Monday, August 09, 2004

Weakly Totals

It has been a weak week! Since my surgery it has been hard to get back to the same levels in my schedule. I guess I have to look at this time as a rest week. During a rest week my totals are about the same as they were this past week.

I did a 25 mile bike with Tony on Saturday in the rain. We didn't push and I felt tired at the end. We went to Coconut Point, where we stop had a Power Bar and looked at the Gulf. As we coming back we were riding side by side talking going about 18 mph when all of the sudden a roadie passed us doing 23 mph. It was somewhat embarrassing. We did catch him and drafted him for about a while before he turned off. I decided that he was just starting his 5 mile ride that's why he could go so fast past us.

Here are my Totals for the Week:

Bike 60 miles
Run 15 miles
Swim none

My Goals for this Week:

Bike 100 miles
Run 27 miles
Swim 3000 yards

I see the surgeon on Wednesday and I'm hoping the he will give me the ok to swim.