Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sore Quads

This morning was a bike day. The weather was warm as usual but not as humid. The next tropical storm is in the Atlantic causing the weather to be wacky.

I did my regular warm up this time remembering how I felt after I jumped in with out warming up. Well it made a difference this time. Tony joined me after the first 5 miles and we were off and running. Since Tony has a road bike, it is hard for me to keep up with him in the turns. So lately I've gone to sprinting out of the turns to gain speed and thus keep up. On our first pass thru the straight-a-way Tony passed me while I was pulling at 24 mph to go on to reach 30.7 mph. (Guess I've got to move the goal to 35 mph now). On the second loop I was determined to keep up with him so as he passed me I dropped a gear and then a second gear one he was in front on me. I was able to get on his wheel and read 27.8 mph.

So as I sit at my desk today not only am I hungry but I have sore quads from sprinting. I hope that's good?

I'm planning on swimming at lunch time and tonight hit the weight room.

Got anything to eat? I'm hungry!


Wil said...

You're getting wicked fast! Glad that hurricane didn't bother your neck of the woods like others :)

LouBob said...

Ah, left over rhubarb pie and ginger cookies!

susie said...

How about soy ice cream sandwiches?