Monday, August 30, 2004

Weekend Fire Destroys Landmark

The Burnt Waterloo Station Mexican Cantina

Saturday night, when no one was looking, the Waterloo Station Mexican Cantina burned not quite to the ground but almost! Here is what is left of the building. Was it lightening or gasoline?
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More of the Burn Coffee Bar Posted by Hello

Coffee Bar Posted by Hello

Bar Posted by Hello

They're back

Today it took me 1 hr 19 min to go the 19 miles to work. Between the construction on 41 and the tourists it was bumper to bumper traffic. Ugh! I guess season is starting early.

I did get to ride on Sunday even though I was tired from golf on Saturday (see below). Tony and I rode 30 miles with and ave pace of 17 mph. We did the Coconut Point ride and of course we stopped at Pelican Landing for a snack and to watch the boats. I was quite tired and was happy when the ride was over. I did feel guilty however since Tony went on to do 40 miles.

Here are the totals for the week.

Bike 92 miles

Run 13 miles

I still haven't got back into the groove since my surgery. I need to find time to swim.

Goals for the week:

Bike 125 miles
Run 25 miles
Swim 3,000 yards

Today I rode with Tony. We had a turtle cross the road in front of us...well he was sitting in the road. We stopped and carried him to the other side (good Karma). We were stopped by another cyclist. He wanted to know if he could join us. We told him yes but then after Tony and I rode away we realized this guy was about 25 and real fit. As slow as we go he may not want to ride with us or we may regret inviting him to join us.


SKY: Clear - bright sun
TEMP: 79

Course: Pelican Sound Loop
Distance: 25 miles
Ave Speed: 16.0 mph
Max Speed: 24.1
Ave HR 122
Time in Zone 3: 52:30
Ave HR in Zone 3: 133
Overall time: 1:22:08

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Saturday Golf at Tiburon

Joanne teeing off at Tiberon! Posted by Hello

Joanne drove the green at 13!

Saturday we played golf at the Greg Norman designed golf course Tiburon with our friends Barbara and Bill. It was a fun day of hitting the little white (or in Joanne's case yellow) ball and chasing it. Tiburon is a beautiful golf course developed by WIC and designed by Greg Norman. It is the host of the Shark Shoot-Out in November. It is on our reciprocal list and Joanne and I have always wanted to play there, so no time like the present.

After golf we had a wonderful lunch in Sidney's Pub with excellent service from Michael. Posted by Hello

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The pro golfer Joanne at lunch in Sidney's Pub Posted by Hello

Lunch with Barbara & Bill at Tiburon Posted by Hello

Friday, August 27, 2004

TGIF -Bike Day

Today it was a late start to my ride. I didn't want to get out of bed and stayed there until the last possible moment.


Sky: Clear
Temp: 74
humidity: 90%
Winds: Calm


Course: Pelican Sound Loop
Distance: 20 miles
Ave speed: 16.2
Max. Speed: 25.6
Ave: 133
Time in Zone 3: 43:08
Ave in Zone: 137
Overall Time: 1:08:14

I remembered to stop my watch at the end of my ride! Tony and I had a good sprint on the power lines. We were doing 25+ at times. I wish I could do that consistently.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Run Day

When I went to the surgeon's office yesterday I saw a man waiting outside with parrot on his shoulder. This is the third person I've seen with a parrot. Does that make him a parrothead?

The surgeon said that everything is ok. I can start my full activities...Little did he know I already have! I am glad that this tumor was not cancer again!


Sky: Clear
TEMP: 76
Humidity: 94% ugh
Wind: Light easterly


Course: I made it up as I went along
Distance: 7.1 miles
Pace: 10.36
Best Pace 9:09
Ave HR 133
Time in Zone: 48:08
Ave in Zone: 135
Overall Time: 1:24:15

It was very humd which made it difficult to run but I got it done and I used 2 bottles of water and one of gatorade. I did stop at the River Club fitness center to fill my water bottle. It was just as hot inside as out and at least there was a little breeze.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bike Day

This is the second time I'm writing this update. The first time blogger crashed and failed to update. all my data was lost! UGH!!!!

I felt good this morning. No aches and pains. My resting hr was 36 bpm and that was after walking around the house for an hour!


SKY: Overcast with lightening in the distance
TEMP: 78
WIND: Clam


COURSE: Pelican Sound Loop

DISTANCE: 22 miles

OVERALL TIME: forgot to stop my watch

AVE SPEED: 16.6 mph


AVE HR: 119 bpm

TIME IN ZONE 3: 29:44


AVE HR: 119

I have an appointment with the surgeon today. I guess he will drain more fluid from my surgery site.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Run Day

I have resumed my regular training. Today was a run day and I felt pretty good. Just a little soreness from yesterdays ride.


Clouds: Bright Sun
Temp: 78
Humid: 79%
Winds: Calm


Course: New- South Hills to Pinehurst to River Club to Home
Distance: 6 miles
Overall Time 1:09
Ave Pace: 12"
Best Pace 8'58"
Ave HR 131
Time in Zone 45'22"
Ave HR in Zone 136

Monday, August 23, 2004

Sunday Lunch at Pelican Sound Golf and River Club

We decided to have lunch at Pelican Sound Golf Club. I had a hankering for a fried grouper sandwich. Since I biked 35 miles and had only a Power Bar and water, I felt I had room for a half of a sandwich (yes I'm still trying to lose weight). Even though it was hot outside (91), we sat on the porch under a ceiling fan. It gave us our favorite view of the ninth hole and the pond with baby ducks. Shannon our waitress was a little stressed that she had to walk so far in the heat.

Joanne ordered the house Chardonnay, which I know is pretty good, and I had a pint of Guinness. We ordered the soup of the day, Italian Chicken and Sausage and split a Fried Grouper Sandwich with kettle chips. Once again the soup was outstanding all it needed was more! The grouper was fried to perfection and splitting for us works very well for us! Also I don't over eat. Posted by Hello

View of Pelican Sound's Lake Course 9th hole from our table. Posted by Hello

Saturday Dinner Vincenzo's on The Bay

I took Joanne to Vincenzo's on The Bay for a belated birthday dinner. Vincenzo's on the Bay is a quaint Italian restaurant on the backwaters of the Estero Bay. I called ahead to reserve a table so we could have a view of the Estero Bay. I told the hostess that it was a special occasion and wanted a view. Of course she explained that even though you have a reservation, the window tables are on a first come first serve basis.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by the hostess. I reminded her of my reservation and request for a window table. Katie lead us into the main dinner room with a wonderful view of the Estero Bay. She lead us to a table in the middle of the room. I once again asked if we could have a window seat (I could see 2 empty tables). She explained that there were none available. I pointed to a table for 6 and asked about that one. No, she explained, that was for large parties and it was Saturday night. Then I point to the table for 4 and asked about that one. Oh certainly I didn't see it, was her reply! We got our window seat at alast. Perhaps a tip would have helped?

As we were seated the waiter came with a grater in hand and asked if we would like some grated cheese. I said I have nothing to put it one and he proceeded to grate the cheese onto our bread plates ? What is up with that? I asked for a House Chardonnay for Joanne and a Kettel One one the rocks for me. While I looked at the wine list. The waiter explained that the Chief had a nice House Chardonnay for $20 a bottle. Since I am sketchily of those kind of offers I asked for a taste of the wine. He brought my Kettel One and a "flight" glass of the Chardonnay for Joanne to taste...well it was a good thing we tasted because it was very pale in color and biting to the taste with hints of a poor quality Chardonnay. I requested a glass of Kendall Jackson for Joanne. The surprising thing was when the bill was presented there was a $.50 charge for tasting! I ordered the Brochette as an appetizer and continued to peruse the wine list.

The waiter brought our Brochette and we ordered our courses... Grill Chicken over Spinach Linguine with red sauce for Joanne and Crab Ravioli in a Saffron Cream Sauce for me. I ordered a bottle of Chanti for the wine list and requested that it not be served until the main course was presented. The Brochette has a nice balsamic vinegar reduction drizzled in on the plate. It went very well with the field greens on the plate but as you picked up the brochette it was all over your hands and then your napkin then every where! I'd leave off the drizzled decoration.

As we ate our appetize the waiter appeared with red wine glasses and the bottle of wine I had asked to be served with the main course... Oh well I guess it can breath a little. I tasted the Chanti and it was a very nice selection (#401 on the wine list) for $28. Just $8 more than the swill house chardonnay and worth the money!

Since I like water and bread with the dinner and noe was presented by our waiter as the busgirl cleared the appetizer, I asked for water. As the main course was served I asked for bread.

Joanne's Chicken over Linguine became the topic of our discussion as Joanne said it tasted odd... not bad just odd. I took a taste and determined the chicken had ben marinated in lemon juice then when it was tossed with the tomato sauce the acids clashed. Each would have been excellent alone but together ugh!

My ravioli was excellent and that evidence of saffron was seen on the sauce a some of the threats had not dissolved. It was time for bread and I asked a second time for bread. The bread present was warm but uncooked in the center or at least very doughy but then some people like it that way.

I felt that it the waiter and bus staff were in a hurry for us to finish dinner and "turn" the table. Since I like to enjoy my meal I was sign for us to eat slow and enjoy, which we did. We watched the storm come up the bay (see pic below). There were plenty of empty tables since it is not season so we felt comfortable with a relaxed dinner inspite of the hurry.

The General Manager Sean O'Kourke stopped at our table to say hi and ask about our meal. Joanne explained her surprise at the odd flavor of the chicken. He was surprised since it is a very popular dish. I suggested that the Chief not use to acids together dishes together he was taken aback.

We ordered coffee and a cannoli. Both were excellent.

As we left the resurant we were pointed to the owner "Eddie" and told to explain our tasting of the chicken dish. Joanne again explained her surprise at the flavors in the chicken dish and I suggested that the lemon used on the chicken was to overpowering. "Eddie" was gracious to invited us to come back to sample some of his creations.

All in all it was a very nice night out with a great view of the storm. Next time I want to try the gnochi with a gorgonzala sauce and soup. I just hope I can great some bread with the soup

I never did find out why the waiter grated the cheese on the bread plate. Other parties when seated were not given cheese. Just one of those mysteries!

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A Storm is brewing - as we dined a storm came up. Posted by Hello

Vincenzo's on The Bay - the view of Estero Bay from our table. Posted by Hello

Joanne at our table Posted by Hello

Catching Up

Since my last surgery it has been hard to get back into my training schedule. I have been unable to swim until last Friday (Aug 20) when the stirry strips came off. I have a nice big scar (can I get a Purple Heart?). Also in that time frame was hurricane Charley which disrupted things as well. The streets are now pretty much clean of tree limbs.

Tony and I did our long ride on Sunday. As usual we stopped at Pelican Bay's dock for our snack, a Power Bar and water. The dock was total destroyed by Charley.

Here are the totals for week ending Sunday Aug 22 Totals:

Bike 95 miles 5 hrs
Run 11 miles 3 hrs

Goals for this week:

I am keeping my bike days to Monday, Wednesday Friday and a long ride on Sunday so I can get more time on the bike. I have felt some of the aches and sore muscles of this schedule already. I plan on seriously start swimming again.

Monday - Bike 20 miles Swim 3,000 yds
Tuesday - Run 5 miles Pilates in pm
Wednesday Bike 25 miles Swim 3,000 yds
Thursday Run 7 miles Pilates in pm
Friday Bike 25 miles Swim 3,000 yds
Saturday Run 12 miles
Sunday Bike 50 miles

Bike 120 miles
Run 24 miles
Swim 9,000 yds (5 miles)
Pilatyes 2 times
Total 12 hrs.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Charley
This was taken during the worst of the storm. We lost some trees (4) and 2 roof tiles. There are many people who lost everything and are now living in a shelter near our home.
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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hurricane Charley!

The world of Southwest Florida is going crazy with preparation for Hurricane Charley as evidenced by this Mercedes wagon with plywood on the roof parked in our office parking garage.

I stopped on my way into the office to fill my spare propane tank only to find a line of 15 people ahead of me. When I left the line had swelled to 20! Everyone is getting ready for Charley who will be a Cat 2 hurricane when his eye passes 15 miles off our coast... about 16 miles from my house. I'm removing the furniture from the liani and filling the bathtub with water (to flush the toilets) and I got plenty of bottled drinking water. We are closing the office today at 2 pm and all day tomorrow.

I just found out that there is a manatory evacuation from Sanibell Island and Marco Island..... kewl.

Is it time for a party?
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Stitches Removed! and fluid too.

Stitches Removed! ..and fluid too! Posted by Hello

Yesterday I saw the surgeon. He removed my stitches then with a needle (see the bandaid above) removed 10oz of fluid. Ouch! I can't swim, play golf or the violin for 2 weeks. The good news is that there was no cancer. The growth was a lymphoma. He did say it was the second largest he has ever removed and was beneath a muscle. That why it's black and blue.

Today was a Bike Day.

This morning was a little cooler than usual and I didn't have Tony to slow me down today. He had some lame excuse as to why he could ride today.

Partly Cloudy at 6:40a
Temp: 74
Humidity: 72%
Winds 6 knots SE

2 Loops plus 2 miles Pelican Sound Loop
Ave Speed 16.4
Max Speed 25.4
Ave HR 133
Time in Zone3: 46:36
Total time 1:01:31

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Seeing the Surgeon Today!

Bad picture of my stiches Posted by Hello

I am going to the today for my post-op visit. Hopefully the surgeon will remove the stiches from the 12in incision. Also I have noticed lately that there is a lot of fluid where the growth use to be. What's up with that? The other questions are: "Can I start swimming again and can I use sunscreen over the incision? And of course is it cancer again?" I guess they would have called me or the oncologist if it was cancer/melanoma.

Today was a run day but I didn't feel like running. I did the short course of 3 miles in 33 minutes ugh!

Bright Sunshine - watched the sunrise
Temp 79
Humidity 78%
Winds Calm SSE

Ave Pace 9'55"
Distance 3 miles
Time in Zone 1:26
Ave Heart Rate 112

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Driving Home Posted by Hello

Driving home last night I noticed the bend in the clouds!

Fish Story Life's Mystery Solved

Today was a bike day! I feel like it was a good ride. I rode with Tony inside Pelican Sound 2 loops.

Bright Sun/Clear - I started before sunrise
Temp: 74
Humidity 82%
Winds Calm -from Southeast

Ave Pace 3:32
Ave speed 16.9
Best Speed 25.2
Distance 19.3 miles
Ave Heart Rate 135
Time in zone 3 42:22
Total Time 1:13

Mystery Solved

In yesterdays post I mention the mystery of the catfish. How in the world would a catfish get in the gutter? Tony stopped to put the fish back into the lake and noticed talon marks on his back. Apparently a hawk, who was seen in a tree nearby, snatched the fish out of the lake. The fish while being carried in the air by the hawk wiggled enough that the hawk dropped the catfish near the mud puddle where he was rescued by Tony. Well done Tony!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Switch Week

In planning my weekly (weakly) training schedule, I've decided to switch my
run days and my bike days. Beginning next week I'll be biking on Mon, Wed,
Fri, and Sun and running on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. My long bike would be on
Sunday and my long run on Saturday. Hopefully this will help in getting
in the longs over the weekend.

Here's what the new schedule looks like:

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Bike 25 Run 5 B- 25 R-7 B- 30 R-10 B-60
Swim 1600 S 1600 S 1600
Pilates weights Pilates weights

Fish Story The Mystery of the Day

Today I decided to run on the streets rather than go to the Fitness Center and run on a dreadmill. I've had it with dreadmill running!


Bright Sun at 6:45
Temp 78
Humidity 77%
Winds Calm


Ave Pace 10.:20
Best Pace 8:31
Distance 4.887 miles
Ave Heart Rate 132
Time in Zone 3 31:38
Run Time 56:10

Fish Story

I ran 5 miles and along the way I spotted a catfish in a mudpuddle. He crawled out of the puddle down the street in the gutter. Yes it has been raining cats and dogs but catfish? The mystery is how did he get there? This is the second catfish I have seen in the gutter. Did he walk from the lake about 1/8 mile away? He can't get thru the storm sewer and I'm sure he didn't fall off a boat. So how did he get there?

Weakly Totals

It has been a weak week! Since my surgery it has been hard to get back to the same levels in my schedule. I guess I have to look at this time as a rest week. During a rest week my totals are about the same as they were this past week.

I did a 25 mile bike with Tony on Saturday in the rain. We didn't push and I felt tired at the end. We went to Coconut Point, where we stop had a Power Bar and looked at the Gulf. As we coming back we were riding side by side talking going about 18 mph when all of the sudden a roadie passed us doing 23 mph. It was somewhat embarrassing. We did catch him and drafted him for about a while before he turned off. I decided that he was just starting his 5 mile ride that's why he could go so fast past us.

Here are my Totals for the Week:

Bike 60 miles
Run 15 miles
Swim none

My Goals for this Week:

Bike 100 miles
Run 27 miles
Swim 3000 yards

I see the surgeon on Wednesday and I'm hoping the he will give me the ok to swim.

Friday, August 06, 2004

View From My Office


It's finally Friday! Once again it is raining! It has rained off and on for the past 10 days. I posted a picture above taken from my office window showing the rainy streets of Naples.

I'm looking forward to a long bike ride tomorrow hopefully 60 miles. My bike had a minor chain jump and I had to fix one link that seems to not want to flex. This morning I rode to the fitness center and ran on a dreadmill, ugh! Three miles and I was suppose to do 7. I can't wait until it gets cooler outside.

Hopefully I'll be able to start swimming again. I see the surgeon on Wednesday and get my lab report from the biopsy. I hope there is no more cancer. Now the dermatologist wants to take off more moles. I have some many mole to choose from who know where to begin.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Lunch at LBS

I took my bike to the LBS (local bike shop) at lunch. The mechanic was able to put it right on the stand. The skipping of the gear was from a link in the chain not being flexible. With some lube and a little assist from the pliers it was back to working order. He explained the fine art of degreasing the chain and relubing it. It seems I should be lubing more and degreasing lease. Go figure.

I did get a nice email from the Director of Marketing for Quintanna Roo/Lightspeed. I had writen an email to him regarding my rusty chain. He suggested I lube more. Here's his email:

  • Nelson,
    Thanks for your email and am glad to hear that you are happy with your bike, other than the rusty chain. It is tough for me to say something specific without seeing it, but the smartest thing here is to take it to the retailer who can then make an assessment as to whether this is regular wear and tear or whether this is truly excessive.(some regions close to saltwater and high humidity unfortunately aid in the corrosion process) The retailer will then communicate with our customer service department.
    As for the best maintenance, I really re-lube my bike very often and degrease it actually less. (Chattanooga is very humid aswell)
    I hope this finds you well.
    Director of MarketingQR/Litespeed

Thanks for writing back Herbert.... may I have a QR Tequilo Jersey...they look real nice.

  • Thanks Herbert Krabel


Well my sugery is finally over. They removed the lump from my flank, just over where my kidney should be on the left side but there isn't a kidney there either. The surgeon said the growth was much larger than he expected, about the size of a football. The procedure took 2 hours. I wasn't expecting full anesthesia, even now a week later my throat is sore from the airway they used. Now the waiting game until I get the report from the lab.

It's been a slow recovery. I had hoped I would just jump right back into my training, however I have been rather tired and it is hard to get back to the same levels. Here what I've done so far this week of course swimming is out for now:

  • Monday Run Goal 5 miles Actual 3 miles
  • Tuesday Ride Goal 25 miles Actual 18 miles
  • Wednesday Run Goal 7 miles Actual 3.5 miles
  • Thursday Ride Goal 25 miles Actual 15 miles

Today while riding my rear derailer was skipping so it's into the bike shop today. I hope I can get it done and back by the weekend which is suppose to be a long ride.