Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bad Weekend Leads to Worse Week

OK I had to go to Philly Sunday for a meeting on Monday. Have I told you, Gentle Reader, how much I HATE TRAVELING FOR BUSINESS! So my long ride was missed on Sunday in exchange for a hot ride on an un-air conditioned US Air flight. To top that off Philly doesn't have air conditioning like those of us in Florida, so I suffered until I got to my hotel. I cranked up the AC in the car and then the hotel until I was cool. UGH.

Monday I did manage to run for about an hour but without electronics, so I don't know distance or speed but I did have tunes to run by. (Garth, Sarah, Randy, etc.) The meeting was long and boring and the flight back was delayed by US Air (no wonder they are in trouble).

So J called, you remember her? She returned my engagement ring because she didn't want to married someone with cancer and a brain tumor. She called to argue...leave me alone when I'm tired of traveling... so Tuesdays run was less than good. I'm convinced I'm just going to be a bachelor from now on. (Unless Tracy has some good martinis).

I have an audit of our numbers (returns of the portfolios) underway, so I'm not happy at work either. Two auditors asking me questions and giving me work to do. Just one of those weeks. Have I told you I hate auditors too!


Bike - 75 miles No long ride
Run - 29 miles
Swim 4,000 yards

BTW - Did you read Chris' race report from IM Moo? Click HERE you will not be disappointed he did a great job in the race, but then I'll let him tell you.


Comm's said...

Hey Im an auditor. Course I also came up with most of the systems.

nancytoby said...

Oh, jeez, I missed the story of the engagement ring... is that in the archives! What a dummy!

Chris said...

Woah. I missed the engagement ring story too. Off to search.

And thanks for the props for my race report! I can only hope that I'm in as good of shape as you're in when I'm your age!

Susan said...

Thanks for reminding me - I'm traveling to Florida this weekend and must remember to pack my winter sweaters for all that air-conditioning! ;-)

Holly said...

Well a week that begins rough will hopefully end well! Hang in there and tell J. to not bother calling unless she has something nice to say!

And you can tell her that "I" said that!

tracy said...

I missed that story too, but that's behind you now. You come on down to Austin, and honey I'm gonna make you a martini that will erase that woman from your mind forever.

bunnygirl said...

Well, it's better you see her true colors now rather than later. The only reason I can think to do what she did would be if you were underinsured or something and she might end up massively debt-burdened for the cost of your treatment. And since I doubt that's the case, at least she gave back the ring. Now you have a chance to give it to someone with a heart.

Here's to things looking up for you soon. Think of it as getting all the bad stuff out of the way so the path will be clear for lots of good things to come!