Monday, August 23, 2004

Sunday Lunch at Pelican Sound Golf and River Club

We decided to have lunch at Pelican Sound Golf Club. I had a hankering for a fried grouper sandwich. Since I biked 35 miles and had only a Power Bar and water, I felt I had room for a half of a sandwich (yes I'm still trying to lose weight). Even though it was hot outside (91), we sat on the porch under a ceiling fan. It gave us our favorite view of the ninth hole and the pond with baby ducks. Shannon our waitress was a little stressed that she had to walk so far in the heat.

Joanne ordered the house Chardonnay, which I know is pretty good, and I had a pint of Guinness. We ordered the soup of the day, Italian Chicken and Sausage and split a Fried Grouper Sandwich with kettle chips. Once again the soup was outstanding all it needed was more! The grouper was fried to perfection and splitting for us works very well for us! Also I don't over eat. Posted by Hello

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