Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hurricane Rita is not far away. This morning she is suppose to pass over the key then into the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We have been getting bans of squalls from Rita. So this morning when I left my house at 6:30 it was 79* and 79% humidity and cloudy. There was an erie silence in the air inspite of the strong breeze. It was the same kind of silence I experienced the morning of Hurricane Charlie.

Today was a run day and on the schedule was an easy seven mile run thru the woods. I'm still recovering from my long run on Sunday, no problems, no pain, just a little tired. So I decided to just maintain an easy 9 min mile pace then the last two mile pick up the pace a little. I stopped at the fitness center at the 5 mile mark to get a drink of water. I started feeling good so the next two miles I did 8:30 and 8 even to finish up my run.

After I showered and dressed and was ready to leave for work the heavens opened up and it started to rain with lightening and thunder. So I guess the lunch time swim is out today. I hope Rita doesn't come to close we still have people living in FEMA housing and others with blue traps on their roofs from Hurricane Charlie.


Comm's said...

forget all the technocrap, grab your bike, your goggles and your running shoes. You can stay with me if you need to.

Oldman said...

so far we've only had a have squalls and winds to 25 mph. but we can have that inj our regular afternoon storms.

frolicking filly said...

Enjoyed reading your blog,, had a chuckle over "Salad" and your mother. Take care in the squalls!!!

Chris said...

I'll say it again, those are some damn impressive run splits especially at the end of your run!

tracy said...

take yer damn hurricane and shove it. i hate rain. rita is a bitch-ass hussy. and she's heading straight for me. i'm gonna make her cry for her momma and run home.