Thursday, August 12, 2004

Stitches Removed! and fluid too.

Stitches Removed! ..and fluid too! Posted by Hello

Yesterday I saw the surgeon. He removed my stitches then with a needle (see the bandaid above) removed 10oz of fluid. Ouch! I can't swim, play golf or the violin for 2 weeks. The good news is that there was no cancer. The growth was a lymphoma. He did say it was the second largest he has ever removed and was beneath a muscle. That why it's black and blue.

Today was a Bike Day.

This morning was a little cooler than usual and I didn't have Tony to slow me down today. He had some lame excuse as to why he could ride today.

Partly Cloudy at 6:40a
Temp: 74
Humidity: 72%
Winds 6 knots SE

2 Loops plus 2 miles Pelican Sound Loop
Ave Speed 16.4
Max Speed 25.4
Ave HR 133
Time in Zone3: 46:36
Total time 1:01:31