Thursday, August 26, 2004

Run Day

When I went to the surgeon's office yesterday I saw a man waiting outside with parrot on his shoulder. This is the third person I've seen with a parrot. Does that make him a parrothead?

The surgeon said that everything is ok. I can start my full activities...Little did he know I already have! I am glad that this tumor was not cancer again!


Sky: Clear
TEMP: 76
Humidity: 94% ugh
Wind: Light easterly


Course: I made it up as I went along
Distance: 7.1 miles
Pace: 10.36
Best Pace 9:09
Ave HR 133
Time in Zone: 48:08
Ave in Zone: 135
Overall Time: 1:24:15

It was very humd which made it difficult to run but I got it done and I used 2 bottles of water and one of gatorade. I did stop at the River Club fitness center to fill my water bottle. It was just as hot inside as out and at least there was a little breeze.

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SpecialK said...

Honestly, I didn't read much of your site. However, I am going for Bush too. (in more ways than one) And I think it's fucking badass what you're doing. (That whole tryathalonything) Good luck man. Read my blog ifn' you need a quick, mean-spirited laugh.