend to want to cycle more than run (my weakest).

Comm's said...

I have found that my times are not going down but going up this year. I am just about a full minute slower per mile than I was for my LSD early this year or last year before my shoulder injury.

Its very disconcerting but I am really impressed by your times.

april anne said...

Who needs a coach when you have online frieds to offer advice? :)
Awesome splits!! Keep up the good work.

susie said...

an uneventful 50 mile ride. Isn't that an event??? great run, too. And I agree with April Anne. It sounds like you are getting lots of good coaching right here.