Monday, August 23, 2004

Catching Up

Since my last surgery it has been hard to get back into my training schedule. I have been unable to swim until last Friday (Aug 20) when the stirry strips came off. I have a nice big scar (can I get a Purple Heart?). Also in that time frame was hurricane Charley which disrupted things as well. The streets are now pretty much clean of tree limbs.

Tony and I did our long ride on Sunday. As usual we stopped at Pelican Bay's dock for our snack, a Power Bar and water. The dock was total destroyed by Charley.

Here are the totals for week ending Sunday Aug 22 Totals:

Bike 95 miles 5 hrs
Run 11 miles 3 hrs

Goals for this week:

I am keeping my bike days to Monday, Wednesday Friday and a long ride on Sunday so I can get more time on the bike. I have felt some of the aches and sore muscles of this schedule already. I plan on seriously start swimming again.

Monday - Bike 20 miles Swim 3,000 yds
Tuesday - Run 5 miles Pilates in pm
Wednesday Bike 25 miles Swim 3,000 yds
Thursday Run 7 miles Pilates in pm
Friday Bike 25 miles Swim 3,000 yds
Saturday Run 12 miles
Sunday Bike 50 miles

Bike 120 miles
Run 24 miles
Swim 9,000 yds (5 miles)
Pilatyes 2 times
Total 12 hrs.