Monday, August 09, 2004

Fish Story The Mystery of the Day

Today I decided to run on the streets rather than go to the Fitness Center and run on a dreadmill. I've had it with dreadmill running!


Bright Sun at 6:45
Temp 78
Humidity 77%
Winds Calm


Ave Pace 10.:20
Best Pace 8:31
Distance 4.887 miles
Ave Heart Rate 132
Time in Zone 3 31:38
Run Time 56:10

Fish Story

I ran 5 miles and along the way I spotted a catfish in a mudpuddle. He crawled out of the puddle down the street in the gutter. Yes it has been raining cats and dogs but catfish? The mystery is how did he get there? This is the second catfish I have seen in the gutter. Did he walk from the lake about 1/8 mile away? He can't get thru the storm sewer and I'm sure he didn't fall off a boat. So how did he get there?

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